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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Local News

UPDATE - 10:05 PM
After breakdown, 2 ferries for Bainbridge, just 1 for Kingston
Ferry managers will be shuffling their fleet Wednesday morning after a power outage caused the ferry Tacoma to stall off Bainbridge Island. Tue, 7/29
Changing sea chemistry will hit Alaska communities hard
Seattle scientists say rising carbon dioxide will alter ocean pH and reduce seafood, affecting areas where people rely on the sea for their food and livelihood. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 09:38 PM
Facing budget crunch, health chief quits to make way for new leadership
Dr. David Fleming, director of Public Health — Seattle & King County who pushed boundaries of traditional public-health work, is stepping down, citing the need for long-term leadership.  Tue, 7/29
Parks Department takes heat over shutting beach showers
The shut-off came after Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) this month cited pollution discharges to Puget Sound from an outdoor shower at the Alki Beach Bathhouse as well as the divers shower and fish-cleaning table at Seacrest Park.  Tue, 7/29
Seattle man charged in shooting of Bank of America guard
A 24-year-old Seattle man has been charged with first-degree assault with a firearm in connection with the shooting of a bank security guard last week. Tue, 7/29
Stubborn concrete slows work on Bertha’s repair by a month
It’s taking longer than expected to dig a hole to fix Highway 99 tunnel-machine Bertha. But managers still expect Bertha to be repaired by March. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:28 PM
Truth Needle: Park-district opponents overstate tax claims
Opponents of a Metro Park Board for Seattle say the measure would increase property taxes 20 percent, but the math doesn’t add up.  Tue, 7/29

Jewish group says gun remarks ‘idiotic, simplistic and wrong’
Comments reportedly made by a longtime NRA lobbyist linking the Holocaust and a gun-control ballot measure are offensive, “simplistic and just plain wrong,” says the leader of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.  Tue, 7/29
Kent woman released before trial on terrorism charges
A Seattle woman accused of helping fund the terrorist group al-Shabab was released from custody, over objections of the prosecutor, who said the woman had praised the group’s suicide attacks in Somalia.  Tue, 7/29
NLRB ties McDonald’s to labor complaints against franchisees
The National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel determined that McDonald’s has joint responsibility with restaurant owners over how employees are treated, a decision that shakes up the decades-old fast-food franchise system and hands a victory to union activists. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 09:29 PM
Police seek vandals who struck Gas Works Park with graffiti
Seattle police are trying to identify those responsible for nearly $8,000 worth of damage in a graffiti spree at Gas Works Park on Monday night. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 09:16 PM
SeaTac burglary suspect shot by deputy, another escapes
A burglary suspect was shot and wounded by a King County sheriff’s deputy on Tuesday as he and another man left a SeaTac house. Tue, 7/29
Wildfire burnout canceled because of high winds
A planned burnout operation in the Carlton complex fire had to be canceled Tuesday because of erratic winds. The fire was two-thirds contained Tuesday, officials said. Tue, 7/29
NEW - 09:43 PM
Oregon Islamic charity pleads guilty to tax fraud
An Oregon-based Islamic charity has pleaded guilty to tax fraud after its leader was cleared last year in a terrorism case. Tue, 7/29
NEW - 09:17 PM
U.S. sues ex-Alaska man over liens against federal workers
After a former Alaska man filed $950 million in bogus liens against federal employees of the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Attorney’s Office there has filed suit to stop him. Tue, 7/29
Jewish group calls for resignation of gun lobbyist
The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday morning calling for the resignation of a gun lobbyist who reportedly made inflammatory remarks referencing the Holocaust. Tue, 7/29

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Broken water main floods UCLA; 5 people rescued
A broken water main near the UCLA campus Tuesday sent a geyser of water some 30 feet into the air, trapping people in underground parking garages and covering some of the best-known parts of campus in water, including the school's famed basketball arena. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Shells hit UN school in Gaza, kill 15
Several Israeli tank shells slammed into a crowded U.N. school used as shelter for refugees in the Gaza war early on Wednesday, killing at least 15 people and wounding 90, a Palestinian health official and a U.N. official said. Tue, 7/29

UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Billions of GI Bill funds go to for-profit schools
Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have flocked to for-profit colleges, including a troubled chain that is closing or selling its campuses amid a series of federal and state investigations. Tue, 7/29
Liberians in US worry about Ebola outbreak
An outbreak of Ebola in West Africa may seem like a distant threat to many Americans, but it is causing some to cancel travel plans and stirring fear in Minnesota, which has the largest Liberian immigrant population in the United States. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Processing issue delays bar exam submissions
Testing software provider ExamSoft Worldwide Inc. says a processing issue has caused a delay for some bar exam takers in multiple states in submitting their answers. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:27 PM
US appeals court blocks Mississippi abortion law
Mississippi's effort to close its last abortion clinic was overturned in federal appellate court on Tuesday. Advocates for the law said women with unwanted pregnancies could always travel to other states, but the judges said every state must guarantee constitutional rights, including abortion. Tue, 7/29
Study: 35 percent in US facing debt collectors
More than 35 percent of Americans have debts and unpaid bills that have been reported to collection agencies, according to a study released Tuesday by the Urban Institute. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:14 PM
5 food writers subpoenaed in 'pink slime' lawsuit
Several food writers, including a New York Times reporter, have been subpoenaed by a meat producer as part of its $1.2 billion defamation lawsuit against ABC in regards to the network's coverage of a beef product dubbed "pink slime" by critics. Tue, 7/29
Airline suspends flights after passenger dies of Ebola
Police officers deployed to Liberia's international airport to ensure passengers are screened for Ebola symptoms as a major regional airline announced Tuesday it was suspending flights to the cities hardest hit by an outbreak that has killed more than 670 people. Tue, 7/29
Australian airline passengers told to flush drugs
An Australian airline apologized on Wednesday for a warning a flight attendant gave passengers who might have been flying high that there were drug-sniffer dogs awaiting them at Sydney airport. Tue, 7/29
Doctor who contracted Ebola in grave condition
Kent Brantly always wanted to be a medical missionary, and he took the work seriously, spending months treating a steady stream of patients with Ebola in Liberia. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:19 PM
Elegant Louvre Garden in Paris infested with rats
Rats are on the rampage in the elegant garden of the Louvre Museum, so bold they romp on the grass in broad daylight, defying death threats from sanitation workers and scaring tourists. Tue, 7/29
Ex-governor's corruption trial focuses on marriage
The corruption trial for ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife plunged Tuesday into the sordid details of the couple's marriage and the former first lady's "crush" on a businessman who, according to prosecutors, lavished them with gifts and cash in exchange for promoting his company. Tue, 7/29
Motion filed to dismiss penis amputation suit
An attorney for two Alabama doctors accused in a lawsuit of amputating a man's penis in what was supposed to have been a routine circumcision filed a motion Tuesday seeking to dismiss the claims. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:22 PM
OKCupid, Facebook not alone in studying consumers
Think you're in control? Think again. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:17 PM
PG&E charged with obstruction over San Bruno blast
A federal grand jury charged Pacific Gas & Electric on Tuesday with lying to federal investigators in connection with a fatal pipeline explosion that killed eight people and leveled a suburban Northern California neighborhood in 2010. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:17 PM
Small cars fare poorly in crash tests
The four-door Mini Cooper Countryman was the only one of 12 cars to earn a top rating of "good" in new frontal crash tests. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:27 PM
West seeks to inflict more economic pain on Russia
