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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Local News

UPDATE - 09:22 PM
Eat up! These lowly fish make a dramatic recovery on West Coast
Marine scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium said Tuesday that government regulators and fishermen had made such strides in how they manage and catch 21 species of rockfish, flounder, lingcod and sole that it listed all among the “good” or “best” seafood choices in its popu Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:03 PM
Seattle mayor seeks a new city Education Department
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants to create a new Department of Education and Early Learning that would oversee a variety of learning-related city programs. Tue, 9/02
NEW - 09:16 PM
State’s charter-school era begins with Seattle elementary
First Place Scholars, which has been serving homeless students for 25 years, will convert Wednesday from a private school to the state’s first taxpayer-funded charter school.  Tue, 9/02
5 arrested, tracks blocked in Everett protest of oil trains
Two women and three men who refused to leave the more-than-eight-hour protest of oil and coal trains were taken to the Snohomish County Jail, a railway spokesman said. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:23 PM
Bothell breaking ground on new City Hall
Bothell’s decade-old downtown makeover fantasies are slowly becoming a reality as construction of a new City Hall and the McMenamins hotel resort at the Anderson School begins this month.  Tue, 9/02
NEW - 07:33 PM
July-August heat hottest ever for Seattle area
The average temperature in July and August in the Seattle area this year was a record-setter, the National Weather Service said. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 07:51 PM
Marine recruiter charged with sexual misconduct with minor
A Marine recruiter has been charged with first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor, accused of fondling and having sexual contact with a then-17-year-old prospective recruit. He has denied wrongdoing. His alleged victim, a former Eastside high-school student, no longer wants to join the Marines. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:17 PM
Seattle City Council delays vote on Indigenous Day
The Seattle City Council delayed a vote declaring that Columbus Day also be known as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Councilmember Bruce Harrell said a vote closer to the day would mean more attention.  Tue, 9/02
What to know about Hawks kickoff festivities
All the information you need to attend the pregame concert and festivities at CenturyLink Field Wednesday and Thursday. Tue, 9/02
NEW - 08:17 PM
Yakima Valley Filipinos seek to enlarge political role
A group in the Lower Yakima Valley is drafting a charter to form a local chapter of the Seattle-based Filipino American Political Action Group of Washington. Tue, 9/02
Harry & David’s rebound leads to deal with 1-800-Flowers
Under the terms of the deal, 1-800-Flowers would continue to run Medford, Ore.-based Harry & David as a subsidiary, with the current management staying on. Tue, 9/02
Japan hangs on to goal of earthquake prediction
In the U.S., “prediction” has been a bad word among earthquake scientists. But recent quakes have reopened the debate — including about the value of iffy forecasts. Tue, 9/02
Deep mission: Japan takes aim at the source of megaquakes
The world’s biggest scientific drilling ship has the audacious goal of boring into the heart of an offshore earthquake fault much like one that threatens the Northwest. Tue, 9/02
Redmond company makes tsunami, quake sensors for Japan
Instruments from the Redmond firm Paroscientific are the backbone of Japan’s seafloor-monitoring programs, but aren’t widely used in the Northwest. Tue, 9/02

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 09:22 PM
Video purports to show beheading of US journalist
Islamic State extremists released a video Tuesday purportedly showing the beheading of a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, and warning President Barack Obama that as long as U.S. airstrikes against the militant group continue, "our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people." Tue, 9/02

NEW - 09:14 PM
Berkeley votes to provide free medical marijuana to the poor
Beginning next August, medical marijuana dispensaries in this city will be required to donate at least 2 percent of their cannabis to low-income residents.  Tue, 9/02
NEW - 08:07 PM
Ebola spiraling out of control, health officials say
