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Friday, October 24, 2014

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Local News

Serbian FA:|UEFA awards Serbia 3-0 win over Albania but deducts 3 points
Serbian FA:UEFA awards Serbia 3-0 win over Albania but deducts 3 points . Fri, 10/24
At KeyArena, they’re coming by the hundreds for free health care
At a free medical clinic at KeyArena, people begin lining up early to see more than 500 volunteer doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurses and other health professionals. Thu, 10/23

Billionaire Paul Allen pledges $100 million in Ebola fight
Microsoft co-founder and Seahawks owner Paul Allen pledged up to $100 million to fight Ebola in West Africa and urged others to follow suit. It’s believed to be the largest private gift yet to fight the disease. Thu, 10/23
Woman pleads not guilty to rape of man in Seattle
A 28-year-old Seattle woman entered a not-guilty plea Thursday to a second-degree-rape charge. Chantae Marie Gilman is accused of having sex with a man she didn’t know after somehow entering his residence and climbing on top of him while he slept. Thu, 10/23
‘It’s a relief,’ victim says, as alleged serial groper charged
A Level 3 sex offender whose face was broadcast across Twitter by the woman he allegedly groped is facing prosecution. Thu, 10/23
Garfield students, staff stage walkout over loss of a teacher
Students and teachers walked out of class at Garfield High School Thursday to protest a staff reshuffling that could leave the school with one less teacher. The district says Garfield did not meet its expected enrollment this year, and the teacher is needed elsewhere. Thu, 10/23
Sarah Stuteville
Looking at the plight and rise of undocumented immigrants
By increasing the visibility of undocumented immigrants, Americans will be forced to see the significant, even mainstream, contributions of this often-maligned population, says Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas, who “came out” as undocumented in 2011. Thu, 10/23
Religious dagger OK at Auburn elementary school
An Auburn School District official said Thursday that students and staff of the Sikh faith are permitted to wear ceremonial knives for religious reasons. Thu, 10/23
Work on Bertha’s repair pit halted after discovery of shells
The discovery of a deposit of shells Thursday halted the excavation of a repair vault for the tunnel machine known as Bertha. Thu, 10/23
Chat rewind: Talking transportation with Times reporter Mike Lindblom
Not being able to drive in the rain is not a viable excuse. Thu, 10/23
Collection of pictures of the wild weather in Washington state
Rain, hail and yes, a tornado. Thu, 10/23
Body found near White Center tied to earlier investigation
King County sheriff’s detectives looking for a missing woman found a female body near White Center Thursday in what was labeled a suspected homicide. Thu, 10/23
Inmate dies in Okanogan County Jail
A man who died at the Okanogan County jail was alone in a holding cell, coming off drugs. Thu, 10/23
Surveyors find skull in Lacey
A survey crew found what appears to be a skull in a wooded area of Lacey. Thu, 10/23
Philanthropist left $1M to Spokane Mayor Condon
Spokane Mayor David Condon inherited $1 million earlier this year from Spokane philanthropist Myrtle Woldson who died in April at the age of 104. Thu, 10/23
What’s with all the mysterious art on Denny Way?
All Rise, a 14-month rotating installation of public art on Denny Way in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, looks to engage passers-by. Thu, 10/23
Seattle sends warning letters to medical-pot shops
Hundreds of medical-marijuana businesses in Seattle have been sent warning letters saying they could be shut down. Thu, 10/23
Seattle preschool vote gains national attention
Seattle’s competing early childhood-education initiatives are drawing national interest. Thu, 10/23

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 03:31 AM
Canadians seek to understand Parliament shooting
Government leaders gathered in a show of resolution a day after a deadly attack on Canada's Parliament, as authorities and everyday Canadians sifted through confounding shards of the gunman's life seeking to understand what motivated the man to storm the nation's seat of power. Fri, 10/24