Citing Russia's stalled growth rate and a flow of foreign capital out of Moscow, U.S. and European officials hope a new round of sanctions targeting energy and defense entities, as well as major banks, will deepen Russia's economic pain even further and force President Vladimir Putin to end provocations in Ukraine. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:19 PM
Activists want gay rights on Africa summit agenda
Human rights and gay rights activists on Tuesday urged President Barack Obama to ensure that the issue of anti-gay discrimination in Africa is on the agenda at next week's summit in Washington with more than 40 African leaders. Tue, 7/29
Texas: Gay-marriage ban best for children
Texas' ban on same-sex marriage allows the state to promote the birth and upbringing of children in "stable, lasting relationships," the state's attorney general argued Tuesday while asking a federal appeals court to reinstate the ban. Tue, 7/29
Alabama man pleads not guilty in kitten killings
An Alabama man accused of killing kittens he found on a website pleaded not guilty to animal cruelty Tuesday and received a court-appointed lawyer to defend him during a trial set for later this year. Tue, 7/29
New Hampshire man held on $1M in teen's kidnapping
A New Hampshire man charged with kidnapping a teenage girl nine months ago was ordered held on $1 million bail Tuesday as the girl watched from the front row of the courtroom. Tue, 7/29
Woman forgives husband who left son in hot car
A Connecticut woman whose 15-month-old son died this month after her husband left him in a car on a hot day said Tuesday he's an amazing father and she forgives him. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:17 PM
Last crew member of Enola Gay dies in Georgia
The last surviving member of the crew that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, hastening the end of World War II and forcing the world into the atomic age, has died in Georgia. Tue, 7/29
Dad accidentally delivers baby into toilet
A Connecticut baby has arrived with a splash, right into a toilet bowl. Tue, 7/29
Boehner calls impeachment talk Democratic 'scam'
House Speaker John Boehner (BAY'nuhr) says the House has no plans to impeach President Barack Obama. He says talk of impeachment is all a scam by Democrats at the White House. Tue, 7/29
Despite good news, Social Security, Medicare face problems
Despite some good news, Medicare and Social Security still face long-term financial problems as millions of baby boomers reach retirement. Social Security's disability program is already in crisis as it edges toward the brink of insolvency. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:17 PM
Jury awards Ventura $1.8M in defamation case
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura won $1.8 million Tuesday in his two-year fight to prove he was defamed by a military sniper and best-selling author who claimed to have punched out Ventura at a bar for bad-mouthing the Navy SEALs. Tue, 7/29
Obama considers work permits for millions here illegally
Even as they grapple with an immigration crisis at the border, White House officials are making plans to act before November's mid-term elections to grant work permits to potentially millions of immigrants who are in this country illegally, allowing them to stay in the United States without threat of deportation, according to advocates and lawmakers in touch with the administration. Tue, 7/29
Officials: Indiana sheriff gave prostitute uniform
A southern Indiana sheriff accused of patronizing a prostitute gave the woman a deputy's badge and uniform so she could get hotel discounts, then later encouraged her to get rid of the evidence, authorities said Tuesday. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Senate confirms McDonald as VA secretary
The Senate on Tuesday unanimously confirmed former Procter & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald as the new Veterans Affairs secretary, with a mission to overhaul an agency beleaguered by long veterans' waits for health care and VA workers falsifying records to cover up delays. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:11 PM
US accuses Russia of violating 1987 missile treaty
The Obama administration accusation that Russia violated a key nuclear weapons treaty leaves the future of the 26-year-old accord in question and further dampens President Barack Obama's hopes to burnish his legacy with deeper cuts to nuclear arsenals. Tue, 7/29
In Iraq's Mosul, radicals unleash their extremist vision