The international group Doctors Without Borders warned Tuesday that the world is losing the battle against Ebola, while the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the “window of opportunity” to get a handle on the exploding outbreak is closing. Tue, 9/02
In light of celebrity hacks, how to protect data
Some key questions and answers about information that is stored remotely. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 07:46 PM
Study links polar-vortex chills to melting sea ice
A new study says that as the world gets warmer, parts of North America, Europe and Asia could see more frequent and stronger visits of that cold air. Researchers say that’s because of shrinking ice in the seas off Russia. Tue, 9/02
Foreign companies in China feeling targeted, survey finds
Industries targeted by Chinese regulators include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, high technology and autos, said Les Ross, of the American Chamber of Commerce. He expressed concern regulators might be “taking down” foreign companies to narrow the gap with Chinese competitors. Tue, 9/02
Third flight diverted, woman removed over seat dispute
A combative woman upset over a reclining seat was removed from a flight to Florida, airport officials said Tuesday, but the woman told authorities she was not aggressive -- just upset over the recent death of her two dogs. Tue, 9/02
Double mastectomy doesn't boost survival for most
Removing both breasts to treat cancer affecting only one side doesn't boost survival chances for most women, compared with surgery that removes just the tumor, a large study suggests. The results raise concerns about riskier, potentially unnecessary operations that increasing numbers of women are choosing. Tue, 9/02
Inquiries begin into nude celebrity photo leaks
The FBI said Monday it was addressing allegations that online accounts of several celebrities, including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, had been hacked, leading to the posting of their nude photographs online. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:22 PM
30 teens escape from Nashville detention center
Thirty teens "overwhelmed" their minders at a juvenile detention center by simultaneously breaking out of four dormitories and then crawling under a weak spot in a chain-link fence. By Tuesday evening, seven were still on the run. Tue, 9/02
Infamous speed trap town investigated over tickets
The north Florida town of Waldo has long had a reputation as a speed trap, and it's no wonder. A small segment of highway that runs through Waldo requires drivers to speed up and slow down six times: 65 mph becomes 55 mph; 55 becomes 45; then goes back to 55; then back down to 45; to 55 again and eventually, 35 mph. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:22 PM
Lawyer says family of girl with Uzi is devastated
An attorney for the parents of a 9-year-old girl who accidentally killed an Arizona shooting range instructor with an Uzi said Tuesday the family is devastated by the tragedy that occurred on a brief excursion during a vacation. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:22 PM
US strike targets leader of Somali extremist group
U.S. airstrikes in Somalia may have killed the leader of the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab, with a militant commander saying Tuesday that he was in a car that was struck and that six people died. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:22 PM
Ukrainian troops routed as Russia talks tough
The ferocity of the attack on the fleeing Ukrainian troops was clear, days after the ambush by Russian-backed separatist forces. Tue, 9/02
Burning Man festival draws peak crowd of 66,000
The Burning Man counterculture festival drew a peak crowd of nearly 66,000 celebrants as it neared an end Monday on the northern Nevada desert. Tue, 9/02
Clashes between Islamists, rivals in Libya kill 31
Fierce clashes in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi between Islamist militiamen and rival forces loyal to a renegade general have killed 31 fighters on both sides, a security official said Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
Marijuana's hazy contribution to highway deaths
New York teenager Joseph Beer smoked marijuana, climbed into a Subaru Impreza with four friends and drove more than 100 mph before losing control. The car crashed into trees with such force that the vehicle split in half, killing his friends. Tue, 9/02
US trained Alaskans as secret 'stay-behind agents'
