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Friday, November 21, 2014

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Local News

Woodland Park Zoo closing elephant exhibit
Woodland Park Zoo will phase out its elephant exhibit, saying its two remaining Asian elephants need a larger social group. The move comes after several years of criticism over the zoo’s small, aging exhibit and the quality of the elephants’ lives in captivity. Thu, 11/20

Genetics expert named director, president of Fred Hutch
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center announced Thursday that it has named D. Gary Gilliland, M.D., Ph.D., an internationally renowned expert in cancer genetics and precision medicine, as its new president and director. Thu, 11/20
Man drops demand for info on Seattle cops to help them
The Seattle Police Department is to get tech advice from the anonymous computer programmer in exchange for giving him what they can. His mammoth public-disclosure requests had put the department’s plan to outfit all officers with body cameras in limbo. Thu, 11/20
Marysville-Pilchuck drama students rewrite play to eliminate violence
The Marysville-Pilchuck drama club is performing “The Twilight Zone” after rewriting the script to eliminate anything that might remind the audience of the fatal Oct. 24 shootings at the high school.  Thu, 11/20
Yakima’s Dan Newhouse prepares to join Congress
The most competitive congressional race in Washington state officially ended when Clint Didier issued a terse concession to fellow Republican Dan Newhouse. Thu, 11/20
Adult-family-home operator charged with rape
A 67-year-old man has been charged with second-degree rape, accused of forcing an 83-year-old woman with dementia to perform a sex act inside one of the adult family homes he and his wife owned. The assault was captured on a “nanny cam” placed in the woman’s room by her daughter. Thu, 11/20
Corinthian Colleges selling most of its schools
Corinthian Colleges is selling most of its Everest and WyoTech campuses, including schools in Washington, in the midst of several investigations and lawsuits by federal and state regulators. Thu, 11/20
Costly public-records requests may threaten SPD plan for body cameras
Concerns about broad-reaching public-disclosure requests that Seattle officials say could cripple the city financially and tie up employees for countless hours may lead to canceling a plan to outfit Seattle police officers with body cameras. Thu, 11/20
Everett firefighter held on $50,000 bail in Seattle juvenile-sex sting
An off-duty Everett firefighter was ordered held on $50,000 bail after a judge found probable cause Thursday to hold him on investigation of attempted commercial sex abuse of a 15-year-old girl.  Thu, 11/20
Former paramedic pleads not guilty to stealing drugs
A former Medic One paramedic is accused of tampering with consumer products by stealing narcotics from rescue units and replacing them with other drugs. Thu, 11/20
UPDATE - 01:01 AM
Potential benefits of closer ties with China too attractive for state to ignore, panel says
A Thursday night discussion, “A Bridge to China: Exploring the Northwest’s Future with the East,” was the second of The Seattle Times’ LiveWire events series. Thu, 11/20
Sound Transit to seek new tax, fees to extend light-rail routes
Sound Transit will ask state lawmakers to allow new voter-approved taxes for more rail and bus extensions. Thu, 11/20
Teen’s texts turned dark week before Marysville shootings
A detective investigating the Marysville high school shooting that left five teens dead says in court papers that the young shooter’s texts turned dark the week before he opened fire, with references to his funeral and the message: “Bang bang I’m dead.” Thu, 11/20
Trial of 3 accused of assault at firefighters memorial begins
The trial for two former Seattle firefighters and a woman accused of assaulting a homeless man who was sleeping on memorial to fallen firefighters in Occidental Park began in Seattle Municipal Court on Thursday. Thu, 11/20
Sarah Stuteville
Year Up program opens up a new world in tech for students
The Year Up program aims to help fill tech jobs through an intensive yearlong program of job training, mentoring and internships for young adults from underserved backgrounds. Here is the story of one of their students. Thu, 11/20
Obituary: Fumiko Hayashida, 103, the face of WWII internment
Fumiko Hayashida was the subject of a famous photograph taken in March 1942 as she waited with her children on Bainbridge Island to be forced into internment. She died in Seattle this month at age 103. Thu, 11/20

