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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Local News

Seattle weighing new tax on builders for affordable housing
The Seattle City Council could consider a tax on new commercial and residential projects to create more affordable housing. Tue, 9/16
Danny Westneat
Metro finds room on the bus for some good news
Turns out Metro doesn’t have to cut the bus system as much as it once claimed. So maybe now we can get to what really needs to be done: expanding it. Tue, 9/16

‘No welfare for weed’ bill clears U.S. House
The measure, whose main sponsor is Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Auburn, would prevent people from using government-issued welfare debit cards to make purchases at stores that sell marijuana. Tue, 9/16
1,100 cyclists a day using Second Avenue bikeway
The new, separate bikeway on Second Avenue attracted 1,100 cyclists per day in its opening week, triple the number who used the previous bike lane alongside moving traffic, the Seattle Department of Transportation says. Tue, 9/16
Duvall officer, shot in leg, chased gunman despite wound
Duvall police Sgt. Michael DeBock didn’t let a gunshot wound stop him from chasing after the man who fired at him early Tuesday.  Tue, 9/16
In wildfire country, preparation provides edge for homeowners
A couple whose Entiat River Valley house survived the threat of a wildfire 20 years ago have increased fire protection for their property over the years, anticipating that another fire may come their way. Tue, 9/16
Oil-train-safety report: accident could be catastrophic for city
Emergency managers warn the Seattle City Council that an oil-train accident in the city’s century-old downtown rail tunnel “would be a catastrophe for our community in terms of risk to life, property and environment.” Tue, 9/16
Feds sue Corinthian Colleges, allege predatory lending
A for-profit education company that owns six Everest College campuses in Washington is under investigation for predatory lending practices.  Tue, 9/16
Feds sue Corinthian Colleges, alleging predatory lending
The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued Corinthian Colleges on Tuesday, alleging that the ailing California-based for-profit college operator deceived tens of thousands of students and operated an “illegal predatory lending scheme.” Tue, 9/16
Questions raised about Bristol Bay mine initiative
Questions were raised Tuesday about when the Legislature would have to get involved in authorizing a large-scale mine in the Bristol Bay region if a ballot initiative passes this November Tue, 9/16
Metro finance picture improves, so bus cuts may not be as bad
Improving finances mean cuts in King County Metro Transit service may not be as severe as once forecast. Tue, 9/16

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 12:18 PM
Emotions mount on final day of Scottish campaign
For Scots, Wednesday was a day of excitement, apprehension, and a flood of final appeals before a big decision. In a matter of hours, they will determine whether Scotland leaves the United Kingdom and becomes an independent state. Wed, 9/17