Fearing a Russian invasion and occupation of Alaska, the U.S. government in the early Cold War years recruited and trained fishermen, bush pilots, trappers and other private citizens across Alaska for a covert network to feed wartime intelligence to the military, newly declassified Air Force and FBI documents show. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:54 PM
Surrogate offers clues into man with 16 babies
When the young Thai woman saw an online ad seeking surrogate mothers, it seemed like a life-altering deal: $10,000 to help a foreign couple that wanted a child but couldn't conceive. Tue, 9/02
After Gaza war, poll finds support for Hamas rises
The popularity of the Hamas militant group among Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip has spiked significantly following the 50-day war with Israel, according to an opinion poll released Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
AP Interview: Iran says it disrupts nuclear plots
Iran has disrupted plots by foreign spies to recruit its nuclear experts and stopped sabotage attempts through faulty foreign equipment supplied for its facilities, the deputy head of the Islamic Republic's nuclear department told The Associated Press. Tue, 9/02
Politico founder to be Washington Post publisher
The Washington Post is ending 80 years of being led by the Graham family with the departure of Publisher Katharine Weymouth. Tue, 9/02
Woman sentenced in silicone injection case
A Mississippi woman convicted of killing a Georgia woman through illicit silicone buttocks injections has been sentenced to life in prison. Tue, 9/02
Americans detained in North Korea call for US help
North Korea gave foreign media access on Monday to three detained Americans who said they have been able to contact their families and -- watched by officials as they spoke -- called for Washington to send a high-ranking representative to negotiate for their freedom. Tue, 9/02
Attorney: Detroit needs debt plan to survive
The plan to restructure billions of dollars in debt is the vehicle the Motor City needs to free up funds to provide services to residents and allow the city to survive, one of Detroit's attorneys told the federal judge at the helm of the historic bankruptcy trial, which started Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
Bezos picks Politico co-founder as new Washington Post publisher
Frederick Ryan will take over Oct. 1 for Katharine Weymouth, ending more than eight decades of leadership of the paper by the Graham family. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 07:58 PM
Bieber charged with assault over photo incident
Canadian pop star Justin Bieber faces new charges after he was arrested for dangerous driving and assault following a collision between a minivan and an ATV that led to a physical altercation involving a photographer, his lawyer said Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
New York man gets prison for fatal asphalt toss
A New York man who threw a 10-pound chunk of asphalt through the windshield of a passing car, killing the driver, has been sentenced to two to six years in prison. Tue, 9/02
Saudi arrests 88 suspects in alleged al-Qaida cell
A top Saudi security official said Tuesday that police had arrested 88 men suspected of being part of an al-Qaida cell that was plotting attacks inside and outside of the kingdom. Tue, 9/02
School starts in Chicago with more safety guards
School opened in Chicago on Tuesday, with children and parents making their way past security guards whose bright neon vests served as a reminder of the city's efforts to protect students from the violence that plagues its streets. Tue, 9/02
Study links polar vortex chills to melting sea ice
Remember the polar vortex, the huge mass of Arctic air that can plunge much of the U.S. into the deep freeze? You might have to get used to it. Tue, 9/02
Syrian rebels issue demands for captive UN troops
Al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels holding 45 Fijian peacekeepers hostage have issued a set of demands for their release, including the extremist group's removal from a U.N. terrorist list and compensation for the killing of three of its fighters in a shootout with international troops, an official said Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
NEW - 07:47 PM
Can GOP take control of Senate? It may be close
At stake this fall are 36 of the Senate’s 100 seats, all 435 House seats and 36 governorships. Tue, 9/02
Coroner: Mom, 3 kids among 5 killed in plane crash
Four of the five people killed in a small-plane crash north of Denver were identified Monday as a woman and her three children. Tue, 9/02
Court halts ridesharing service Uber in Germany
