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Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Local News

Salvation Army fills needy kids’ backpacks with food and hope | Fund For The Needy
The Fund For The Needy: The Salvation Army, one of the groups supported by the fund, says its motto is, “We just say, ‘Yes.’ ” Every Friday, it provides weekend food backpacks for 444 Renton elementary-school kids of the working poor. Wed, 11/26

Nicole Brodeur
Donor’s tender heart and generous spirit shine at holidays
Joe X. Mead didn’t seek attention for his longtime commitment to charity. Wed, 11/26
‘Exotic’ orcas visit inland waters in unprecedented numbers
A boom in seal and sea lion populations may be luring killer whales that normally prowl offshore and far to the south of Washington and British Columbia. Wed, 11/26
Paul Allen finances lawsuit targeting coal leasing on federal lands
The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is financing a lawsuit seeking to force the federal Bureau of Land Management to conduct a review of the effect of coal-leasing program on the global climate. Wed, 11/26
Jerry Large
We need to put more effort into closing our racial divides
Developments out of Ferguson, Mo., signal a need to understand and work on the country’s race problem. Wed, 11/26
Warrant issued after ex-Sonic Robert Swift misses court date
Robert Swift, the former first-round NBA draft choice, failed to appear in court Wednesday and a $20,000 bench warrant was issued.  Wed, 11/26
Protester had firearms, Seattle police chief says
Man who was arrested in Seattle’s Monday protest of the grand-jury decision in Ferguson, Mo., had a cache of weapons, said Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole. Wed, 11/26
Feds cancel permit for Idaho wolf-killing derby
Environmental groups have won the latest battle against a wolf- and coyote-shooting derby in Idaho, but a pro-hunting group says the contest will go on as planned early next year. Wed, 11/26
Mercer Island plan to add more commuter parking draws ire
Despite a longstanding lack of commuter parking spaces on Mercer Island, more than 400 residents are opposed to Sound Transit’s $6.3 million offer to build more spaces at the edge of a beloved waterfront park.  Wed, 11/26
Port slowdowns hurt Washington apple exports
The Washington apple industry is losing tens of millions of dollars weekly in sales because of the longshoremen's work slowdown at West Coast ports over contract negotiations. Wed, 11/26
Flooding temporarily closes Nisqually entrance of Mount Rainier
Officials at Mount Rainier National Park have temporarily closed park access at the Nisqually entrance because of flooding, but reopened Wednesday morning. Wed, 11/26

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Nation & World

Family: Boy's fatal shooting could have been avoided
The family of a 12-year-old boy fatally wounded by a Cleveland police officer said surveillance video of the shooting shows that if the officer had not acted so quickly the youngster would still be alive. Thu, 11/27
American among hostages targeted in Yemen raid
U.S operation forces took part in a rescue mission that freed eight hostages in a remote corner of Yemen, but a Yemeni official said Wednesday that it did not liberate five others, including an American journalist and a Briton who were moved elsewhere by their al-Qaida captors days before the raid. Thu, 11/27
British national among 5 killed in Afghan bombing
Afghanistan's Interior Ministry says a British national is among five people who were killed in a suicide attack on an embassy vehicle in the capital Kabul. Thu, 11/27
Cosby testimony describes accuser's spiked story
Bill Cosby testified under oath in 2005 that he gave the National Enquirer an exclusive interview about looming sexual-assault accusations by a Canadian woman against him in exchange for the tabloid spiking a second accuser's story. Thu, 11/27
Some in US illegally could get retirement benefits
Many immigrants in the United States illegally who apply for work permits under President Barack Obama's new executive actions would be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits upon reaching retirement age, according to the White House. Thu, 11/27
Presidents pick up the check for their meals
There's no free lunch -- or breakfast or dinner -- for President Barack Obama on Thanksgiving Day. Or any other day for that matter. Thu, 11/27
Snow makes Thanksgiving travel 'a little hairy'
A sloppy mix of rain and snow rolled into the Northeast on Wednesday just as millions of Americans began the big Thanksgiving getaway, grounding hundreds of flights and turning highways hazardous along the congested Washington-to-Boston corridor. Thu, 11/27