2014 MacArthur 'genius grant' winners unveiled
A professor whose research is helping a California police department improve its strained relationship with the black community and a lawyer who advocates for victims of domestic abuse are among the 21 winners of this year's MacArthur Foundation "genius grants." Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:16 PM
After making 'mistake,' Vikings bench RB Peterson
Hours after reversing course and benching Adrian Peterson indefinitely, Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said Wednesday that the team "made a mistake" in bringing back its superstar following his indictment on a felony child-abuse charge in Texas. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:20 PM
Combat troops in Iraq? Obama says firm 'no'
President Barack Obama reaffirmed Wednesday that he does not intend to send U.S. troops into combat against the Islamic State group, despite doubts about the ability of Iraqi forces, Kurdish fighters and Syrian rebels to carry out the ground fight on their own. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:23 PM
26 school districts stock up on free military gear
School police departments across the country have taken advantage of free military surplus gear, stocking up on mine resistant armored vehicles, grenade launchers and scores of M16 rifles. Wed, 9/17
Marijuana ad blitz battles stoner stereotypes
Tired of Cheech & Chong pot jokes and ominous anti-drug campaigns, the marijuana industry and activists are starting an ad blitz in Colorado aimed at promoting moderation and the safe consumption of pot. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:25 PM
Biden says 'Shylocks' was poor choice of words
Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday he used a poor choice of words when he referred to unscrupulous moneylenders as "Shylocks," and a prominent group that fights anti-Semitism called it a teachable moment about the harmful effects of stereotypes. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:18 PM
AP Interview: Iraq premier says no foreign troops
Iraq's prime minister strongly rejected the idea of the U.S. or other nations sending ground forces to his country to help fight the Islamic State group, saying Wednesday that foreign troops are "out of the question." Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:25 PM
Benghazi probe looks set to go deep in 2016 race
The Republican chairman of a special House panel on Benghazi charted a course Wednesday for his investigation to stretch deep into a 2016 presidential election that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton seems likely to enter. Wed, 9/17
NEW - 11:42 AM
Hazing skit gets Wyoming school staff in trouble
A skit at a Wyoming high school in which new staff members were hazed with sexually suggestive words and actions has resulted in disciplinary action against some employees, but no one has lost their job, school district officials said. Wed, 9/17
Natural gas alone isn’t magic weapon against climate change
Natural gas is no long-term fix in the effort to shield the world from the most severe effects of climate change or meet the difficult goal set by world leaders to keep global temperatures from rising no more than 2 degrees Celsius. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:24 PM
NYC police increase security in Times Square
Police stepped up security in Times Square on Wednesday amid concerns that the mounting hostilities between the United States and the Islamic State group could have repercussions on U.S. soil. Wed, 9/17
Top Saudi clerics issue edict against terrorism
Saudi Arabia's highest body of religious scholars issued a stern ruling on Wednesday calling terrorism a "heinous crime" and saying perpetrators including Islamic State militants deserve punishment in line with Islamic law. Wed, 9/17
U.S. man held for alleged attempt to swim to N.Korea
South Korean border guards arrested an American man who they believe was attempting to swim across a river to rival North Korea, a South Korean defense official said Wednesday. Wed, 9/17
Boeing wins role in next U.S. space chapter
NASA will pay longtime space company Boeing $4.2 billion and upstart SpaceX $2.6 billion to certify, test and fly their crew capsules on as many as six missions.  Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:18 PM
15 Syrian children die after getting vaccinations
At least 15 children died after receiving vaccinations in rebel-held parts of northwestern Syria, while the death toll from two days of government airstrikes on a central city climbed to nearly 50, a heavy toll even by the vicious standards of the country's civil war, activists said. Wed, 9/17
Anheuser-Busch, McDonald's voice NFL disapproval
Major sponsors including Anheuser-Busch are adding to the chorus of disapproval over the National Football League's recent scandals, but the companies are stopping short of pulling advertising. Wed, 9/17
APNewsBreak: 'Easy Rider' bike going to auction
The customized Captain America chopper Peter Fonda rode in "Easy Rider" has come to symbolize the counterculture of the 1960s. Now it's for sale. Wed, 9/17
Big break in ambush probe: suspect's abandoned SUV
Authorities say a heavily armed survivalist with a vendetta against law enforcement is the suspect in an ambush that killed one Pennsylvania State Police trooper and wounded another in a heavily forested region of northeastern Pennsylvania. Wed, 9/17
Chinese city creates cellphone sidewalk lane
Taking a cue from an American TV program, the Chinese city of Chongqing has created a smartphone sidewalk lane, offering a path for those too engrossed in messaging and tweeting to watch where they're going. Wed, 9/17
Doctors: Foul floodwaters sicken people in Kashmir