A court has barred ridesharing service Uber from operating in Germany, the latest shot in the popular app's fight with taxi drivers worldwide. Tue, 9/02
Germany opens memorial to Nazis' disabled victims
Germany has inaugurated a memorial to more than 200,000 people with physical and mental disabilities who were killed by the Nazis after their lives were deemed "worthless." Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:54 PM
Group says world is losing battle against Ebola
The international group Doctors Without Borders warned Tuesday that the world is losing the battle against Ebola and lamented that treatment centers in West Africa have been "reduced to places where people go to die alone." Tue, 9/02
New York: Bank didn't lend to blacks in Buffalo
A bank purposely avoided giving mortgages to African-Americans by locating all of its branches outside black neighborhoods and directing advertising and loan products toward largely white communities, New York's attorney general said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday as part of a wider investigation into an illegal practice known as redlining. Tue, 9/02
Officials: Egypt bombing kills 11 police officers
A roadside bomb exploded Tuesday near an armored police vehicle traveling in Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula, killing 11 police officers, including a senior official, security and medical officials said. Tue, 9/02
Pakistan lawmakers back premier amid mass protests
Pakistan's lawmakers rallied behind the country's embattled prime minister Tuesday in an emergency session, even as thousands of protesters remained camped outside of parliament demanding his ouster. Tue, 9/02
Police abandon posts in Lesotho, fear for lives
Police in Lesotho have been told to abandon their posts and not wear uniforms to avoid being targeted in attacks in the kingdom's continuing power vacuum, an official said Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
Study: Action-packed TV might make you snack more
Could action-packed TV fare make you fat? That's the implication of a new study that found people snacked more watching fast-paced television than viewing a more leisurely paced talk show. Tue, 9/02
UK withdrawing warrant for ill boy's parents
British prosecutors are dropping the case against a couple who ended up in a Spanish jail after they tried to get treatment abroad for their son's severe brain tumor, authorities said Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
Officials say Yemeni president dismisses Cabinet
The Yemeni president on Tuesday dismissed the Cabinet, firing the prime minister for the first time in two years, while partially reversing an earlier decision to lift fuel subsidies in a bid to end a standoff with Shiite rebels holding anti-government protests across the country. Tue, 9/02
China anti-dissent playbook may fail in Hong Kong
China's Communist leaders have pulled out their usual playbook to suppress resistance to their plans to tightly limit the first direct election of Hong Kong's leader, but are likely to find that the results are quite different. Tue, 9/02
Civil disobedience expected in fast-food pay fight
McDonald's, Wendy's and other fast-food restaurants are expected to be targeted with acts of civil disobedience that could lead to arrests Thursday as labor organizers escalate their campaign to unionize the industry's workers. Tue, 9/02
Group accuses extremists of war crimes in Iraq
An international rights group accused the extremist Islamic State group on Tuesday of carrying out a systematic campaign of "ethnic cleansing" in northern Iraq that includes mass killings, abductions and other war crimes. Tue, 9/02
Inquiries begin into nude celebrity photo leaks
The FBI said Monday it was addressing allegations that online accounts of several celebrities, including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, had been hacked, leading to the posting of their nude photographs online. Tue, 9/02
Pakistan parliament meets over political crisis
Pakistan's lawmakers held an emergency session Tuesday over the political crisis roiling the country as thousands of anti-government protesters remained camped out in front of the parliament building, demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resign Tue, 9/02
School to begin in Chicago with more safety guards
Chicago children will walk past even more guards on their first day of school than last year, when concerns about safety prompted the city to line the streets with 1,200 adults every day. Tue, 9/02
UK deputy leader criticizes ill boy case