Hong Kong police arrest protesters, 7 officers
Hong Kong police arrested 11 more people in a second night of scuffles with demonstrators angry at having their 2-month-old pro-democracy protest camp in a volatile neighborhood shut down, officials said Thursday. Thu, 11/27
Protesters dwindle to small groups in Ferguson
The throngs of protesters who overran Ferguson after the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case dwindled to just a few small groups as people began cleaning up this battered community and seeking something closer to a normal routine. Thu, 11/27
Ship with 700 migrants safely towed to Greek coast
More than 700 people, mostly refugees from Syria, began disembarking Thursday on the Greek island of Crete after a harrowing journey on a smuggling ship that broke down in gale-force winds while trying to reach Europe. Thu, 11/27
Sierra Leone official: Ebola may have reached peak
The Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, which has been surging in recent weeks, may have reached its peak and could be on the verge of slowing down, Sierra Leone's information minister said Wednesday. Thu, 11/27
Man arrested; deputies say he aimed banana at them
A man is facing a felony menacing charge after two western Colorado sheriff's deputies say he pointed a banana at them and they thought it was a gun. Thu, 11/27
See Spot relax: Pet massage gaining popularity
Spa treatments don't stop with people. You won't see any aromatherapy candles around, but animals get massages, too, and it's become a regular service that many pet owners value as more than just glorified petting. Thu, 11/27
Spanish judge rules no crime in killing Ebola dog
A Spanish judge has ruled health authorities didn't commit a crime when they euthanized Excalibur, a dog that belonged to a nursing assistant who contracted Ebola last month. Thu, 11/27
EPA’s new ozone limit splits industry, environmentalists
The regulation, which would target smog caused by power plants and factories, particularly in the Midwest, is the latest in a series of Environmental Protection Agency controls on pollution that wafts from smokestacks and tailpipes. Wed, 11/26
Fired Canadian radio host charged with sexual assault, choking
Jian Ghomeshi was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of what authorities called “overcome resistance — choking,” Toronto police said in a statement. Wed, 11/26
Obama using Clean Air Act to craft bold environmental legacy
The Supreme Court could still overturn much of President Obama’s environmental legacy, although the justices have upheld the regulations in three significant cases. Wed, 11/26
Researchers find ‘pre-cancer’ warnings in blood
Having one of the mutations does not mean someone will develop a blood cancer, but it raises the risk of that more than tenfold. It also increases the chance of a heart attack or stroke, and of dying from any cause in the next four to eight years. Wed, 11/26
Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg gets heart stent at 81
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was expected back at work Monday, but her hospitalization raised anew the question of whether President Obama would be able to appoint a like-minded replacement. Wed, 11/26
Crew docks at International Space Station
A Soyuz capsule carrying three astronauts from Russia, the United States and Italy docked Monday with the International Space Station, less than six hours after launching from Russia's manned space facility in Kazakhstan. Wed, 11/26
In Ferguson, mundane choices lead to tragedy
The two friends' morning intersected by chance in the parking lot of the Canfield Green apartment complex. Dorian Johnson had been up since 7 a.m. on this overcast August Saturday and after getting dressed, he was ready for a smoke -- on any other morning a carefree ritual for easing into his day's routine in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Wed, 11/26
Autopsy suggests beheading victim fought back
An autopsy shows the woman who was beheaded at an Oklahoma food-processing plant apparently tried to fight off her attacker, who had a serrated cooking knife. Wed, 11/26
Ebola vaccine seems safe in first-stage testing
An experimental Ebola vaccine appears safe and triggered signs of immune protection in the first 20 volunteers to test it, U.S. researchers reported Wednesday. Wed, 11/26
Homeless man beaten to death in San Francisco
Police say they are looking for a group of "cowards" who beat a homeless man to death as he slept in an alley in downtown San Francisco. Wed, 11/26
In Britain, US turkey dinner is big for business
Plump turkeys in butcher shop windows. Harvest displays of pumpkin and corn. Sandwich boards describing groaning feasts. Wed, 11/26
China hit by second deadly mine blast in 2 days
At least 11 people were killed Thursday in the second deadly coal mine accident to hit China in two days, pointing to continuing safety issues in the industry despite a major decline in deaths among miners in recent years. Wed, 11/26
Once maligned, Iran's Jews find greater acceptance
More than a thousand people trekked across Iran this past week to visit a shrine in this ancient Persian city, a pilgrimage like many others in the Islamic Republic -- until you notice men there wearing yarmulkes. Wed, 11/26
2 FBI agents, police officer shot; suspect dead
A man who fatally shot his mother and wounded a suburban St. Louis police officer and two FBI agents is dead, authorities said Wednesday. Wed, 11/26
Be thankful you’re not flying in Russia (and pushing plane)
Passengers try to help move plane at airport near Arctic Circle after it gets stuck on tarmac amid the deep-freeze cold.  Wed, 11/26
Holiday sales don’t really make or break the economy
Americans are on track to spend $106 billion in the last two months of the year more than they would if these were any old months, not the $617 billion that the retailers’ association projects. Wed, 11/26
Obama: No excuse for violent, destructive protest
President Barack Obama sharply rebuked protesters Tuesday night for racially charged violence in Missouri, saying there was no excuse for burning buildings, torching cars and destroying other property after a grand jury declined to indict the white police officer who shot a black teenager. Wed, 11/26
Rare Shakespeare Folio discovered in French town
The accidental discovery in a small library in northern France of an original first folio of Shakespeare's plays has sent a jolt of excitement around the world of Shakespeare scholars. Wed, 11/26
Iconic Chinese liquor maker in graft probe
China's anti-corruption campaign has snared a top official at iconic state-owned liquor maker Moutai. Wed, 11/26
Man who fell from ceiling naked held without bail
A Boston man who police say fell naked through the ceiling of a women's bathroom at Boston's airport and then assaulted an elderly man has been ordered held without bail pending a hearing next week. Wed, 11/26
Impoverished Lebanese city is target for IS group
Jamal Hayak is finally fixing up his restaurant, damaged a month ago in clashes between the army and militants in this northern Lebanese city. But he has little doubt violence will erupt again, and he says he fears next time it will be Islamic State group fighters battling in Tripoli's streets. Wed, 11/26
Rickshaw research reveals extreme Delhi pollution
The three-wheeled rickshaw lurched through New Delhi's commuter-clogged streets with an American scientist and several air pollution monitors in the back seat. Car horns blared. A scrappy scooter buzzed by belching black smoke from its tailpipe. One of the monitors spiked. Wed, 11/26
British businesses ready with fixings for U.S. expats’ import: Thanksgiving
Britain doesn’t really have a holiday like Thanksgiving. But there are so many Americans in Britain these days that dozens of businesses have started selling the goods they need to celebrate. Wed, 11/26
U.S. threatens action against Japanese air-bag maker
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration threatened fines and legal action against Takata on Wednesday unless the company admits its driver’s air-bag inflators are defective and agrees to a nationwide recall. Wed, 11/26
Burgers are all the rage in Hong Kong
The past year has seen the opening of at least four gourmet burger joints in Hong Kong, some so popular there’s often an after-work mob or a 90-minute limit to occupy tables.  Wed, 11/26
Fitter Christie may reap political benefits
In a nation obsessed with weight, girth draws attention. And when anyone slims down at least 100 pounds, as the New Jersey governor and potential presidential candidate appears to have done, people want details. Wed, 11/26