Doctors in the flood-ravaged Himalayan region of Kashmir said Wednesday that they were seeing outbreaks of gastroenteritis among people crowded into shelters after their homes were inundated two weeks ago. Wed, 9/17
Ebola survivor: No time to waste as Obama ups aid
An American doctor who survived Ebola said there's no time to waste as President Barack Obama outlined his plan to ramp up the U.S. response to the epidemic in West Africa. Wed, 9/17
Grand jury to weigh case of NASCAR's Tony Stewart
The decision whether to charge three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart in the August death of a fellow driver at a sprint car race in upstate New York will be up to a grand jury. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:24 PM
Lava flows from Philippine volcano; thousands flee
The Philippines' most active volcano has sent more huge lava fragments rolling down its slopes in an ongoing gentle eruption that has prompted authorities to evacuate thousands of villagers, officials said Wednesday. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:28 PM
NASA's Maven spacecraft reaches Mars this weekend
Mars, get ready for another visitor or two. Wed, 9/17
Nike suspends deal with Adrian Peterson
Nike has suspended its sponsorship deal with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson following child abuse allegations. Wed, 9/17
Tycoon buys 30 Rolls-Royces for Macau hotel
A Hong Kong tycoon has placed the biggest ever order for Rolls-Royce cars, agreeing to buy 30 Phantoms to chauffeur guests at a luxury resort he's building in the global gambling capital of Macau. Wed, 9/17
Union appeals Rice's indefinite suspension by NFL
The NFL players' union appealed Ray Rice's indefinite suspension Tuesday night. Wed, 9/17
Weakened Odile heads toward US; tourists evacuated
Mexico's government airlifted thousands of stranded tourists out of the hurricane-ravaged resort of Los Cabos, as a weakened Odile headed over the Gulf of California Wednesday on a path toward Arizona and a new storm loomed to the south. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:25 PM
Wary lawmakers ready to OK arms for Syrian rebels
Wary House lawmakers prepared to give President Barack Obama authority to arm and train Syrian rebels in the fight against Islamic State militants Wednesday as Iraq's new prime minister dismissed the notion that the struggle could lead to U.S. forces again fighting on the ground in his country. Wed, 9/17
New IS video warns US over Iraq deployment
The militant Islamic State group released a video warning the United States that its fighters are waiting for it in Iraq if President Barack Obama sends troops there, as his top general said may happen if the current strategy of airstrikes fails. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:26 PM
Fed increases estimate for key rate at end of 2015
Federal Reserve policymakers have slightly increased their estimate of what the Fed's benchmark interest rate should be at the end of 2015 compared with their estimate three months ago. Wed, 9/17
Airstrikes on central Syrian city kill some 50
Syrian government airstrikes killed some 50 people in an opposition-held city this week in bombing that apparently sought to target a rebel commander, activists said Wednesday. Wed, 9/17
Arizona gets ready for second Pacific storm blast
The remnants of Tropical Storm Odile barreled toward Arizona on Wednesday and threatened to swamp some areas with 5 inches of rain in the second blast of hurricane-related weather to hit the desert region in the last two weeks. Wed, 9/17
Congress: Safety agency mishandled GM recall
Both houses of Congress scolded the nation's highway safety agency Tuesday over its tardy handling of a deadly problem with General Motors cars, questioning whether it is competent to guarantee the safety of increasingly complex vehicles. Wed, 9/17
Excitement and relief in landmark Fiji election
There was excitement among thousands of voters and relief from the international community Wednesday as Fijians cast ballots in a landmark election they hope will end more than a quarter-century of political turmoil and eight years of autocratic rule. But democracy may not have much of a new look to it. Wed, 9/17
Fire damage to mill another blow to timber town
Besides destroying or damaging scores of homes and other structures, a fast-moving wildfire struck a blow at the economic vitals of this struggling Northern California timber town, knocking its last wood products mill offline for an undetermined amount of time. Wed, 9/17
No welfare for weed under House bill
The House passed a bill Tuesday night that could make it a little harder for people to use government welfare payments to buy marijuana in states where the drug is legal. Wed, 9/17
Obama: Ebola one day, extremist threat the next
Underscoring the multiple challenges facing his administration, President Barack Obama is consulting with military officials about the U.S. counterterrorism campaign against Islamic State militants, just a day after boosting the U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Wed, 9/17
Shelling in eastern Ukraine kills 2, wounds 3
Shelling in the rebel-held eastern Ukraine city of Donetsk killed two people Wednesday and wounded three others, municipal authorities said. Wed, 9/17
Taliban kill 6 Afghan policemen in ambush
A provincial security official says that Taliban fighters killed six Afghan policemen in an ambush in western Afghanistan. Wed, 9/17
Wary lawmakers ready to OK arms for Syrian rebels
Wary House lawmakers are on track to give President Barack Obama authority to order U.S. military training and arms for moderate rebels confronting the growing danger of Islamic State militants. Wed, 9/17
Weakened Odile heads over Mexico toward Arizona