U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says it is inappropriate to throw the full weight of the law at a family who spirited their ill 5-year-old child out of the country in order for him to receive a revolutionary type of radiation therapy for a brain tumor. Tue, 9/02
US eating habits improve a bit — except among poor
Americans' eating habits have improved -- except among the poor, evidence of a widening wealth gap when it comes to diet. Yet even among wealthier adults, food choices remain far from ideal, a 12-year study found. Tue, 9/02
US military targets Islamic extremists in Somalia
U.S. military forces attacked the Islamic extremist al-Shabab network in an operation in Somalia on Monday, the Pentagon said, in a strike a Somali official said targeted the group's fugitive leader. Tue, 9/02
Gitmo: costly to run, hard to close
More than 12 years after the Bush administration sent the first prisoners to Gitmo, tensions are mounting over whether President Obama can close the prison before leaving office. Mon, 9/01
More women hitting the road on motorcycles
Motorcycle companies are producing smaller, lighter bikes, more suitable for female riders, and featuring more women in their ads — riding the bikes, not decorating them. Mon, 9/01

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Business & Technology

Moms-oriented zulily goes for the pitter-patter of little tweets
Online shopping site zulily, like many other companies, has had trouble finding its voice on Twitter. But the witty musings of a 27-year-old former receptionist are helping the moms-oriented retailer overcome its old awkwardness.  Tue, 9/02
Concur reportedly exploring sale; stock surges
Bellevue-based Concur Technologies has explored a sale and approached companies including SAP to gauge their interest, people with knowledge of the matter said. Tue, 9/02
Drug giant ends arthritis deal with Alder BioPharma
Alder BioPharmaceuticals of Bothell said Bristol-Myers Squibb is ending an arthritis-drug collaboration pact under which Alder earned more than $100 million since 2009. Tue, 9/02
U.S. delays ruling on Norwegian Air’s low-cost transatlantic flights
The U.S. Department of Transportation on Tuesday declined to give discount long-haul airline Norwegian Air International (NAI) temporary approval to fly into the U.S. ahead of a permanent ruling. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:59 PM
Home Depot probes possible credit card data breach
Home Depot may be the latest retailer to suffer a major credit card data breach. Tue, 9/02
1-800-FLOWERS buying Harry & David for $142.5M
1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. is buying Harry & David for $142.5 million to help broaden the assortment of foods that its customers can choose as gifts. Tue, 9/02

UPDATE - 08:59 PM
Asian stock markets rise as dollar gains
Asian stock markets rose Wednesday, lifted by new signs of strength in the U.S. economy and expectations that Europe's central bank will provide more support to the flagging region. Tue, 9/02
McDonald's boosts oversight of Chinese suppliers
McDonald's said it will monitor its suppliers in China more closely after a food-safety scandal in the country hurt the hamburger chain's sales and reputation. Tue, 9/02
Alibaba IPO comes with unusual structure
Foreigners who want to buy Alibaba Group shares in the Chinese e-commerce giant's U.S. public offering will need to get comfortable with an unusual business structure. Tue, 9/02
Cleveland welcomes growing field of server farms
Northeast Ohio is hardly ready to usurp Silicon Valley as a high-tech mecca, but a growing number of data centers are choosing to locate in and around Cleveland to take advantage of cheap power, an abundance of fiber-optic cable and one of the safest environments in the country for storing digital information. Tue, 9/02
Google's corporate products division changes name
Google is hoping a new brand will help sell more of its services to other companies. Tue, 9/02
Norwegian sails into luxury with Prestige purchase
Norwegian Cruise Line is sailing into the luxury sector by buying the high-end Prestige Cruises International in a deal valued at about $3 billion, including debt. Tue, 9/02
Private equity firm to buy Compuware for $2.5B
Private equity firm Thoma Bravo will spend about $2.5 billion to buy Compuware and take the software developer private. Tue, 9/02
US home prices rose at slower pace in July
U.S. home prices rose in July but at a slower rate compared with earlier this year. The moderating price increases could help support sales. Tue, 9/02
Rates mixed at weekly US Treasury bill auction