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Business & Technology

World stocks drift as stimulus cues awaited
Share prices drifted Thursday but expectations for new stimulus in China and Europe helped to limit losses. Thu, 11/27

HP earnings show continued struggle
Hewlett-Packard Co.'s latest earnings report shows that despite three years of efforts to turn its business around, the venerable tech giant still has a lot more work ahead. Thu, 11/27
Agriculture-oriented drone firm moving to Seattle
A start-up that aims to equip flying drones so they can be used to improve agricultural yields is relocating from California, opening an office in Fremont and hiring a handful of software engineers. Wed, 11/26
Minnesota charity cuts ties with Value Village parent
True Friends, a charity that for six years has allowed the corporate parent of Value Village to collect donations of clothes and household items in its name, on Wednesday said it’s cutting ties with the company after the Minnesota attorney general strongly criticized its business practices. Wed, 11/26
Amazon cuts price of Fire Phone again
Amazon has slashed the price of its struggling Fire smartphone again, to $199 for an unlocked 32-gigabyte version with no contract. Wed, 11/26
US 30-year mortgage rates slip to 3.97 percent
Average U.S. long-term mortgage rates ticked down for the third straight week, a positive trend for potential homebuyers. Wed, 11/26
T-Mobile agrees to beef up speed info
While defending its practices, T-Mobile agreed to provide its customers more information about how it throttles and ways to test the service, the Federal Communications Commission announced.  Wed, 11/26
Ohio bill seeks extra retail pay on Thanksgiving
A lawmaker in Ohio wants stores in the state to pay triple wages for employees who work on Thanksgiving -- an effort that comes as Macy's, the holiday's quintessential retailer, is allowing its workers to choose whether to work that day. Wed, 11/26
US consumer sentiment rises for 4th straight month
Greater optimism about income growth and future spending pushed U.S. consumer sentiment to a fresh 7-year high in November. Wed, 11/26
US consumer spending up 0.2 percent in October
U.S. consumers spent modestly more in October, but the small uptick suggests that they're still wary of buying too much ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season. Wed, 11/26
US new home sales up 0.7 percent in October
Sales of new U.S. homes edged up modestly in October, led by a big jump in activity in the Midwest. Wed, 11/26
US pending home sales slip in October
The number of Americans signing contracts to buy homes fell slightly in October as tight credit and lagging wages remained financial hurdles for would-be homebuyers. Wed, 11/26