Residents of Mosul have watched helplessly as extremists ruling the northern Iraqi city blew up some of their most beloved landmarks and shrines to impose a stark vision of Islam. Next up for destruction, they feared: the Crooked Minaret, a more than 840-year-old tower that leans like Italy's Tower of Pisa. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:19 PM
Shelling adds to mounting civilian toll in Ukraine
Shells smashed into a residential neighborhood of Donetsk on Tuesday as Ukrainian forces intensified their campaign to encircle the rebel stronghold. The shelling killed at least two people, blew gaping holes in an apartment block and raised fears that the city is on the verge of severe bloodshed. Tue, 7/29
$1,000 Sovaldi now hepatitis treatment of choice
The price is sky-high, but so is demand. A new $1,000-per-pill drug has become the treatment of choice for Americans with hepatitis C, a liver-wasting disease that affects more than 3 million. Tue, 7/29
Avoiding plane crashes as air traffic doubles
More travelers are flying than ever before, creating a daunting challenge for airlines: keep passengers safe in an ever more crowded airspace. Tue, 7/29
Georgia girl struck by plane on Florida beach dies
A 9-year-old girl who was struck by a plane that crash-landed on a beach while she vacationed with her family died from her injuries, law enforcement officials said Tuesday. Tue, 7/29
Kosovo prosecutor suspects some killed for organs
A special European Union prosecutor said Tuesday he had "compelling indications" that up to ten captives were killed to have their organs harvested for illegal trafficking and black market sale during the 1998-99 Kosovo war. Tue, 7/29
Passengers stuck in Hawaii for 3 nights get cash
A group of Air New Zealand passengers were stranded for a third night Monday after being repeatedly told their plane was delayed due to mechanical problems. Tue, 7/29
Ronstadt gets answer to 'When Will I Be Loved?'
Singer Linda Ronstadt got the answer to that question she's been asking for decades: "When Will I Be Loved?" Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Senate passes highway bill, sends it back to House
The Senate voted Tuesday to keep federal highway money flowing to the states into December but only after rejecting the House's reliance on what lawmakers called a funding "gimmick" and moving to force a post-election debate on whether to raise gasoline taxes. Tue, 7/29
Tuberculosis patient who refused care is arrested
A California man who disappeared after refusing treatment for tuberculosis, which can be contagious and spreads by coughing or sneezing, was found and arrested on charges of refusing to comply with health officials, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Tue, 7/29
German minister: best for Snowden to return to US
Germany's justice minister says the best outcome for National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden would be a deal with U.S. authorities to return home. Tue, 7/29
Militia gunfire in Libya capital as inferno rages
Heavy gunfire between warring militias prevented firefighters from battling a massive inferno in Libya's capital Tuesday, despite calls for a cease-fire to end the worst violence in the capital since the country's 2011 civil war. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Obama eats ribs with 4 Kansas City letter writers
President Barack Obama feasted on barbecue Tuesday with four people who wrote him letters in a trip to highlight the struggles of working families in American's heartland, as the clock ticked on pressing issues before Congress goes on summer break. Tue, 7/29
Operator: Stranded boat was in restricted area
A group of whale watchers expecting only an afternoon tour were forced instead to spend a long night at sea after their boat was snagged by a mooring cable off Massachusetts, officials and passengers said Tuesday. Tue, 7/29
Strong quake shakes Mexico's Gulf coast
A strong earthquake shook much of eastern Mexico on Tuesday, but there were no reports of damage or injury. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:52 PM
Suicide bomber kills Afghan president's cousin
A powerful cousin of outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai was assassinated by a suicide bomber hiding explosives in his cap on Tuesday, a provincial official said. It was the latest attack targeting Afghan power brokers and government officials as insurgents and political factions struggle for power ahead of the withdrawal of foreign combat forces by the end of this year. Tue, 7/29
UConn makes 3-D copies of antique instrument parts
Researchers at the University of Connecticut are using medical technology to breathe new life into some antique musical instruments. Tue, 7/29