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 01:34 AM
Florida State shooter went from liked to troubled
Florida State graduate Myron May seemed to change from a well-liked young attorney to would-be killer in a matter of months, stopped only by a fusillade of police bullets outside the library at his alma mater after he opened fire on students who dove between the stacks to escape. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 12:15 AM
Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders
Spurning furious Republicans, President Barack Obama unveiled expansive executive actions on immigration Thursday night to spare nearly 5 million people in the U.S. illegally from deportation and refocus enforcement efforts on "felons, not families." Fri, 11/21

UPDATE - 01:57 AM
5 family members killed on 'dream trip' to Disney
Michael and Trudi Hardman had always talked about taking their six children to Disney World, and just a week before Thanksgiving, it seemed their "dream trip" was to be a reality. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 01:52 AM
Chinese state media give profs a chilling warning
Over two weeks, the Communist Party-run Liaoning Daily newspaper sent reporters to sit in on dozens of university lectures all over the country looking for what the paper said were professors "being scornful of China." Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 01:34 AM
Marine with robotic leg braces to get Bronze Star
Capt. Derek Herrera wanted to remain on active duty after a sniper's bullet in Afghanistan left him paralyzed two years ago. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 01:37 AM
Florida woman latest to accuse Cosby of forced sex
A Florida woman who came forward Thursday became the fourth in recent weeks to say Bill Cosby gave her pills that made her feel groggy then forced himself on her sexually. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 12:12 AM
Minivans do poorly in new crash tests
The Honda Odyssey was the only minivan to earn the highest safety rating in new crash tests by the insurance industry. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 01:52 AM
Miss Honduras' slaying a shock for violent nation
Maria Jose Alvarado expected some difficult questions about her country at the Miss World pageant in London, so the 19-year-old beauty queen enlisted a teacher to help her prepare. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 01:37 AM
Snow ending, but rain possible for Buffalo
A snowfall that brought huge snowdrifts and closed roads around Buffalo was finally expected to stop, but residents still couldn't breathe easy, as the looming threat of rain and higher temperatures through the weekend and into the coming week raised the possibility of floods and the specter of roofs collapsing under the heavy loads. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 12:12 AM
AP Exclusive: Some in NSA warned of a backlash
Dissenters within the National Security Agency, led by a senior agency executive, warned in 2009 that the program to secretly collect American phone records wasn't providing enough intelligence to justify the backlash it would cause if revealed, current and former intelligence officials say. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 12:12 AM
Uber investigating if exec broke 'God' app rules
Uber Technologies confirmed Wednesday that it is investigating whether one of its general managers violated the popular car-booking service's privacy policies by snooping on a reporter's ride. Fri, 11/21
FDA approves new 24-hour opioid painkiller
Hysingla is intended to be swallowed whole; the tablet forms a thick gel if it is crushed, making it difficult to inject. Thu, 11/20
Obama’s immigration decision has precedents, but may set a new one
Although President Obama is not breaking new ground by using executive powers to carve out a quasi-legal status for certain categories of unauthorized immigrants his decision will affect as many as 5 million immigrants, far more than the actions of those presidents. Thu, 11/20
Survey: 90% of excessive drinkers are not alcoholics
The finding, from a government survey of 138,100 adults, counters the conventional wisdom that every “falling-down drunk” must be addicted to alcohol. Thu, 11/20
U.S. Supreme Court refuses to block S.C. gay marriages
The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to block gay marriages in South Carolina. Thu, 11/20
Police question Indian guru after standoff arrest