Mexico's government airlifted thousands of stranded foreign tourists out of the hurricane-ravaged resort of Los Cabos, as a weakened Odile headed over the Gulf of California Wednesday on a path toward the U.S. state of Arizona. Wed, 9/17
What’s at stake in referendum on Scottish independence?
Here’s a look at the referendum on Scottish independence and related issues. Tue, 9/16
Al-Qaida’s heirs thrive in Mideast, Africa chaos
The number of extremist Sunni fighters more than doubled from 2010 to 2013 even though Osama bin Laden is dead and al-Qaida dispersed. Tue, 9/16
Carbon-capture technology works, but cost is still prohibitive
Carbon-capture technology is seen as key to reducing emissions from natural gas-fired power plants. Yet carbon capture is expensive, and developers largely have rejected using it in new or retrofitted plants.  Tue, 9/16
Landmark fracking study finds no water pollution
The final report from a landmark federal study on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, found no evidence that chemicals or brine water from the gas drilling process moved upward to contaminate drinking water at a site in western Pennsylvania. Tue, 9/16
Man drives across US, confesses to 1997 homicide
A cold case homicide has been solved after a man, apparently racked with guilt, drove across the country to confess killing an Arizona woman with a flashlight more than 15 years ago. Tue, 9/16
3 survive capsizing, make night swim to safety
A man with a broken leg, a 10-year-old boy and a boat owner were able to swim to safety after a wave capsized their 19-foot vessel off the west coast of Kauai. Tue, 9/16
Belgium grants jailed rapist, murderer euthanasia
A Belgian man convicted of murder and rape is being put to death. Yet the country doesn't have the death penalty. Confused? Authorities have granted a request for assisted suicide by the man, who says he's a menace to society and can't live knowing that. Tue, 9/16
CDC study: Americans' bellies are expanding fast
The number of American men and women with big-bellied, apple-shaped figures -- the most dangerous kind of obesity -- has climbed at a startling rate over the past decade, according to a government study. Tue, 9/16
Exploring 'graveyard of ships' near San Francisco
Federal researchers are exploring several underwater sites where ships sank while navigating in the treacherous waters west of San Francisco in the decades following the Gold Rush. Tue, 9/16
Lava flows from Philippine volcano; thousands flee
The Philippines' most active volcano has sent more huge lava fragments rolling down its slopes in an ongoing gentle eruption that has prompted authorities to evacuate thousands of villagers, officials said Wednesday. Tue, 9/16
Man accused of trying to aid Islamic State group
An upstate New York man accused of plotting to kill members of the U.S. military and others faces new charges that he tried to aid the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. Tue, 9/16
Mexico airlifts tourists after Hurricane Odile
The Mexican government began airlifting the first of tens of thousands of stranded tourists out of the hurricane-ravaged resort area of Los Cabos on Tuesday, as residents picked up the pieces of shattered, flooded homes. Tue, 9/16
More than 30 cattle die after Idaho big rig crash
Authorities in southwest Idaho say 33 cattle worth about $30,000 died after a tractor-trailer flipped onto its side. Tue, 9/16
Nik Wallenda to tightrope walk over Chicago River
Daredevil Nik Wallenda said Tuesday that his next tightrope walk will be more than 50 stories high from one high-rise building to another over the Chicago River. Tue, 9/16
Poverty rate drops for the first time since 2006
The poverty rate in the United States has dropped for the first time since 2006, bringing a bit of encouraging news about the nation's economy as President Barack Obama and Congress gear up for midterm elections. Tue, 9/16
Probe: website must boost security, the health insurance website serving more than 5 million Americans, has significant security flaws that put users' personal information at risk, nonpartisan congressional investigators have concluded. Tue, 9/16
School bus driver killed during safety drill
An Ohio school bus driver is being hailed as a hero after tossing a child out of the way of a rolling bus Tuesday morning before the vehicle rolled over the driver herself and she was killed. Tue, 9/16
Scientists' colossal squid exam a kraken good show
It was a calm morning in Antarctica's remote Ross Sea, during the season when the sun never sets, when Capt. John Bennett and his crew hauled up a creature with tentacles like fire hoses and eyes like dinner plates from a mile below the surface. Tue, 9/16
Teen critical from stun gun; FBI investigates case
Doctors were trying Tuesday to awaken a suburban Kansas City teenager who was put in a medically induced coma after a police officer critically injured him with a stun gun in an incident the FBI is investigating. Tue, 9/16
Tracing the rise of Ebola in West Africa
Since the Ebola outbreak first emerged in West Africa, The Associated Press has been reporting on it. A timeline compiled from AP dispatches since March shows the dreaded disease being identified in a remote part of Guinea and then spreading to another country and then two more nations with authorities being alternately alarmed or confident. Tue, 9/16
US airstrikes target Islamic militants in Iraq
The Defense Department says the U.S. military on Tuesday pressed its expanded campaign against Islamic State militants with five airstrikes across Iraq. Tue, 9/16
US CEOs less optimistic about hiring, spending
Optimism among chief executives at the largest U.S. companies fell in the July-September quarter after reaching a two-year high in the previous quarter. Tue, 9/16