Wedding reception shut down when brawl breaks out
Authorities say a brawl involving dozens of guests broke out at a wedding reception in central New Jersey. Tue, 7/29
22 civilians reported killed in east Ukraine
Local authorities in eastern Ukraine say at least 22 civilians have been killed in one day by shelling. Tue, 7/29
Abuse suspect dead; 2 marshals, NY policeman hurt
A California man who skipped town after being accused of molesting a boy was killed and three law enforcement officers trying to arrest him were wounded in a daytime shootout inside a small smoke shop in one of New York's most bustling neighborhoods, officials said. Tue, 7/29
Despite good news, benefit programs face problems
Despite some good news, Medicare and Social Security still face long-term financial problems as millions of baby boomers reach retirement. Social Security's disability program is already in crisis as it edges toward the brink of insolvency. Tue, 7/29
Federal court: Virginia marriage is for all
An appeals courts' decision to strike down Virginia's same-sex marriage ban adds to the growing list of decrees on a hot-button issue that will likely end up being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Tue, 7/29
Israel hits symbols of Hamas power in Gaza war
Israel struck symbols of Hamas' control of Gaza and the strip's only power plant on Tuesday, escalating its military campaign against the Islamic militant group with the heaviest bombardment in the fighting so far. Tue, 7/29
Judge OKs record-setting $2B sale of Clippers
Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling lost his attempt to block the $2 billion sale of the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Tue, 7/29
Man charged in teen's 9-month disappearance
A New Hampshire man was arrested Monday and charged with kidnapping 15-year-old Abigail "Abby" Hernandez more than nine months ago sometime after she left Kennett High School in Conway. Tue, 7/29
Miller faces sales job on $17B VA health care bill
Before being elected to Congress, Rep. Jeff Miller was a real estate broker. His background in sales will come in handy as the Florida Republican tries to a sell a $17 billion deal to improve veterans health care to a GOP caucus that includes tea party members and other conservatives dead set against raising the deficit. Tue, 7/29
Oil depot ablaze amid clashes in Libyan capital
A fire at the oil depot for the airport in Libya's capital raged out of control Monday after being struck in the crossfire of warring militias battling for control of the airfield, the latest violence to plague the country as foreigners flee the chaos. Tue, 7/29
Police charge 2 men in fatal Philly carjacking
Two men who carjacked a woman and sexually assaulted her in her SUV before plowing into a family selling fruit on a street corner, killing three children, were charged with murder on Monday, police said. Tue, 7/29
Rare storm at California beach hard to see coming
A thunderstorm formed so rapidly over a Southern California beach that experts said Monday it was impossible for anyone to predict a lightning strike would turn a day of carefree fun into one of terror. Tue, 7/29
Relieved evacuees return after California wildfire
Most of the 1,200 people driven to evacuate by a Northern California wildfire that destroyed 13 homes have been told they can safely return after a series of steady gains in the firefight. Tue, 7/29
Strip club endorses Democratic pastor for Congress
An Arizona strip club has endorsed a Democratic candidate for Congress. And the candidate, the Rev. Jarrett Maupin, says he's happy to have the support of The Great Alaskan Bush Company of Phoenix. Tue, 7/29
Tornado rips off roofs, downs trees near Boston
A storm system that wreaked havoc across the eastern half of the U.S. spawned a tornado that ripped roofs off homes in suburban Boston, uprooted trees and forced businesses to close. Tue, 7/29
US: Russia violated 1987 nuclear missile treaty
In an escalation of tensions, the Obama administration accused Russia on Monday of conducting tests in violation of a 1987 nuclear missile treaty, calling the breach "a very serious matter" and going public with allegations that have simmered for some time. Tue, 7/29
White House: EU, US to impose new Russia sanctions
The United States and European Union plan to impose new sanctions against Russia this week, including penalties targeting key sectors of the Russian economy, the White House said Monday. Tue, 7/29