Police on Friday started questioning an Indian guru after he was arrested at his sprawling ashram with more than 400 followers following a 10-day deadly standoff. Thu, 11/20
Explosion on Gulf platform; 1 dead, 3 injured
An explosion occurred on an offshore oil and gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, killing one person and injuring three. Thu, 11/20
'X' marks spot: Man scouted cliff where wife died
A suburban Denver man charged with pushing his wife to her death off a cliff in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park could not explain to investigators why he had a park map with an "X'' drawn at the spot where she fell. Thu, 11/20
Mike Nichols, award-winning director, dies at 83
Mike Nichols was a director of matchless versatility who brought fierce wit, caustic social commentary and wicked absurdity to such film, TV and stage hits as “The Graduate,” “Angels in America” and “Monty Python’s Spamalot.”  Thu, 11/20
St. Louis region prepares for Ferguson decision
The St. Louis region is on edge in anticipation of an announcement from the grand jury that is weighing whether to charge police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The August shooting led to weeks of protests, some of them violent, and many people fear renewed violence after the decision, particularly if the panel does not issue an indictment. Some key things to know about the situation: Thu, 11/20
Takata executive testifies about air bags in Senate hearing
More than 10 automobile manufacturers and 7.8 million vehicles in the United States have been affected by recalls of air bags made by Takata, a Japanese company.  Thu, 11/20
Russian website streaming feeds from hacked home, baby cameras
A child playing in Bucheon, South Korea. An empty crib in Absecon, New Jersey. Cattle feeding in Behamberg, Austria. Footage from more than 100 countries is being streamed from bedrooms, office buildings, shops, laundromats, stables and barns. Thu, 11/20
Senate panel questions soaring generic drug prices
A Senate panel met Thursday to scrutinize the recent, unexpected trend among generic medicines, which usually cost 30 to 80 percent less than their branded counterparts. Thu, 11/20
Attacks in Kabul raise concerns about security
The Afghan capital has become a city under siege as the Taliban stage almost daily attacks against government and foreign targets, penetrating layers of heightened security and fueling concerns that insurgents have infiltrated the security forces. Thu, 11/20
Ebola heightens need for aid for orphans
The Ebola epidemic has put adoptions in impacted west African countries at a standstill for obvious reasons. Thu, 11/20
Iraq, Turkey vow to work together against IS group
Iraq's prime minister said on Thursday that his country and neighboring Turkey have agreed on closer security and intelligence cooperation in the face of the threat posed by the Islamic State group. Thu, 11/20
Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks in Vienna
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held out hope of a last-minute nuclear deal with Iran Thursday, as he added his diplomatic muscle to talks aimed at overcoming deep differences with Tehran over the size and scope of its future atomic activities. Thu, 11/20
Mali Ebola crisis deepens with doctor's death
Mali's emerging Ebola crisis deepened Thursday as the government announced that a doctor had died from the disease, becoming the second health worker fatality linked to a single patient initially thought to have kidney disease. Thu, 11/20
Nominee for auto safety chief faces uphill climb
Mark Rosekind is a nationally known expert in human fatigue. He may soon inherit a government agency that's been criticized for nodding off at the wheel. Thu, 11/20
Showdown looms between US gov't, air bag maker
A showdown is looming between U.S. safety regulators and a Japanese company that makes air bags linked to multiple deaths and injuries. Car companies and the driving public are caught in the middle. Thu, 11/20
1 of 2 moderate quakes widely felt in California
Two moderate earthquakes have struck central California, one of which was widely felt across the region. Thu, 11/20
Pope demands just distribution of world's bounty
Pope Francis demanded a more just distribution of the world's bounty for the poor and hungry Thursday, telling a U.N. conference on nutrition that access to food is a basic human right that shouldn't be subject to market speculation and quests for profit. Thu, 11/20
Democrats: Go big on the economy in 2016