Interest rates on short-term Treasury bills were mixed in Tuesday's auction with rates on three-month bills falling to the lowest level since late April while rates on six-month bills were unchanged. Tue, 9/02
Survey: Foreign companies in China feel 'targeted'
Foreign companies in China feel increasingly targeted for unfair enforcement of anti-monopoly and other laws and might cut investment if conditions fail to improve, a U.S. business group said Tuesday. Tue, 9/02
US construction spending up 1.8 percent in July
U.S. construction spending staged a strong rebound in July, rising by the largest amount in more than two years. All major categories of construction showed gains in an encouraging sign that spending on building projects will help boost the economy in the second half of this year. Tue, 9/02
US manufacturing grows at fastest pace in 3½ years
U.S. manufacturing grew in August at the strongest pace in more than three years as factories cranked out more goods and new orders rose. Tue, 9/02
Netflix unveils new way to share recommendations
Netflix is giving its Internet video subscribers a more discreet way to recommend movies and TV shows to their Facebook friends after realizing most people don't want to share their viewing habits with large audiences. Tue, 9/02

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UPDATE - 07:33 PM
Auburn Riverside’s Hettinger, once a football hater, now a field leader
Receiver and cornerback Gavin Hettinger missed nearly half of 2013 with a broken ankle. He’s fully healed and ready to put Auburn Riverside on the map again.  Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:01 PM
Huskies’ John Ross III is playing for his family
Speedy Washington receiver John Ross III almost quit playing football in high school. But he stayed with it, with the help of his family. Now he is motivated by a future where football might allow him to support his family.  Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:36 PM
Kentwood’s Josiah Bronson makes his own music
Defensive end and tight end Josiah Bronson has a lot to live up to as the youngest of four athletic children. But with his help, his team is the clear favorite to win the SPSL 4A North Division. Tue, 9/02
NEW - 09:27 PM
Lombardi Trophy continues to embrace Seahawks fans everywhere
Seven months after Seattle won the Super Bowl, the travels of the championship trophy spark tales of joy far beyond the Puget Sound area. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:10 PM
Sounders FC to take on cellar-dweller Chivas USA
Chivas USA, which hosts the Sounders on Wednesday, has lost six straight matches. Chivas hasn’t scored a goal in 546 minutes — the longest drought for any team in MLS this season.  Tue, 9/02
2014 prep football preview: SPSL 2A
Sumner ran away with last year’s title, marking the first time a team went unbeaten in SPSL 2A play since the league was formed in 2010. But the field looks more wide open this season. Tue, 9/02
2014 prep football preview: SPSL 3A
Some coaches consider the SPSL the toughest 3A league in the state, and there’s good reason for that argument. The league includes three teams that won or shared division titles at various levels in 2013.  Tue, 9/02
2014 prep football preview: SPSL 4A Northeast
It’s a new-look SPSL 4A with Decatur moving back up, while Auburn and Auburn Riverside dropped to 3A. Tue, 9/02
2014 prep football preview: SPSL 4A Northwest
After two magnificent seasons, Chico McClatcher has many wondering how much more to expect in his final campaign for Federal Way. Tue, 9/02
2014 prep football preview: SPSL 4A South
Four of the seven teams in the South will advance to the preliminary round of the playoffs this season, but that total drops to just three in 2015. Tue, 9/02
NEW - 09:23 PM
Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker is suspended for 4 games by league
Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker has been suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:25 PM
Gael Monfils reaches U.S. Open quarterfinals
Gael Monfils, seeded 20th, beat No. 7 Grigor Dimitrov in straight sets in a fourth-round match and next will face No. 2 Roger Federer. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:12 PM
Huskies aim high: A run at a national volleyball title
Washington has five freshmen on a talented volleyball roster featuring 2013 national player of the year Krista Vansant. “We’ve got a lot of good parts that can become great parts,” said veteran coach Jim McLaughlin. Tue, 9/02
Lauren Jackson has hip surgery, still wants to return to Storm