UPDATE - 05:26 AM
After 1st Ebola case in NYC, 3 others quarantined
A doctor who became New York City's first Ebola patient was praised for getting treatment immediately upon showing symptoms, and health officials stressed that the nation's most populous city need not fear his wide-ranging travel in the days before his illness began. Fri, 10/24
UPDATE - 03:29 AM
EU reaches deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions
European Union leaders agreed early Friday to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the 28-nation bloc to at least 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030. Fri, 10/24
UPDATE - 03:31 AM
Cloning whistle-blower: little change in S. Korea
The whistle-blower who exposed breakthrough cloning research as a devastating fake says South Korea is still dominated by the values that allowed science fraudster Hwang Woo-suk to become an almost untouchable national hero. Fri, 10/24
Failures in oversight worsened UNC academic fraud
An alarming lack of institutional oversight at the University of North Carolina allowed an academic fraud scandal to run unchecked for nearly two decades and has the school reeling from the scandal's fallout. Fri, 10/24
Swiss scientists determine comet's 'perfume'
Rotten eggs, horse urine, formaldehyde, bitter almonds, alcohol, vinegar and a hint of sweet ether. Fri, 10/24
1st Ebola case in W. African nation of Mali
Mali reported its first case of Ebola late Thursday, marking a major setback for West African efforts to contain the deadly virus that now has affected six countries in the region and left nearly 5,000 dead. Fri, 10/24
3rd spacewalk in 3 weeks at space station
Spacewalking astronauts doubled as trash men Wednesday, heaving an old science experiment and two antennas overboard at the International Space Station. Fri, 10/24
Dad: White House jumper has 'mental health' issues
The latest person to climb over the White House fence had the paranoid belief he was being watched by cameras and had previously been arrested at the executive mansion, his father said. Fri, 10/24
Solar flare knocks out some radio temporarily
Federal forecasters say a brief but strong solar flare Wednesday morning temporarily blacked out a few radio communication systems before weakening. Fri, 10/24
UPDATE - 03:31 AM
NKorea signals US must apologize to free detainees
After an American was released from North Korean custody, the attention has now focused on two other U.S. citizens still in its jails, and at least one North Korean legal expert has some unusual advice to offer: let Washington formally apologize to Pyongyang, and the country's leader will consider pardoning them. Fri, 10/24
Frank Mankiewicz, aide told world Robert Kennedy had died
Frank Mankiewicz grew up with an Algonquin West round table in his Beverly Hills household, regaled by movie stars, famous writers and comedians like the Marx Brothers. Thu, 10/23
Parliament honors sergeant-at-arms who stopped attack
 Thu, 10/23
Secret Service dogs hailed as heroes at the White House
Hurricane and Jordan, a pair of Secret Service dogs injured as they helped take down a White House fence jumper, emerged Thursday as furry stars for the beleaguered agency. Thu, 10/23
Ebola doctor’s neighbors: ‘A nice guy’ who works a lot
Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, has worked on projects in Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Thu, 10/23
Malaysian man crawls for 3 days after car smash
A Malaysian man seriously injured in a car accident crawled through jungle for three days before happening upon an isolated village, authorities said Friday. Thu, 10/23
Attacks continue after Nigeria’s truce with militants
The fate of 219 schoolgirls abducted in April from the town of Chibok remains unclear.  Thu, 10/23
Chicago cockroach drops in on city hall pest-control meeting
Large cockroach makes a timely entrance during hearing at Chicago City Hall. Thu, 10/23
Gitmo prisoners in protest over women guards
The Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, prisoners are Muslims, and their religious beliefs include a prohibition against physical contact with women who aren’t related to them.  Thu, 10/23
Noted examiner performs autopsy on St. Louis man
Dr. Cyril Wecht, who has investigated the deaths of President Kennedy, Elvis Presley and JonBenét Ramsey, conducted the autopsy at the request of Vonderrit Myers Jr.’s family. Thu, 10/23