Democrats say the main lesson of the November election is simple: Go big on the economy. Thu, 11/20
Group to hold pit bull parade after ban dropped
A group of pit bull lovers plans to hold a pit bull parade to celebrate after a judge threw out a 10-year-old ban on the dogs in a Rhode Island city. Thu, 11/20
Aggressive groundhog charges at New Hampshire man
A New Hampshire man says he was working in his garage when a groundhog he had seen in his backyard charged at him. Thu, 11/20
Gauge of US economy posts 0.9 percent October gain
An index designed to predict the future health of the economy rose in October at the fastest pace in three months. Thu, 11/20
Cost of Thanksgiving is going up, but not by much
Giving thanks will be a little costlier this year, but -- and here's something you can be truly thankful for -- it probably won't empty your wallet. Thu, 11/20
FDA approves new, hard-to-abuse hydrocodone pill
Federal health regulators on Thursday approved the first hard-to-abuse version of the painkiller hydrocodone, offering an alternative to a similar medication that has been widely criticized for lacking such safeguards. Thu, 11/20
Israel military: Gaza militants test-fire rockets
The Israeli military said Thursday that militants in the Gaza Strip have test-fired rockets into the Mediterranean Sea, in an apparent attempt to show off their capabilities amid increased tensions in the wake of this week's deadly synagogue attack. Thu, 11/20
Kerry in diplomatic overdrive on Iran nuclear deal
With a deadline for Iranian nuclear deal fast approaching, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry embarked Wednesday on a frenzy of high-stakes diplomacy in a last-minute push to secure an agreement -- or at least prevent the process from collapsing. Thu, 11/20
Montana marriage ban overturned; licenses granted
Gay couples were expected to line up for marriage licenses Thursday morning at county courthouses across Montana after a federal judge tossed out the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Thu, 11/20
Multiple fractures for Bono in NY bicycle accident
An injury to U2 singer Bono after what was described by the group as a "cycling spill" left him with multiple fractures that required him to undergo two surgeries, a doctor said Wednesday. Thu, 11/20
Nominee for auto safety chief faces uphill climb
Mark Rosekind is a nationally known expert in human fatigue. He may soon inherit a government agency that's been criticized for being asleep at the wheel. Thu, 11/20
Obama's immigration actions do have limits
As broadly as President Barack Obama may push the limits of his authority to shield from deportation millions of immigrants illegally in the United States, the fate of millions more will still be left unresolved. Thu, 11/20
One mom's mission to encourage girls in science
Kelly Mathews is on a mission -- to get more girls interested in STEM. Thu, 11/20
Round 2: Buffalo braces for another wintry wallop
A new blast of lake-effect snow began pounding Buffalo on Thursday, piling more misery on a city already buried by an epic, deadly snowfall that could leave some areas with more than 8 feet of snow on the ground when it's all done. Thu, 11/20
Secret Service chief: Morale suffering at agency
The acting director of the Secret Service warned lawmakers Wednesday of "potentially dire consequences" from lowered morale and operational security at the agency. He vowed to do better. Thu, 11/20
Thai students detained at 'Hunger Games' opening
Police detained three students Thursday at the opening of the latest "Hunger Games" movie in Thailand, where opponents of May's military coup have adopted the film's three-finger salute as a sign of defiance. Thu, 11/20
TV Land pulls 'Cosby Show' from lineup
NBC has scrapped a Bill Cosby comedy that was under development and TV Land will stop airing reruns of "The Cosby Show," moves that came a day after another woman came forward claiming that the once-beloved comic had sexually assaulted her. Thu, 11/20
Uber investigating if exec broke 'God' app rules
Uber Technologies confirmed Wednesday that it is investigating whether one of its general managers violated the popular car-booking service's privacy policies by snooping on a reporter's ride. Thu, 11/20
Webb forms exploratory committee for White House
Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb launched an exploratory committee to consider a Democratic presidential campaign in 2016, taking the first official step in what could become a challenge to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Thu, 11/20