Storm star Lauren Jackson, who has played just 22 WNBA games the past four seasons, had hip surgery Tuesday in her native Australia. She hopes to return to WNBA play next year.  Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 07:40 PM
Pac-12 blockbusters: Stanford-USC, Oregon-Michigan State
USC vs. Stanford and Oregon vs. Michigan State offer two huge early season games that renew Big Ten/Pac-12 perceptions and a coaching feud, and could have implications on the first college football playoff. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:52 PM
Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch talks, says little
Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, like all NFL players, is required to talk to the media at least once a week. Tuesday, he refused to answer questions about his holdout but would talk about his charity foundation. Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 07:55 PM
Unbeaten U.S. team rises to 3-0 in Basketball World Cup
Anthony Davis of the NBA New Orleans Pelicans collected 21 points and nine rebounds as the U.S. team beat New Zealand 98-71 at the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain. Tue, 9/02
Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry
When you’ve to go, these things get going
Jon Ausbury’s three-person team captured the 10th annual Toilet Bowl Challenge — think large tricycles with toilets for seats — in Maple Park, Ill., on Saturday. And if the racing vehicles look familiar, well, there’s a reason. “They’ve been passed down through th Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 09:10 PM
Defense 101: Understanding how the Seahawks play
Pete Carroll’s defensive strategies were formed nearly four decades ago when he was a graduate assistant coach at Arkansas.  Tue, 9/02
Larry Stone
Seahawks’ Richard Sherman shows his discipline in practice ... preparing to fight boredom
Talented cornerback still working hard despite the fact not many balls could come his way Tue, 9/02
True grit: Earl Thomas, Byron Maxwell have what might be ‘key ingredient’ for Seahawks
Seahawks hope other players learn from the example Earl Thomas sets Tue, 9/02
Rewind: Live chat with UW volleyball player Krista Vansant
 Tue, 9/02
NEW - 08:08 PM
12th Man of the Week
 Tue, 9/02
On the Air
 Tue, 9/02
With suspension over, Huskies quarterback Cyler Miles gets nod to start
With his one-game suspension completed, Cyler Miles to take over the offensive helm of the Huskies Mon, 9/01
Cole Hamels, three relievers help Philadelphia no-hit Atlanta
Hamels throws six innings before Jake Diekman, Ken Giles and Jonathan Papelbon each pitched a perfect inning in 7-0 victory over Braves. Mon, 9/01
Chicago Sky wins in double overtime; Storm’s Lauren Jackson won’t play for Australia at worlds
Sylvia Fowles and former Gonzaga standout Courtney Vandersloot led the Chicago Sky to an 86-84 double-overtime victory over Indiana to force a deciding Game 3 in the Eastern Conference finals. Mon, 9/01
Kasey Kahne relieves pressure by qualifying for NASCAR’s Chase
Kasey Kahne of Enumclaw viewed Sunday night’s Sprint Cup Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway — the second-to-last event of NASCAR’s regular season — as a must-win situation. Kahne put pressure on himself and delivered a victory to clinch a berth in the Chase for the Sprint  Mon, 9/01
Louisville opens coach Bobby Petrino’s 2nd stint at school with victory over Miami
Dominique Brown’s 15-yard touchdown run in the third quarter and Gerald Christian’s 10-yard TD catch late in the fourth backed Louisville’s big defensive performance that helped beat Miami 31-13 Monday night. Mon, 9/01
Novak Djokovic copes with heat at U.S. Open
Top-seeded Novak Djokovic was able to deal with the heat and advanced at the U.S. Open in New York. Meanwhile, in the women’s bracket, No. 7 Eugenie Bouchard struggled physically before losing to Ekaterina Makarova. Mon, 9/01
Taijuan Walker provides strong relief in September call-up
Heeding manager Lloyd McClendon’s advice, Walker throws six innings, allowing one run and striking out five. Mon, 9/01
Tacoma loses season finale to Fresno, 9-5
Rainiers finish season 74-70 after allowing Grizzlies to score six runs in fifth inning.  Mon, 9/01

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Circle-singing leader embraces all voices
Meet Debby Watt, a classically trained vocalist who now holds circle sings, improvisational communal sessions where all are welcome, regardless of ability. It’s almost like church, says one participant.  Tue, 9/02
Fall 2014 DIY contest: Make a newsprint masterpiece