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Business & Technology

UPDATE - 10:08 PM
Amgen’s exit a new blow for Seattle biotech industry
The move takes out the largest biotech employer in the area, eliminating 610 jobs in Seattle and 50 jobs at a manufacturing plant in Bothell. It highlights the region’s struggle to grow into a world-class biotech hub, an effort hobbled by outside takeovers and product failures.  Tue, 7/29

UPDATE - 09:33 PM
Boeing forecasts huge need for pilots over next 2 decades
Boeing on Tuesday forecast worldwide demand over the next two decades for 533,000 new commercial pilots and 584,000 maintenance technicians. The projection fuels the debate on whether a pilot shortage is looming. Tue, 7/29
Growth slows for local home prices
The average price of existing single-family homes sold in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties was up 1.4 percent from April, a month in which the average price gained 2.3 percent over March.  Tue, 7/29
Keurig, Global Baristas end Tully’s coffee-shop dispute
Global Baristas, the company that bought Tully’s coffee shops out of bankruptcy last year, said it has settled a lawsuit brought by Keurig Green Mountain. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:22 PM
China investigating Microsoft in monopoly case
China's anti-monopoly agency announced an investigation Tuesday of Microsoft Corp., stepping up regulatory pressure on foreign technology companies. Tue, 7/29
Paccar’s 2Q profit climbs nearly 9.5%
The Bellevue truck maker said the results reflect improving truck sales in the U.S. and Canada, and strong aftermarket parts and financial-services worldwide. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:22 PM
Twitter 2Q results soar, stock flies high
The little blue bird is flying high. Stronger-than-expected financial results pushed Twitter's stock sharply higher on Tuesday after the short messaging service said its revenue more than doubled in the second quarter. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:17 PM
Asia stocks rise on earnings, await US growth data
Asian stocks rose Wednesday ahead of U.S. economic data and as cheery earnings from major Japanese companies such as Honda Motor Co. countered a lower close on Wall Street. Tue, 7/29
JPMorgan paying $650K to settle CFTC charges
JPMorgan Chase will pay $650,000 to settle charges by federal regulators that it filed inaccurate reports on the trading positions of some of its large customers. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 09:45 PM
Hackathon sets tone for Nadella’s new Microsoft
On Microsoft’s Redmond campus Tuesday, a number of huge white tents lined the soccer field. Inside them, groups of employees, clustered at tables, sat working on their laptops and exchanging ideas. Tue, 7/29
US companies increasingly fish for growth overseas
Major U.S. companies are starting to reap their most rapid growth in fertile lands of opportunity far from home. Tue, 7/29
Dollar Tree steps up fight, buys Family Dollar
The fight for penny pinchers is intensifying. Tue, 7/29
As Fed meets, key issues likely to stay unanswered
The Federal Reserve will likely end a policy meeting Wednesday with a lot of questions unanswered: Tue, 7/29
US consumer confidence jumps to 90.9 in July
U.S. consumers are more confident about the economy than they have been in nearly seven years. Tue, 7/29

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UPDATE - 10:44 PM
A little offense at last and Mariners beat Cleveland, 5-2
Seattle scored four runs in the fourth inning — an overall total they reached just once in their previous six games.  Tue, 7/29