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Business & Technology

UPDATE - 12:26 AM
Asian stock markets turn higher, yen rises
Asian stock markets turned higher Friday as they juggled positive U.S. economic news and weakness in Europe, China and Japan. The yen rose against the dollar after Japan's finance minister said it had fallen too fast recently. Fri, 11/21

Main port talks stalled till after holiday
The Longshore union says work will continue at committee level until Dec. 2, when main talks will pick back up.  Thu, 11/20
Kuwait Airways plans to buy 10 Boeing 777-300ER jets
The aircraft have an estimated value, after discounts, of about $1.7 billion Thu, 11/20
Amazon leases office space near Empire State Building
The Seattle-based Web giant will take over 470,000 square feet for 17 years, and sublease the building’s retail space to others.  Thu, 11/20
Bezos makes his mark on Washington Post with Kindle app
A new app will deliver The Washington Post to some Amazon Kindle tablet owners for free. It is the first formal collaboration between the two companies since Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought The Post for $250 million last year. Thu, 11/20
Seattle-area inflation up slightly due to housing and food costs
The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday that local consumer prices rose 0.3 percent between August and October and 2.1 percent since October 2013. Thu, 11/20
US 30-year mortgage rates drop to 3.99 percent
Average U.S. long-term mortgage rates continued to tick down this week, remaining close to yearlong lows. Thu, 11/20
Yahoo replaces Google as Firefox's default search
Yahoo will supplant Google's search engine on Firefox's Web browser in the U.S., signaling Yahoo's resolve to regain some of the ground that it has lost in the most lucrative part of the Internet's ad market. Thu, 11/20
Cost of Thanksgiving is going up, but not by much
Giving thanks will be a little costlier this year, but -- and here's something you can be truly thankful for -- it probably won't empty your wallet. Thu, 11/20
Longer visas for Chinese visitors a boon for U.S. tourism
Economic impact on U.S. could be $85 billion by 2021, federal government estimates.  Thu, 11/20
More hotels are going green and not just to save water or money
Some hotels have gone beyond simply installing low-flow shower heads and urging guests to reuse towels. The goal is not just to save water or money. An aim is to appeal to environmentally minded guests. Thu, 11/20
Ridesharing service Uber expands in Nordics
Uber is expanding its app-based taxi and ridesharing services in the Nordic region, to include the cities of Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen. Thu, 11/20
WhatsApp encrypts messages from beginning to end
WhatsApp, the globally popular instant messaging system owned by Facebook, has begun using a powerful new encryption program aimed at protecting users' conversations from unwanted surveillance and snooping. Thu, 11/20
US home sales rise in October
Americans bought homes in October at the briskest pace this year, a sign that the sluggish housing market is turning around. Thu, 11/20
US unemployment aid applications fall to 291,000
The number of people applying for U.S. unemployment benefits declined slightly last week, suggesting that job gains should remain solid. Thu, 11/20
US consumer prices unchanged in October
U.S. consumer prices were unchanged in October as a fourth straight decline in gasoline costs helped to keep inflation at bay. Thu, 11/20

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For Cliff Avril and other NFL defenders, sacking the QB is a poor measurement of success
One of the problems with sacks is the same problem levied against RBI in baseball: There are too many variables that go into producing a sack for it to carry so much weight. Thu, 11/20

Connor Halliday reflects on WSU football career
Between the mishaps and misgivings, Connor Halliday squared out a pretty fair quarterbacking career at Washington State, and Thursday, he expressed optimism he’ll find a new platform to do that. Thu, 11/20
Isiah Umipig and Seattle U ready to challenge Huskies