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Business & Technology

UPDATE - 10:27 AM
State’s unemployment steady, but local rate edges up
The statewide unemployment rate in August was 5.6 percent, the same as in July, but the rate for the Seattle/Bellevue/Everett area increased slightly to 4.8 percent. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:28 PM
Fed signals plan to keep key rate at record low
The Federal Reserve signaled Wednesday that it plans to keep a key interest rate at a record low for a considerable period because a broad range of U.S. economic measures remain subpar. Wed, 9/17

UPDATE - 12:26 PM
Stocks rise after Fed stays put on rates
U.S. stocks marched higher Wednesday afternoon after the Federal Reserve gave investors some clarity by deciding to keep a key interest rate at a record low. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:26 PM
Alibaba post-IPO structure gives insiders control
Control over Alibaba Group will stay in the hands of founder Jack Ma and other company veterans after the Chinese e-commerce giant goes public on the New York Stock Exchange in a record busting share sale. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 11:56 AM
Family Dollar opposes Dollar General overture
Family Dollar has told shareholders to reject an unsolicited, $9.1 billion takeover bid from its rival, Dollar General. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:26 PM
FedEx to add 50,000 seasonal jobs
Growth in online shopping is boosting profit at FedEx, and the company plans to hire more than 50,000 extra workers to handle what is shaping up as another record year for holiday-season package deliveries. Wed, 9/17
Financial markets awaiting any Fed signal on rates
Financial markets are awaiting the end of a Federal Reserve meeting Wednesday to see whether the Fed sends any clearer signal about the timing of an interest rate increase. Wed, 9/17
Self-driving cars now need a permit in California
Computer-driven cars have been testing their skills on California roads for more than four years -- but until now, the Department of Motor Vehicles wasn't sure just how many were rolling around. Wed, 9/17
Alibaba risk: China's rise leaves out investors
American investors are clamoring to buy a stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which is launching what may prove the biggest initial public stock offering ever. Wed, 9/17
World stocks mostly higher ahead of Fed statement
World stock markets were mostly higher Wednesday, buoyed by hopes that the Federal Reserve will not speed up plans to raise interest rates and reports that China is providing extra liquidity to major state banks. Wed, 9/17
Alibaba raises IPO price range on strong demand
Alibaba now plans to raise up to $25.03 billion in its upcoming IPO, making what was expected to be the biggest stock market debut even bigger. Wed, 9/17
Kohl's holiday hiring to rise 15 pct
Kohl's Corp. plans to hire more than 67,000 seasonal workers nationwide for the holiday shopping season, which the company said is a 15 percent increase over last year. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:26 PM
US consumer prices fall 0.2 percent in August
U.S. consumer prices edged down in August, the first monthly drop since the spring of 2013, as gasoline, airline tickets and clothing prices all fell. It was the latest evidence that inflation remains under control. Wed, 9/17
US current account deficit dips to $98.5 billion
The U.S. current account trade deficit narrowed slightly in the April-June quarter, reflecting gains in exports of oil and civilian aircraft and a bigger surplus in Americans' overseas investment earnings. Wed, 9/17
UPDATE - 12:26 PM
US homebuilder confidence soars in September
U.S. homebuilders' confidence in the market for new, single-family homes surged this month to the highest level in nearly nine years. Wed, 9/17
NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronauts
NASA is a giant step closer to launching Americans again from U.S. soil. Wed, 9/17
2 to retire from Microsoft board; more layoff notices coming
Microsoft’s board is losing two members and gaining two in the latest round of changes for a board that has seen some major shifts this year. The company is also reportedly announcing its second round of job cuts Thursday.  Tue, 9/16
New Jersey loses 4th casino as Trump Plaza closes
Beset by crushing debt, fleeing customers and run-down facilities, Trump Plaza on Tuesday became the fourth casino in Atlantic City to shut down this year. Tue, 9/16
Apple releases tool to remove free U2 album
Some iPhone users are not happy that U2's new album, "Songs of Innocence," was automatically added to their iTunes music library, free of charge. In response, Apple has released a special tool that lets people remove the album from their collections. Tue, 9/16
US producer prices unchanged in August
A measure of prices that producers receive for their goods and services was unchanged in August, the latest sign that inflation is in check. Tue, 9/16
UPS expects to hire up to 95,000 seasonal workers
UPS plans to hire up to 95,000 workers to help deliver packages during the busy holiday season -- an increase from last year, when the company was caught unprepared for a boom in online shopping. Tue, 9/16
Former dentist takes cue from lifelong passion for pool
A former dentist fulfills his dream of owning a high-end pool hall in Bellevue and expands the Parlor Billiards in Seattle.  Tue, 9/16