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Apple Cup: By the Numbers
 Thu, 11/27
Seahawks vs. 49ers: Old foes get reacquainted with Thanksgiving showdown
The venue will be new (Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.) but the opponent will be familiar for the Seahawks: The 49ers, who are also scrapping to get back to the playoffs.  Wed, 11/26

Marysville-Pilchuck gathers strength, support before semifinal showdown with Bellevue
The success of Marysville-Pilchuck’s football team has helped the community heal after the tragic shootings, but a six-time state champion awaits in the Class 3A state semifinals Friday at the Tacoma Dome.  Wed, 11/26
Sounders need to rev up their postseason scoring
This year’s Sounders scored more regular-season goals, 65, than any other team in club history but they have just one goal now in three playoff games. Wed, 11/26
UW men’s basketball gears up for Wooden Legacy tournament
The Washington men’s basketball team is riding a 3-0 start as it heads to California for three games in the Wooden Legacy this week. Wed, 11/26
Dallas’ Tony Romo gets another shot at Philadelphia
Tony Romo is eager for a shot at Philadelphia after missing the last game against the rival Eagles in last year’s finale. Wed, 11/26
Huskies volleyball team beats nation’s No. 1 team
In front of a big home crowd of 8,646, Washington beat Stanford in four sets. Wed, 11/26
No. 10 Gonzaga knocks off Georgia
Zags get career-best 32 points from Kyle Wiltjer to hand Georgia a 88-76 loss in the NIT Season Tip-Off in New York. Wed, 11/26
About the Seahawks opponent: The 49ers
About the Seahawks’ opponent, the 49ers. Wed, 11/26
At home at Washington State: Lineman Joe Dahl makes an impact
Dahl has started two years, including at the challenging left tackle position, where he hadn’t given up a sack until allowing one last week at Arizona State. Wed, 11/26
Cooper Helfet will miss Seahawks-49ers game
Seattle’s official injury report listed center Max Unger, linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis and Helfet as out and defensive tackle Demarcus Dobbs and CB Jeremy Lane (groin) as questionable. Everyone else was probable or better. Wed, 11/26
Cuban outfielder Yasmany Tomas near deal with Arizona
The outfielder reportedly is in the process of agreeing to a six-year, $68.5 million deal. Wed, 11/26
Huskies’ senior defensive linemen are four towers of power
Danny Shelton, Andrew Hudson, Evan Hudson and Hau’oli Kikaha have been as impressive as any defensive line in Husky history. Not only are they racking up quarterbacks sacks this season, but they are having a lot of fun, too. Wed, 11/26
Meet a Seahawk: Center Lemuel Jeanpierre
New Seahawks center Lemuel Jeanpierre Wed, 11/26
Plenty of good trout fishing available in western Washington lakes
Skip out on the post-turkey shopping madness, and take advantage of what should be some good trout fishing in many western Washington lakes. Wed, 11/26
Seahawks vs. 49ers: Keys to the game
Three keys to Thursday night’s Seahawks-49ers game. Wed, 11/26
Ski report: Mount Baker, Mission Ridge, 49 Degrees North open
Some Washington ski areas will be open this weekend.  Wed, 11/26
Portland wins ninth consecutive game
Wesley Matthews scores 28 to pace Trail Blazers to 105-97 victory over Charlotte. Wed, 11/26
TCU seeks respect, even in its own state
Fifth-ranked Horned Frogs need victory over Texas on Thursday to remain in College Football Playoff hunt. Wed, 11/26
SPU women’s basketball team improves to 5-0
The Falcons are undefeated as they head into next week’s start of the conference schedule. Wed, 11/26
On the Air
 Wed, 11/26
Staff picks
 Wed, 11/26