“We’d all be lying if we said it was just another game,” Umipig said before Friday’s basketball game at KeyArena. “We know we can compete with them. We know they’re a really good team, but we’re confident in our abilities to come out and compete and have a c Thu, 11/20
It’s running back by committee for Huskies
The Huskies (6-5, 2-5 Pac-12) have had five different running backs start at least one game this season. Thu, 11/20
Kelsey Plum scores 37 points, Huskies win 96-82
Plum, a 5-foot-9 point guard, scored a career-high 45 points in UW’s season-opening loss at Oklahoma last week. Thu, 11/20
With quarterback Justus Rogers, Bellevue has an aerial option
Bellevue coach Butch Goncharoff kept his offense run-heavy until junior Justus Rogers took over at QB this season.  Thu, 11/20
Clippers jump on Heat early in victory
Late in the third quarter, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul found themselves all alone on a fast break, no Miami Heat player even remotely close to them. Thu, 11/20
Ducks beat Canucks in shootout
Corey Perry scored the shootout winner, lifting the Anaheim Ducks to a 4-3 victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday night. Thu, 11/20
Raiders stun Chiefs for 1st victory of year
Rookie Derek Carr gave the Oakland Raiders something to celebrate for a change. Thu, 11/20
America’s Cup reportedly headed for Bermuda
The tax haven of Bermuda has been picked over San Diego to host the 2017 America’s Cup, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Thursday. Thu, 11/20
Cal beats Syracuse in N.Y.C.
Jordan Mathews scored 20 of his 22 points in the second half and California routed No. 23 Syracuse 73-59 on Thursday night to reach the championship game of the 2K Classic. Thu, 11/20
Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry
In that game, Dalton’s passing was not so fancy
Instead of pass-fail, maybe Andy Dalton should have just taken an incomplete. Thu, 11/20
Mariners win Commissioner’s Award
The Mariners’ longtime stance against domestic violence and their efforts to prevent it were rewarded again on Thursday.  Thu, 11/20
Marshawn Lynch gets fined a day after good deed
Lynch was fined $100,000 Wednesday for not talking to the media. On Tuesday, he and teammate Ricardo Lockette returned a wallet to a man in Marysville that they found after stopping at a gas station. Lynch did talk to the media later Wednesday. Thu, 11/20
North Carolina derails No. 25 Duke
Marquise Williams threw for two touchdowns and rushed for two more, and North Carolina beat No. 25 Duke 45-20 on Thursday night. Thu, 11/20
Obafemi Martins, Sigi Schmid among Sounders finalists for MLS awards
Four Seattle Sounders have been named 2014 Major League Soccer award finalists, the league announced Thursday. Thu, 11/20
Seattle U, UW women’s soccer gear up for NCAA second-round games
Seattle U faces South Carolina and UW faces Missouri on Friday in second-round NCAA tournament action. Thu, 11/20
SPU men’s soccer eliminated from Division II tournament
Senior Jordan Payne of 14th-ranked Cal State Los Angeles punched in a rebound from close range 62 seconds into overtime to stun fourth-ranked Seattle Pacific 1-0 in a round of 16 Division II men’s soccer NCAA tournament match Thursday night at Interbay. Thu, 11/20
How Sigi Schmid saved his job and moved the Sounders forward
Sounders FC coach Sigi Schmid was on the hot seat a year ago after another disappointing playoff exit. A year later, Seattle is the top seed in the MLS playoffs and has buy-in from players and management. Here’s how it happened.  Thu, 11/20
Seattle U volleyball team advances in WAC tournament
Seattle advanced to play top-seed Missouri-Kansas City on Friday. Thu, 11/20
Sounders’ Clint Dempsey declares U.S. men’s year a success despite final loss
U.S. captain says strong World Cup showing helped make it a good year despite 4-1 loss in Dublin on Tuesday. Jordan Morris, a Mercer Island native, made his U.S. national team debut in the match.  Thu, 11/20
On the Air
 Thu, 11/20
Idaho’s Schweitzer opening Saturday for limited skiing, snowboarding
One main lift will open Saturday thanks to snow-making.  Thu, 11/20