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Mariners unleash fireworks in 13-2 victory
Seattle gets to Angels for 10 runs in fifth and sixth innings, moves one game behind Kansas City for second wild card.  Tue, 9/16

Inside Sports Business
NFL will have to work to salvage reputation after recent scandals
Public confidence in the NFL has taken some big hits in recent weeks, and commissioner Roger Goodell would be wise not to ignore the potential damage.  Tue, 9/16
Pass rush from defensive line is key for Seahawks
The Seahawks want to put pressure on the quarterback without blitzing. They weren’t able to get to San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers often on Sunday and now face another QB who gets rid of the ball quickly, Denver’s Peyton Manning on Sunday.  Tue, 9/16
Sounders win 4th U.S. Open Cup
Dempsey-Martins duo connects twice in overtime as Seattle beats host Philadelphia, 3-1. Tue, 9/16
Vikings tell Adrian Peterson to stay away
The Minnesota Vikings have placed standout running back Adrian Peterson on the exempt/commissioner’s permission list, a move that will require him to stay away from the team while he addresses child-abuse charges. Tue, 9/16
Why the Huskies, and most of college football, buried the fullback
The Huskies have joined most of college football in phasing out one of football’s toughest positions as offenses push for more passing. But not everyone is happy about it.  Tue, 9/16
6-11 center Robert Upshaw looks on track to play UW basketball this season
Transfer from Fresno State, whose status had appeared in doubt, is taking part in team activies with Huskies. Tue, 9/16
Bud Withers
Backup quarterbacks could play key roles in Pac-12
Star quarterbacks at UCLA and Arizona State have gone down with injuries, putting the pressure on backups. The Bruins and Sun Devils both say they have players capable of taking over.  Tue, 9/16
Baltimore seals first division title since ’97
Orioles win for ninth time in 10 games to clinch AL East. Tue, 9/16
A tale of two halves for Denver
The Broncos have scored 45 points in the first half, but penalties, mistakes have limited them to just 10 points in the second half. Tue, 9/16
Atlanta mayor: Talked to 6 possible Hawks owners
Mayor Kasim Reed said Tuesday he has already talked with six potential buyers of the Atlanta Hawks and expects a sale of the team to move quickly after racially charged comments by owner Bruce Levenson and general manager Danny Ferry. Tue, 9/16
Billy Horschel’s victory raises Ryder Cup questions
These questions will follow U.S. captain Tom Watson and team to Gleneagles in Scotland next week for the Ryder Cup: Does he wish he could have FedEx Cup champion Billy Horschel on his team? Should the deadline to make his three selections have been pushed back? Tue, 9/16
CBS: Rihanna out of NFL telecast
CBS and Rihanna are splitting up, more fallout from the Ray Rice domestic violence incident and the turmoil it has caused for the NFL. Tue, 9/16
Felix Hernandez nominated for Roberto Clemente Award
Ace selected as Seattle representative for award, which recognizes sportsmanship and community involvement. Tue, 9/16
Huskies will play first game against ex-coach Steve Sarkisian on Oct. 8, 2015
UW will play three weekday games next year, including the season opener at Boise State, as previously announced. The Apple Cup will once again be played the day after Thanksgiving, on Nov. 27, 2015.  Tue, 9/16
Matt Pentz’s power rankings
Matt Pentz ranks the Major League Soccer teams. Tue, 9/16
Quarterbacks to be in spotlight when No. 5 Auburn visits No. 20 Kansas State
No. 20 Kansas State hosts fifth-ranked Auburn on Thursday night. Kansas State coach Bill Snyder aggressively recruited Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall, who played junior-college ball in Kansas. Tue, 9/16
Real Madrid romps in its Champions League opener
Real Madrid of Spain started the defense of its UEFA Champions League title with an emphatic 5-1 victory over visiting FC Basel of Switzerland. Tue, 9/16
Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry
Russell Wilson would be a first-round pick in this league
Are you ready for some twisted fantasy football?“Take each team’s 53-man roster,” suggested Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, “and then subtract every player who is currently or formerly suspended, who has ever been arrested or indicted, or who has ever had to delete an embarras Tue, 9/16
Seattle U volleyball rallies past Eastern Washington
The Redhawks are led by Martina Samadan and Iris Ivanis in 3-2 victory. Tue, 9/16
Grand jury to weigh case of NASCAR’s Tony Stewart
The decision whether to charge three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart in the August death of a fellow driver at a sprint-car race in upstate New York will be up to a grand jury. Tue, 9/16
Live chat with former Seahawk Bob Newton
 Tue, 9/16
On the Air
 Tue, 9/16
Tuesday’s prep cross country results
Cross country results for Tuesday, Sept. 16 Tue, 9/16
Monday’s prep golf results
Golf results for Monday, Sept. 15 Tue, 9/16
Tuesday’s prep golf results
Golf results for Tuesday, Sept. 16 Tue, 9/16