Chad Marshall mishap first of many in Sounders’ loss
The Sounders’ loss to the L.A. Galaxy began with a car accident and ended with a series of defensive woes and a 3-0 defeat at CenturyLink Field on Monday.  Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:45 PM
Storm suffers sixth straight loss, falling 80-74 at Tulsa
Sue Bird leads Storm with 15 points, but Shock makes 23 free throws, including seven down the stretch, to pull away.  Tue, 7/29
Michele Roberts is picked to head National Basketball Players Association
The National Basketball Players Association has elected Michele Roberts — a Washington, D.C., trial lawyer — as executive director, making her the first woman to lead a North American union in a major sport. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:29 PM
NCAA reaches preliminary settlement in suit regarding head injuries
The NCAA has reached a preliminary settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought by former college athletes to institute wide-ranging reforms to its head-injury policies. It includes a $70 million medical-monitoring fund.  Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:41 PM
Phoenix Mercury extends winning streak to 16
Diana Taurasi scored 17 points to help the host Phoenix Mercury roll to its 16th consecutive victory, 90-69 over the Los Angeles Sparks. The winning streak ranks second on the all-time list, behind the Sparks’ record of 18 set in 2001.  Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:33 PM
Vin Scully will return in 2015 for 66th season with Dodgers
The 86-year-old Hall of Fame announcer will return for his record 66th season with the team in 2015. Tue, 7/29
ESPN suspends Smith for comments on abuse
ESPN says it has suspended sportscaster Stephen A. Smith for a week because of comments about domestic abuse suggesting women should make sure they don't provoke attacks. Tue, 7/29
Chip Hanauer will drive refurbished Atlas Van Lines boat / Seafair
Unlimited hydroplane star will drive boat that crashed, killing Bill Muncey in 1981, during exhibition.  Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:32 PM
ESPN suspends Stephen A. Smith for a week
ESPN suspended Stephen A. Smith for a week for comments suggesting women should avoid provoking men into assaulting them.Smith raised the subject of provocation Friday during a discussion on ESPN2’s “First Take” about the two-game suspension Baltimore running back Ray Rice got fro Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:34 PM
Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry
Here’s hoping the doctor was a Gold Glover
Andy Milovich, the general manager of the minor-league Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Pelicans, got a prostate exam in the pressbox. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:59 PM
Josh Gordon of Cleveland Browns reportedly hires attorney Maurice Suh
Facing an indefinite suspension for alleged marijuana use, Cleveland receiver Josh Gordon reportedly has hired attorney Maurice Suh to represent him at an appeal hearing. Suh helped Seahawk Richard Sherman win an appeal of a suspension for an alleged performing-enhancing drugs violation in 2012. Tue, 7/29
NEW - 09:59 PM
Justin Smoak hitting .340 in past 13 games with Rainiers
Justin Smoak homered and drove in two runs in the Tacoma Rainiers’ 5-3 loss to the Salt Lake Bees in Pacific Coast League action Tuesday night. Tue, 7/29
Lakers finally confirm Byron Scott is new coach
The Los Angeles Lakers confirmed Byron Scott is their new coach Monday night. Tue, 7/29
Mariners move hot-hitting Dustin Ackley to leadoff spot
In 11 games since the All-Star break, Ackley is hitting .444 with seven doubles and a triple. Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 11:26 PM
NCAA settles head-injury suit, will change rules
The NCAA agreed on Tuesday to help athletes with head injuries in a proposed settlement of a class-action lawsuit that college sports' governing body touted as a major step forward but that critics say doesn't go nearly far enough. Tue, 7/29
People in Sports / Brandon Lloyd
After taking a year off from football, Lloyd said he came back to the 49ers, the team that drafted him in the fourth round in 2003 because nobody else could offer what he wanted: a chance at redemption and a Super Bowl title. Tue, 7/29
Seahawks training camp at a glance: Day 4
 Tue, 7/29
Anthony McCoy leaves after injuring left Achilles tendon
Backup tight end could miss considerable time if injury is same as what he suffered last year to right Achilles tendon.  Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 10:22 PM
As Marshawn Lynch holdout continues, fines could also include his bonus
Besides the $30,000 for each day Marshawn Lynch misses, the Seahawks could begin to fine a percentage of his $1.5 million bonus over the next several days.  Tue, 7/29
UPDATE - 09:46 PM
NW Briefs
Top seeds easily move on in Washington State Open tennis
Top-seeded men’s open singles player Marcelo Demoliner advanced in a round-of-64 match Tuesday at the 124th Washington State Open at Seattle Tennis Club. Tue, 7/29
On the Air
 Tue, 7/29
Judge clears way for Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, to buy Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge gave Shelly Sterling a sweeping victory and cleared the way for former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s record $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers to proceed. Mon, 7/28

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‘The Guardians’ explodes into big summertime fun
With a talking raccoon as one of its main characters (as well as a talking tree, a green assassin and their leader, played by Chris Pratt), “Guardians of the Galaxy” is sure is a whole lot of fun: 3.5 stars out of 4. Tue, 7/29