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UPDATE - 01:15 AM
CBS news chairman stepping down
CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager, who has been running the network's news division along with "60 Minutes" for the past four years, said Thursday that he's stepping down from the chief executive role to concentrate on the newsmagazine. Fri, 11/21
UPDATE - 01:15 AM
Kelsey Grammer's daughter is Miss Golden Globe
Kelsey Grammer's daughter Greer is the new Miss Golden Globe. Fri, 11/21
Restaurant review
Hecho is not your padre’s Mexican cuisine
Phinney Ridge’s Hecho offers an intimate atmosphere and often delicious takes on traditional dishes. Thu, 11/20
Art review
Haub donation at Tacoma Art Museum ranges widely, like the West
A review of the dazzling collection of Western American art residing in the new Haub Family Galleries at Tacoma Art Museum. More than 100 works out of the donation of 295 pieces are now on display. Thu, 11/20

Phil Klay wins National Book Award for fiction
Phil Klay's "Redeployment," a debut collection of searching, satiric and often agonized stories by an Iraq war veteran, has won the National Book Award for fiction. Thu, 11/20
Theater review
‘All the Way’: A riveting portrayal of LBJ and his time
A commanding LBJ (played by Jack Willis) dominates Seattle playwright Robert Schenkkan’s rewarding “All the Way,” which chronicles the first year of Johnson’s nation-changing presidency. It plays at Seattle Rep through Jan. 4. Thu, 11/20
Movie review
‘Low Down’: An unsparing look at jazz, heroin, Hollywood
A 2.5-star (out of 4) review of “Low Down,” a slow tale adapted from a daughter’s memoir of her jazz-pianist dad and his destructive heroin habit. John Hawkes and Elle Fanning star. Thu, 11/20
Movie review
‘Force Majeure’: A marriage’s moment of truth
Movie review: In “Force Majeure,” a husband and wife reveal their true natures in a moment of crisis. Rating: three stars out of four.  Thu, 11/20
Holiday trees, markets and fests | Weekend Preview
Activities for the weekend of Nov. 21-23, 2014, include the Mercer Island Farmers Market Harvest Market and Yulefest at the Nordic Heritage Museum. Films opening include “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” and “Force Majeure.” Thu, 11/20
Jennifer Lawrence is ‘a mentor to me,’ says Willow Shields
Shields, 14, says Lawrence, who plays her older sister and heroine Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games” franchise, can relate to what it’s like to be a child actor. “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1” is new in theaters. Thu, 11/20
Judas Priest back in action | Concert preview
British heavy metal band Judas Priest looked all but finished four years ago, but with a new album and a new guitarist, the group’s back on the road. Lead singer Rob Halford talks about the band’s rejuvenation. Thu, 11/20
Multiple fractures for Bono in NY bicycle accident
An injury to U2 singer Bono after what was described by the group as a "cycling spill" left him with multiple fractures that required him to undergo two surgeries, a doctor said Wednesday. Thu, 11/20
Nov. 20 TV Picks: Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’
TV picks for Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, include “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC, “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS and “Parenthood” on NBC. Thu, 11/20
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre visits Seattle with ‘King Lear’
Joseph Marcell stars in one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies for two nights only at Seattle’s Moore Theatre.  Thu, 11/20
‘Billy Strayhorn Project’: Tribute to a great jazz composer
Tyrone Brown and the Nate Omdal Trio celebrate “Lush Life” composer Billy Strayhorn at Gay City in Seattle.  Thu, 11/20
Movie review
‘Through a Lens Darkly’ looks at race, black photographers
A review of “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People,” Thomas Allen Harris’ once-over-lightly documentary that explores the role of photography in shaping the social emergence of African Americans. Rating: 2.5 stars out of 4. Thu, 11/20
Weekend Highlight
Hot-spiced wine, teddy bears and gingerbread houses
Yulefest, Nov. 22-23, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle; Teddy Bear Suite, Nov. 23-Dec. 30, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle; Gingerbread Village, Sheraton Seattle Hotel. Thu, 11/20
Movie review
Movie bargains: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Boyhood,’ more
Here are some movie theaters offering discount ticket prices during the week of Nov. 21. Thu, 11/20
At a Theater Near You
Not hungry for ‘Mockingjay’? Here are art-house alternatives
If you’re not in the mood for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part I,” there are a few cinematic options around town, including “David Bowie is” and the Seattle Turkish Film Festival. Thu, 11/20

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Ciscoe Morris
Holiday cactuses: Getting them to bloom and grow fruit
Garden writer Ciscoe Morris on how to prompt a Thanksgiving or Christmas cactus to bloom and bear fruit. Thu, 11/20
New twists on Thanksgiving pies and treats
Recipes for Cowgirl Apple Pie, Salted Caramel-Swirled Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars, Cranberry Linzer Torte, Ultra-Creamy Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Pie and Fluffy Sweet Potato-Bourbon Pie with Gingered Whipped Cream and Toasted Pecans. Thu, 11/20
‘Booze Traveler’ shows how the world drinks
It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere for new Travel Channel series.  Thu, 11/20
Turtle-crossing road signs go up near Indiana wildlife area
The signs mark an area where turtles of various species are killed by vehicles as they try to cross a busy road on the northern edge of the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area. Thu, 11/20

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Travel & Outdoors

UPDATE - 01:51 AM
Thanksgiving getaway: 46.3 million to hit the road
The good news for Thanksgiving travelers: the price of gas is at five-year lows. The bad news: a lot more people will be on the road. Fri, 11/21

$148 monthly Asian air pass coming up
Air Asia to launch cheap-travel pass in January for flights to 10 Southeast Asian destinations.  Thu, 11/20

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Editorial: Explore ways to give the state Supreme Court more diversity
A proposal to add more geographic diversity to the state Supreme Court would benefit from more input before a final decision is made. Thu, 11/20
Thanh Tan / Times editorial columnist
The faces behind the sex trade in King County
Children fall victim to commercial sexual exploitation when they suffer from a chronic lack of stability and low self-esteem, writes editorial writer Thanh Tan.  Thu, 11/20
Guest: Fund the National Institutes of Health to fight infectious diseases
With health threats spreading over a more highly-connected world, the National Institutes of Health must be better funded, writes guest columnist Alan Aderem. Thu, 11/20

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