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Holiday parade, crafts, gift fair | Weekend Preview
Activities for the weekend of Nov. 28-30, 2014, include Seattle’s Holiday Parade, Magic in the Market, Greet the Season at Lake Union Park and Duwamish Native Holiday Gift Fair. Films opening include “Penguins of Madagascar” and “Horrible Bosses 2.”  Thu, 11/27
Nov. 27 TV Picks: ‘Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’
TV picks for Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014, include the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” on NBC, “Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular” on Fox and “Elementary” on CBS. Thu, 11/27
10 holiday stage shows to summon seasonal cheer
A gingery puppet show, two versions of “A Christmas Carol” and a holiday noir caper are among the new and notable holiday stage shows this year. Wed, 11/26
Best Thanksgiving movies? Here are 6 favorites to savor
“Pieces of April,” “Prisoners” and “Hannah and her Sisters” are among movie critic Moira Macdonald’s favorite movies set in the Thanksgiving season. Wed, 11/26

Art review
Big eyes and a big pile of detritus: Mr.’s ‘Japanese Neo-Pop’ at SAAM
A review of an enormous installation of trash — symbolizing the detritus left by the 2011 tsunami — and the brighter pieces of anime/manga by Japanese artist Mr., now on show at Seattle Asian Art Museum. Wed, 11/26
Theater review
‘King Lear’ lite, from Shakespeare’s Globe
A review of “King Lear,” presented for two nights only by Shakespeare’s Globe in Seattle Wed, 11/26
3,000 people donate to Ferguson’s public library
The Ferguson Municipal Public Library has been flooded with donations — tens of thousands of dollars — since Monday night’s rioting, thanks in part to the Twitter literati. Wed, 11/26
Weekend Highlight
Community calendar: festivals, fairs and more
A detailed, categorized calendar of events all over Seattle and Western Washington, Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2014. Wed, 11/26
NEW - 07:30 AM
Restaurant review
The Georgian: Sumptuous fare in ‘Downton Abbey’ luxury
Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero revisits The Georgian at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle. Thu, 11/27

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Ciscoe Morris
Q&A: leaves as mulch, frost protection
Garden writer Ciscoe Morris on using leaves as mulch and on protecting plants from cold weather. Thu, 11/27
NEW - 06:15 AM
Dear Carolyn
Girlfriend now says she’s ready to commit, but he worries
Columnist Carolyn Hax advises not rushing to propose. Thu, 11/27
Dear Carolyn
Significant other doesn’t want to spend holidays with my family
In longterm, partner needs to feel ready to share decisions with you. Wed, 11/26

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Travel & Outdoors

Rick Steves' Europe
Don’t be afraid of Naples
The Italian city is chaotic, crime-ridden but captivating and shouldn’t be missed, says European travel specialist Rick Steves. And, yes, get a pizza in the city where it originated.  Thu, 11/27
Virgin Hotels bucks trend, won’t have extra fees
New company opens its first hotel in Chicago in January with free Wi-Fi and business center services, unlike many other hotel chains which increasingly impose extra charges.  Thu, 11/27
Best Oregon Coast hike for kids? Try Sweet Creek
Waterfalls galore, and not a boring moment, on hike near Florence. Wed, 11/26
Reader's Lens
Milky Way over The Mountain
 Wed, 11/26
Fat bikes make tracks (on snow and sand and mud and...)
You just can’t stop them, Northwest devotees say. Wed, 11/26
Amsterdam tourists warned of deadly drug
Two British tourists found dead, likely from white heroin being passed off as cocaine.  Wed, 11/26

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Editorial: This Thanksgiving, be grateful and share
In a country of plenty, no family should go hungry. Yet, Americans throw out obscenely large amounts of uneaten food. This Thanksgiving, let nothing go to waste.  Wed, 11/26
Guest: My journey from an undocumented immigrant to Harvard Medical School
People should be grateful that President Obama is brightening the futures of thousands of children by finally acting on immigration reform, writes guest columnist Carlos Estrada Alamo. Wed, 11/26
When Italians meet turkey
Thanksgiving, with its focus on food and its veneration of plenty, is the ultimate occasion, the utmost license, our culinary id unbound, writes syndicated columnist Frank Bruni. Wed, 11/26

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