 Tue, 9/16
Monday’s prep water polo results
Water polo results for Monday, Sept. 15 Tue, 9/16
Tuesday’s prep swimming results
Swimming results for Tuesday, Sept. 16 Tue, 9/16
Tuesday’s prep tennis results
Tennis results for Tuesday, Sept. 16 Tue, 9/16

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Sept. 17 TV Picks: Octavia Spencer in ‘Red Band Society’
TV picks for Tuesday, Sept. 17, include the season premiere of “Red Band Society” on Fox, “America’s Got Talent” on NBC and “Extant” on CBS. Wed, 9/17
Movie review
This ‘Guest’ would be way out of place at Downton Abbey
A review of “The Guest,” starring Dan Stevens (of “Downton Abbey” fame). Three stars out of a possible four. Tue, 9/16

Q&A: Scott Bakula leaps into ‘NCIS: New Orleans’
The actor talks about joining big franchises, playing a character based on a real person and Louisiana summers. “NCIS: New Orleans” premieres Sept. 23 on CBS.  Tue, 9/16

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UPDATE - 12:21 PM
Using your freezer to preserve summer’s produce bounty
From purées to pestos, there are many ways to revisit summer flavors deep into fall and winter. Wed, 9/17

NEW - 06:15 AM
Dear Carolyn
Mom has to step to the sidelines in bride’s wedding decision
 Wed, 9/17

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Travel & Outdoors

Disney World hot for “Frozen”
New attraction under construction is inspired by the wildly popular film.  Wed, 9/17

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Editorial: The Times recommends David Frockt and Jessyn Farrell in 46th Legislative District
State Sen. David Frockt and state Rep. Jessyn Farrell, both Democrats, are strong candidates and deserving of re-election in the 46th Legislative District.  Tue, 9/16
UPDATE - 11:16 AM
Guest: Why a WSU medical school would not address doctor shortage in rural areas
Building a new medical school in Spokane would not address the doctor shortage in rural areas of Washington, writes guest columnist Robert P. Gibb. Tue, 9/16
Froma Harrop / Syndicated columnist
How not to get your country back
The America of yore did not build its middle class by slashing taxes, shrinking government and keeping labor as cheap as possible, writes syndicated columnist Froma Harrop. Tue, 9/16

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