Welcome to Make a Newsprint Masterpiece, the 2014 Seattle Times DIY contest. For this one, all we ask is that you create something out of newsprint — yes, that paper that makes your hands black — and share it with us by Sept. 23.  Tue, 9/02
NW books
‘The Family’ in paperback; a tribute to Russell Wilson
New books by Seattle-area authors — talking less and doing more about inequality; David Laskin’s “The Family,” new in paperback; a tribute to Seahawk Russell Wilson and a picture book about many variations of a patriotic song.  Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 07:58 PM
Family: Joan Rivers on life support
Joan Rivers' family is confirming that the comedian is on life support after going into cardiac arrest last week during a procedure at a doctor's office. Tue, 9/02
New DVDs
‘Draft Day,’ Night Moves,’ ‘Moms’ Night Out’
New DVD releases for Tuesday, Sept. 2, include the sports film “Draft Day,” starring Kevin Costner; the environmental thriller “Night Moves”; several documentaries; and a faith-based comedy, “Moms’ Night Out.”  Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 07:58 PM
'Guardians' tops box office for the summer, year
"Guardians of the Galaxy" closed out the summer movie season with a first-place finish. Tue, 9/02
Chris Brown pleads guilty to assault in Washington
Chris Brown pleaded guilty on Tuesday to punching a man in the face outside a Washington hotel, an assault that occurred while the singer was on probation for attacking his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Tue, 9/02
Q&A: Jon Hamm on his other TV role
The actor explains his attraction to the Ovation channel’s darkly comic and surreal “A Young Doctor’s Notebook,” also starring Daniel Radcliffe; his taste for British comedy; and his post-“Mad Men” plans.  Tue, 9/02
TV Picks for Tuesday, Sept. 2: ‘The Story of Frozen,’ ‘Food Fighters’ and ‘Drunk History’
 Tue, 9/02

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A new twist to brown-bag lunches
It’s good to have some healthful brown-bag lunch recipes in your repertoire. Tue, 9/02
NEW - 06:15 AM
Dear Carolyn
Emotional quandary follows friend’s death
Showing you care can be a comfort, writes Carolyn Hax, and your tears won’t be a “reminder” of grief for someone who is already grieving. Tue, 9/02
Make your own nut butter
The nationwide recall of almond and peanut butters couldn’t have come at a worse time — with kids going back to school. Tue, 9/02
Pedigree pet-food recall expanded
Mars Petcare has expanded last week’s recall of Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food products to 55-pound bags sold in Sam’s Club in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio because they may contain small metal fragments. Tue, 9/02
Recipe: Mixed Bean Salad With Pickled Ginger
A fresh, light mixed bean salad, using options like butter beans, black-eyed peas and both green and yellow wax beans, enhanced with strips of pickled ginger and thinly sliced scallions. Tue, 9/02
Some tips on making chutney
Preserve summer’s flavors by making chutney. Tue, 9/02

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Travel & Outdoors

New restaurants turn Ashland into culinary destination
At least 10 popular and hyper-local food spots have opened or been revamped in the southern Oregon town, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Tue, 9/02
UPDATE - 08:59 PM
It's no longer safe to recline your airplane seat
Squeezed into tighter and tighter spaces, airline passengers appear to be rebelling, taking their frustrations out on other fliers. Tue, 9/02

Rick Steves' Europe
Roaming the Roman ruins of Provence
Some of the best-preserved ancient Roman monuments are in southern France.  Tue, 9/02
Remembering Sept. 11 at New York sites
A 9/11 memorial, museum and tours help visitors pay their respects.  Tue, 9/02

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Editorial: Christopher Hurst, Cathy Dahlquist and Drew Stokesbary in the 31st District
Incumbent state Rep. Christopher Hurst, running the 31st Legislative District’s House Pos. 2, deserves re-election. The Times recommends Cathy Dahlquist for state Senate in the district and Drew Stokesbary for Pos. 1.  Tue, 9/02
Editorial: Kenneth Bae, North Korea and a new opportunity to talk
Kenneth Bae and two other Americans remain trapped in North Korea, but new prison interviews represent an opportunity for diplomacy and the easing of tensions in the region.  Tue, 9/02
Obama’s understatement of the world situation
President Obama’s suggestion that the series of world crises is not unlike the challenges of the Cold War is disappointing. Time for a plan. Tue, 9/02

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