In enthralling ‘Great Society,’ LBJ’s victory lap is cut short
A review of Tony-winning Seattle playwright Robert Schenkkan’s “The Great Society,” the second half of his two-play cycle about President Lyndon Johnson’s time in the White House, now being staged at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.  Tue, 7/29
Story of Seattle man who fought internment comes home to ACT
ACT Theatre presents a one-man, multicharacter play about Seattle native Gordon Hirabayashi, who defied the U.S. internment of Japanese Americans in World War II. Tue, 7/29
‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director on his quirky vision
Director James Gunn talks about helming the latest film from the Marvel universe, opening Friday, Aug. 1, and starring Chris Pratt. It’s an updated riff on “Star Wars” with a decidedly bratty sense of humor and a sweetly retro spirit. Tue, 7/29
NW books
‘Sweet Thunder’ in paperback; a handbook for entrepreneurs
New in Northwest books: Ivan Doig’s “Sweet Thunder” in paperback, a handbook for responsible entrepreneurs, a starting-over love story and a look at rhetorical traditions of the Plateau Indians Tue, 7/29
July 29 TV Picks: ‘Matador’ on El Rey
TV picks for Tuesday, July 29, 2014, include “Matador” on El Rey, “Tyrant” on FX and “Finding Carter” on MTV. Tue, 7/29
Magic summer: ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us,’ ‘Masters of Illusion’
Premiering this week on The CW: “Fool Us,” in which the duo promise a spot on their Las Vegas show to anyone who can fool them with an illusion, and “Masters,” featuring magic from top illusionists and escape artists.  Tue, 7/29
‘Noah,’ ‘Cuban Fury,’ ‘The Other Woman,’ ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’
New DVD releases for Tuesday, July 29, include Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah,” the documentary “Finding Vivian Maier,” Nick Frost in “Cuban Fury” and the comedy “The Other Woman.”  Tue, 7/29
Daily Rant & Rave: Don’t assume all kids are careless
 Tue, 7/29

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UPDATE - 11:27 PM
Generation of tanners see spike in deadly melanoma
Stop sunbathing and using indoor tanning beds, the acting U.S. surgeon general warned in a report released Tuesday that cites an alarming 200 percent jump in deadly melanoma cases since 1973. Tue, 7/29
Coconut water: What’s in it?
The typical coconut water has 30 to 70 milligrams of sodium and 9 to 12 grams of sugar per 11.2-ounce container — saltier but much less sweet than most fruit juices.  Tue, 7/29
3 light and healthy melon recipes
Here are three refreshing melon recipes to keep you cool this summer. Tue, 7/29
Recipe: Sofrito Shrimp over Cornmeal
Here’s recipe for Cuban shrimp and “grits,” a comfort dish that’s a cinch to make with fine cornmeal.  Tue, 7/29
Recipe: Whole Wheat Focaccia with Tomatoes and Fontina
The tomatoes sweeten even more during their short time in the oven; they stay intact, but a bit of juice bleeds out, which makes the bread all the more luxurious. Tue, 7/29
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Dear Carolyn
With kids, is entertaining guests ever stress-free?
Advice columnist Carolyn Hax on hosting guests and being a guest when kids are involved. Tue, 7/29

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Travel & Outdoors

Rick Steves' Europe
Meandering among Britain’s ancient stone circles
Stonehenge is the best known, but the country is dotted with the ancient sacred circles.  Tue, 7/29
For a few euros more, see film theme park in Rome
Cinecitta World is a new amusement park by a vintage film studio in Rome.  Tue, 7/29
Heading for the wilderness? Heed these cautionary tales
Unprepared hikers and climbers can be subjects of rescues — or fruitless searches for a body Tue, 7/29

Olympic’s Enchanted Valley chalet to be moved from river
National park will relocate historic structure  Tue, 7/29
Rats frolic, scare tourists, at Louvre garden in Paris
 Tue, 7/29
Walla Walla winery makes Martha Stewart weddings list
Three Rivers Winery scores as one of “10 Vineyards Outside of California Where You Can Get Married,” according to maven Martha Tue, 7/29
Stranded in Hawaii — and compensated with cash
Air New Zealand passengers stuck for three nights after plane delayed by mechanical problems.  Tue, 7/29

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Editorial: Fix Seattle Schools’ superintendent turnover issues
Turnover in the superintendent’s office of Seattle Public Schools wastes time, money and talent. Is the school board part of the problem? Tue, 7/29

Even in the best-case scenario, students are being shortchanged by rookie teachers who are learning on the job, writes columnist Joe Nocera. Tue, 7/29

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