Ebola: Why virus kills some, other people survive
People who shared an apartment with the country's first Ebola patient are emerging from quarantine healthy. And while Thomas Eric Duncan died and two U.S. nurses were infected caring for him, there are successes, too: A nurse infected in Spain has recovered, as have four American aid workers infected in West Africa. Even there, not everyone dies. Thu, 10/23
Coalition airstrikes in Syria killed over 500
U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in Syria have killed more than 500 people since they began last month, mainly Islamic militants, activists said Thursday, as fighting flared yet again in the northern Syrian border town of Kobani. Thu, 10/23
Driver attacked after ice cream truck kills boy
Neighborhood residents attacked the driver of an ice cream truck after it struck and killed a 7-year-old boy riding a motorized bike in South Los Angeles, authorities said. Thu, 10/23
Expert: Autopsy doesn't show if Brown went for gun
Michael Brown's official autopsy indicates he was shot in the hand at close range during a struggle, but a medical examiner not involved in the investigation says there's no way to conclude whether the injury meant the unarmed 18-year-old was trying to grab the gun of the officer who killed him. Thu, 10/23
For teen with passport, Syria trip can be seamless
The teenage sisters told their father they were staying home sick from their suburban Denver school. Instead, they took $2,000 and their passports and headed off for Syria with a 16-year-old friend. They made it as far as Germany before border guards detained them for questioning. Thu, 10/23
Man's ashes to be scattered in fireworks display
A Missouri funeral director is sending his father out with a bang. His father's ashes, anyway. Thu, 10/23
Prosecutors: Michigan girl meant to kill family
A 15-year-old suburban Detroit girl accused of stabbing her younger brother as part of a plot to kill her family so that she could run off with a 23-year-old man was ordered held on $1 million bond Thursday. Thu, 10/23
Rock paintings in national parks spark probe, anger
Eerie faces have been painted in parks across the West. The painter, who documented them on social media, could face felony charges.  Thu, 10/23
Headshot Truck takes actors’ portraits on the road
In a city where a head shot is an actor’s calling card, it used to be easy to get a studio-quality photo. But many of the traditional photo studios have closed, so Adam and Sylvia Hendershott decided to catch L.A.’s trendy truck wave — and carve out a niche for themselves in the he Thu, 10/23
Police: Hatchet-wielding suspect shot by officers
A hatchet-wielding man attacked a group of patrol officers in a busy commercial district in Queens on Thursday, injuring two before the other officers shot and killed him, New York City police said. A bystander was wounded in the gunfire. Thu, 10/23
AP-GfK Poll: Disapproval, doubt dominate on Ebola
Americans have at least some confidence that the U.S. health care system will prevent Ebola from spreading in this country but generally disapprove of the way President Barack Obama and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have handled the crisis so far. Thu, 10/23
Attacks in southwestern Pakistan kill 12 people
Attacks in Pakistan's troubled southwestern province of Baluchistan, including an assault on the country's beleaguered minority Shiites Muslims and a suicide bombing targeting a pro-Taliban cleric, killed 12 people on Thursday, police said. Thu, 10/23
Bank robber who bummed cigarette gets 10 years
A bank robber who stopped during his escape to bum a cigarette off a construction worker has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a federal judge in Pittsburgh. Thu, 10/23
Gary killings put spotlight on abandoned buildings
The two-bedroom home in Gary's Bungalow Heights area went up in the Roaring '20s, when the Indiana steel town was thriving and filled with prosperous subdivisions. By the time Anith Jones' body was found in its basement Saturday, the building was one of thousands of dilapidated, abandoned houses serving as havens for crime in cities like Detroit and Chicago that have battled neighborhoods in decline. Thu, 10/23

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Business & Technology

Zuckerberg speaks Chinese, Beijing students cheer
China may ban Facebook, but not its co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. The young billionaire delighted an audience of students at a prestigious Beijing university this week with a 30-minute chat in his recently learned Mandarin Chinese. Fri, 10/24
Comcast wins more Internet customers, ad sales up
Comcast Corp.'s third-quarter net income jumped 50 percent in the third quarter, helped by a one-time tax settlement, growth in Internet subscribers and fewer defectors from its cable service. Fri, 10/24
Early Apple computer sells for $905,000 at auction
A vintage Apple computer that was one of only 50 made in Steve Jobs' garage in 1976 sold for $905,000 at auction on Wednesday, far exceeding pre-sale estimates and outdoing a previous high price of more than $671,000 paid in Germany last year. Fri, 10/24
Enticing low rates, but impact could be limited
With mortgage rates sliding for a fifth straight week, the possibility of locking in a rate below 4 percent is tempting for consumers and could unleash a wave of refinancing. It may even convince some Americans to buy their first home. Fri, 10/24
Global stocks rattled by Ebola case in New York
Global stock markets retreated Friday as the first case of Ebola in New York overshadowed positive economic news. Fri, 10/24

Amazon’s stock tanks with weak earnings, holiday forecast
Shares in the Seattle online-retail giant slid nearly 11 percent in after-hours trading Thursday, to the lowest level since July 2013. Thu, 10/23
Microsoft results top forecasts, helped by cloud, consumer hardware
Microsoft handily beat Wall Street expectations in its fiscal first-quarter earnings, reported Thursday. Thu, 10/23
Alaska Air beats 3Q earnings expectations
Alaska Air Group Inc. (ALK) on Thursday reported third-quarter net income of $198 million. Thu, 10/23
Amgen will lay off 300 en route to next year’s shutdown
Almost half of the biotechnology giant’s 660 local employees face layoff by the end of 2015 as the company winds down its area operations; the rest are retiring, relocating or resigning, says a spokeswoman.  Thu, 10/23
Boeing sells manuals, charts to Iran Air under special license
Boeing’s quarterly filing Wednesday makes clear the deal was “authorized by a license from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control” and is “consistent with guidance from the U.S. Government.” Thu, 10/23
U.S. tech firm fined for underpaying workers from India
A company moving from Foster City, Calif., to Fremont, Calif., during a three-month period, used workers from Bangalore, India, for as many as 122 hours in a week without being paid overtime. As result, they received as little as $1.21 per hour, the U.S. Department of Labor found. Thu, 10/23
Looking for cheap airline ticket? Buy on Sunday
Airlines Reporting Corp., a major company which handles airline ticket sales for travel agencies, has issued new study of airline ticket purchases and prices.  Thu, 10/23
Amazon to refund Iowa customers over Prime subscription
Amazon and Amazon Services will give $122,000 in refunds and credits to Iowa customers.  Thu, 10/23
BofA to refund Apple Pay customers charged twice
Bank of America apologized Wednesday for a double-billing glitch that affected some customers who made purchases with Apple Pay, the new mobile payments service that Apple launched this week. Thu, 10/23
Fuel costs ease, US airline profits soar
Profits are soaring at the biggest U.S. airlines as fuel prices drop -- but don't expect fares to fall too. Thu, 10/23
Correction: Earns-McDonald's story
In an Oct. 21 story about McDonald's third-quarter earnings results, The Associated Press reported that a TV station in China showed one of the company's suppliers repackaging expired meat. The story should have said the station showed the supplier repackaging meat that was alleged to be expired. The claim has not been publicly confirmed by the government or the supplier. Thu, 10/23
Gauge of US economy posts solid 0.8 percent gain
A gauge designed to predict the economy's future health posted a solid increase in September after no gain in the previous month. Thu, 10/23
US jobless aid applications rise to 283,000
The number of people applying for U.S. unemployment benefits rose last week after falling to a 14-year low the previous week. Despite the increase, weekly applications remain at historically low levels that suggest hiring is gaining steam. Thu, 10/23
Amazon boosts AWS spending with new German data center
The online retail giant opens a massive data operation in Frankfurt as it ratchets up the cloud-computing arms race against such rivals as Microsoft and Google. Thu, 10/23
Online home broker Redfin acquires walkability data site
National real-estate brokerage Redfin has acquired Walk Score for an undisclosed sum, the two privately held Seattle companies announced Wednesday. Thu, 10/23

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Seahawks deny reports of a divided locker room
Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor denied reports of a division within the Seahawks players in the locker room. “There’s none at all,” Wilson said. “If anything, I think that we have continued to build.” Thu, 10/23

QB Jake Browning could give UW football a jolt
Quarterback Jake Browning has been setting high school records in California, and he has plans on enrolling in January at UW. Thu, 10/23
Sounders countdown to ‘biggest game in club history’
The Sounders and L.A. Galaxy will play Saturday at CenturyLink Field in the final regular-season game of the MLS season, with one team emerging with the Supporters’ Shield.  Thu, 10/23
UW men’s basketball picked sixth in Pac-12 preseason poll
Quite predictably, Washington is saddled with modest expectations at the start of the 2014-15 men’s basketball season while the forecast is dim at Washington State and Arizona is the near unanimous pick to repeat as regular-season champions.  Thu, 10/23
Young Cougars secondary is getting tested by stellar Pac-12 quarterbacks
It’s been a heart-stopping sort of season for Washington State fans as the Cougars weekly throw out one of the youngest secondaries around. Thu, 10/23
Broncos move to 6-1 with victory over Chargers
Emmanuel Sanders waited six long weeks to join the list of players who have caught a touchdown pass from Peyton Manning. Now, he has four in less than a week. Thu, 10/23
It’s World Series time but not many are watching
Baseball may be America’s national pastime, but it has never felt less national. Thu, 10/23
UW men’s soccer falters against UCLA in 2-1 loss
In a battle for the top spot in Pac-12 standings, UCLA was able to gain control with a 2-1 win against Washington on Thursday at Husky Soccer Field. Thu, 10/23
Rewind: UW football live chat
Huskies looking to rebound in a likely-to-be-soggy Husky Stadium. Thu, 10/23
Erik Compton, 3 others tied for the lead
Erik Compton is happy with where he is in golf, and he’s not referring to his 5-under 65 on Thursday for a share of the lead in the McGladrey Classic. Thu, 10/23
Ernie Kent brings energy to WSU men’s basketball
Since taking over at Washington State in April, new coach Ernie Kent underwent the monumental task of rebuilding the battered psyche of a men’s basketball program that’s finished in the bottom half of the Pac-12 the past six seasons. Thu, 10/23
Junior Ngauamo leads Kennedy Catholic past Foster, 49-0
Junior Ngauamo rushed for 167 yards and scored three touchdowns as 10th-ranked Kennedy Catholic defeated Foster, 49-0, in a Seamount league matchup Thursday night at Highline Memorial Stadium. Kennedy must now beat Hazen on Oct. 31 to clinch a playoff spot in Class 3A. Thu, 10/23
Oregon, Cal play first college game at Levi’s
Marcus Mariota hasn’t given much thought to being part of the first college football game played at Levi’s Stadium. Thu, 10/23
Receiver Mario Bailey, others inducted into Husky Hall of Fame
Bailey is third on the Huskies’ career receiving yards list with 2,093 yards. Thu, 10/23
Ryan Miller, Canucks thwart Blues
Ryan Miller was looking forward to his return to St. Louis with his new team, and the former Sabres and Blues goaltender made the most of it. Thu, 10/23
Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry
Vereen brothers put on the pads for this family feud
The NFL’s Vereen brothers — Patriots running back Shane, 25, and Bears safety Brock, 22 — will finally meet on a football field for the first time Sunday when Chicago visits New England, and family members will be in the stands to witness it. Thu, 10/23
Pac-12 men's basketball media day live updates
 Thu, 10/23
Jerry Brewer
Cassie Strickland brings intensity to UW volleyball
Cassie Strickland’s maturation is one of the most interesting stories on a team full of them. The Huskies are as balanced, as star laden and as well coached as any team in the country. Among the standouts is Strickland, who has made a successful transition from outside hitter to libero. Thu, 10/23
Why the Seahawks’ pass rush hasn’t been as good this season
The first pass rusher is still getting there with some consistency this season, but the Seahawks haven’t been nearly as good at getting a second or third guy around the quarterback. Thu, 10/23
On the Air
 Thu, 10/23
Steve Nash will miss season
Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash has been ruled out for the season because of a back injury, putting the two-time MVP’s career in doubt. Thu, 10/23
Thursday’s prep soccer results
Soccer results for Thursday, Oct. 23 Thu, 10/23
Thursday’s prep swimming results
Swimming results for Thursday, Oct. 23 Thu, 10/23
Thursday’s prep tennis results
Tennis results for Thursday, Oct. 23 Thu, 10/23

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Haunted houses, pumpkin patches: 20 fun Halloween happenings
A list of haunted houses, carnivals, pumpkin patches and corn mazes for Halloween fun in the Seattle area. Thu, 10/23
Restaurant review
Is Independent Pizzeria Seattle’s best pizza?
At The Independent Pizzeria in Madison Park, some of Seattle’s best pies are coming out of the oven. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
Seattle co-stars with Keira Knightley in likable ‘Laggies’
A review of Lynn Shelton’s “Laggies,” starring Keira Knightley as a young woman who doesn’t want to grow up. Rating: Three stars out of four. Thu, 10/23

Art review
Touchy, feely: Ann Hamilton’s wondrous exhibition at the Henry
A review of the haunting, thought-provoking museumwide exhibition “Ann Hamilton: the common SENSE,” at Henry Art Gallery through April 26, 2015. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘Dear White People’: a smart campus satire about race
A 3.5-star (out of 4) movie review of “Dear White People,” a smart, sexy satire that takes place at a university where it’s possible to minor in jive. Dennis Haysbert has a key role, but the movie belongs to the talented young actors who play the students. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘The Tale of the Princess Kaguya’: beautifully animated
A movie review of “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya”: This exquisitely drawn Japanese folk tale, directed by Studio Ghibli stalwart Isao Takahata, follows a foundling country girl who can’t shake a sense of being out of place. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘White Bird in a Blizzard’: Shailene Woodley takes wing
Shailene Woodley prepares to leave the teen-coming-of-age-movie nest with a compelling performance in “White Bird in a Blizzard,” which received 3.5 stars out of 4.  Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘Awake: The Life of Yogananda’: a reverential look at yoga guru
A two-star (out of four) movie review of “Awake: The Life of Yogananda,” a documentary on Paramahansa Yogananda, who imported yoga and meditation to the United States. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘Listen Up Philip’ is the film version of an annoying friend
“Listen Up Philip,” a tale of a frustrated novelist, grows as tiresome as its self-absorbed protagonist (played by Jason Schwartzman). 2 stars out of 4. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘Ouija’ calls on bland cast, makes boring moves
A movie review of “Ouija,” a dull dead-teenager horror flick based on the board game. It received one star out of four. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘Stonehearst Asylum’: Nevermore, please
A two-star (out of four) review of “Stonehearst Asylum,” a surprisingly dull take on one of Edgar Allan Poe’s creepy classics. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘The Good Lie’: Sudan’s ‘lost boys’ find their way in well-told tale
A three-star (out of four) movie review of “The Good Lie,” a tale that illuminates the experiences of the 20,000 “lost boys” (and girls) of Sudan. It focuses on three young men who make it out of the Kenyan refugee camps and land in Kansas. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
A cool, tidy ‘Blue Room’
A review of “The Blue Room,” a brief, taut thriller directed by Mathieu Amalric. Rating: Three stars out of four. Thu, 10/23
A toast to series finale of ‘Boardwalk Empire’
HBO’s Prohibition-era crime drama comes to an end after five seasons on Sunday, Oct. 26. Thu, 10/23
Back to the Beltway with Season 2 of ‘Alpha House’
New episodes of the series about lawmakers sharing a house in Washington, D.C., created by Garry Trudeau and starring John Goodman and Mark Consuelos, will be available on Amazon Instant Video Oct. 24. Thu, 10/23
Fine arts and crafts, and free comic books | Weekend Preview
Activities for the weekend of Oct. 24-26, 2014, include Best of the Northwest, Fall Art and Fine Craft Show, and Halloween ComicFest. Films opening include “Birdman,” “Laggies,” “The Good Lie” and “Dear White People.” Thu, 10/23
Oct. 23 TV Picks: ‘Project Runway’ season finale
TV picks for Thursday, Oct. 23, include “Project Runway” on Lifetime, “Scandal” on ABC and “Parenthood” on NBC. Thu, 10/23
Movie review
‘Swim Little Fish Swim’: Couple struggles to stay afloat
A movie review of “Swim Little Fish Swim”: This tale about young New York artsy types follows a mismatched couple who have a small child and nothing else in common. Thu, 10/23
At a Theater Near You
Silent ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and other scary flicks
Lots of things going bump in the night at Seattle-area theaters during the week of Oct. 24. Thu, 10/23
Movie bargains
Places to see discounted films in the Seattle area during the week of Oct. 24. Thu, 10/23

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Ciscoe Morris
A blizzard of new snowberry varieties
Garden writer Ciscoe Morris points native-plant gardeners toward new varieties of bird-friendly snowberry, and gives a shout-out to City Fruit, which gleans nutritious produce for needy people. Thu, 10/23
Plan for two meals at a time: Pot Roast in Foil and Rigatoni with Beef Ragu
The Pot Roast recipe is designed to provide leftover meat and pan juices to make Rigatoni With Beef Ragu.  Thu, 10/23
Dear Carolyn
Stopping teens from dating could backfire on friends’ relationship
Mama, just let go and see what happens. Thu, 10/23

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Travel & Outdoors

Here’s where to see spawning salmon in Western Washington
From the Cedar River to the newly free Elwha, witness the miracle of salmon migration  Thu, 10/23

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Guest: Proposition 1B wouldn’t help at-risk children
Seattle voters should reject City Hall’s narrow preschool experiment of Proposition 1B and support the more-comprehensive approach of Proposition 1A, writes guest columnist Rita Green. Thu, 10/23
Gail Collins / Syndicated columnist
What women want this election season
To rise to the level of hard-core pandering, a candidate has to float free of issues and waft into the ether of personal feelings, writes syndicated columnist Gail Collins. Thu, 10/23

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