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Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Local News

Push for Ballard-West Seattle monorail line revived
A ballot measure to fund planning for a monorail line between Ballard and West Seattle will be voted on in November. Wed, 10/01

Ripley’s oddball curios on view at Science Center
A traveling exhibit opening Saturday at the Pacific Science Center explores the science behind some of the remarkable treasures in Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not!”  Wed, 10/01
UW rally supports Hong Kong democracy protesters
Supporters of the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong gathered for a rally at the University of Washington’s Red Square on Wednesday evening.  Wed, 10/01
Balagan Theatre amassed unpaid bills of $340K
Balagan Theatre, which surprised the local arts community by announcing its demise on Sept. 24, has revealed the estimated extent of its debt.  Wed, 10/01
Animal-rights group sues UW regents, claims illegal meeting
An animal-rights group has filed a lawsuit claiming the University of Washington’s governing board illegally discussed business at a private dinner meeting at the president’s mansion. But the university says the meeting was open. Wed, 10/01
Cause of Fremont factory fire may remain mystery
The Seattle Fire Department said Wednesday that the cause of a massive blaze that destroyed a Fremont metal-finishing company Tuesday afternoon may never be known. Wed, 10/01
Inslee urges stepped-up action to prevent oil-train spills
Gov. Jay Inslee says more needs to be done to prevent and respond to oil spills, as trains increasingly move volatile shipments of crude oil through Washington state. Wed, 10/01
Shoplifting suspect killed in crash was from Puyallup
A shoplifting suspect killed in a car crash near Covington was a 34-year-old Puyallup woman, the King County Sheriff’s Office said. The police pursuit that preceded the crash will be reviewed. Wed, 10/01
Jerry Large
We still don’t ‘get’ women as equals
Society still hasn’t overcome biases that disadvantage women. Wed, 10/01
State withholds chunk of money from Seattle special-ed program
The state is withholding $3 million in federal funds from Seattle Public Schools’ long troubled special-education department. Wed, 10/01
2 drivers who struck girl in Rainier Valley sought
Police are searching for two drivers who hit a young girl in Rainier Valley on Tuesday evening and then fled. Wed, 10/01
Timeline: Seattle’s monorail history
Seattle has fallen in and out of love with monorail plans. Wed, 10/01
Fire chars aviation supplier’s factory in Fremont
A fire in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood caused several million dollars of damage to a manufacturing building and prompted efforts to contain chemical runoff. Wed, 10/01
Seattle pot stores’ slow rollout may soon be speeding up
Two marijuana shops are licensed and soon to open, but supply continues to be a problem in Seattle.  Wed, 10/01

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Nation & World

UPDATE - 03:33 AM
Pierson's undoing was quick as support vanished
One lesson from Julia Pierson's short tenure as director of the agency that protects the first family: The Secret Service can't keep secrets from the president. Thu, 10/02

UPDATE - 03:33 AM
HK police warn protesters not to charge buildings
Hong Kong police warned of serious consequences if pro-democracy protesters try to occupy government buildings, as they have threatened to do if the territory's leader didn't resign by Thursday. Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 03:33 AM
Dallas ER sent Ebola-infected patient home
A Dallas emergency room sent a man with Ebola home last week, even though he told a nurse that he had been in disease-ravaged West Africa, and officials at the hospital are considering if they would have acted differently had the entire medical staff been aware. Thu, 10/02
Man with Ebola virus flew roundabout trip to US
The first reported case of Ebola in the United States is spooking airline investors and raising the prospect that some frightened travelers might stay home despite repeated reassurances from public-health experts. Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 03:21 AM
Episcopalians battle behind walls of NYC seminary
The lid has been lifted on a fierce internal battle at the nation's oldest Episcopal seminary, which has lost most of its faculty over what they say is their dean's intimidating, disrespectful leadership. Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 03:33 AM
Alleged Beltran Leyva cartel boss nabbed in Mexico
Hector Beltran Leyva, the purported head of a feared drug gang allegedly run by his family, became the fourth brother to fall when soldiers grabbed him while dining at a seafood restaurant. Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 03:21 AM
Respiratory virus seen in 4 deaths; role unclear
Four people who were infected with a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country have died, but what role the virus played in the deaths is unclear, health officials said Wednesday. Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 02:42 AM
More bodies found on Japanese volcano; toll now 47
One body recovered near the volcano's peak was in a squatting position and had to be dug out of a thick layer of ash. Another was caught between boulders bigger than large refrigerators. Police who recovered the bodies Wednesday portrayed a painful scene of death around the summit where hikers enjoying an autumn weekend hike were caught by the mountain's surprise eruption. Thu, 10/02
Civilian casualty standard eased in Iraq, Syria
President Barack Obama announced in May 2013 that no lethal strike against a terrorist would be authorized without "near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured." Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 02:55 AM
2 white Ohio women sue over sperm from black donor
An Ohio woman and her partner have sued a Chicago-area sperm bank after she became pregnant with sperm donated by a black man instead of a white man as she'd intended. Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 01:54 AM
App teaches kindergartners basic computer coding
This computer programming app is so easy to use that even a kindergartener can do it. Thu, 10/02
US sharply criticizes new Israeli housing project
In a striking public rebuke, the Obama administration warned Israel on Wednesday that plans for a controversial new housing project in east Jerusalem would distance Israel from "even its closest allies" and raise questions about its commitment to seeking peace with Palestinians. Thu, 10/02
Artist uses dirt, pegs to create huge portrait on National Mall
Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada’s landscape portrait “Out of Many, One” on the National Mall is a compilation of the faces of 30 young American men. Wed, 10/01
Dallas tracking any sign of Ebola spread
Thomas Eric Duncan’s case of Ebola began with him playing the part of good Samaritan in Liberia. His treatment was delayed because of an admissions slip-up by a Dallas hospital.  Wed, 10/01
Hong Kong leader caught in the middle of unrest
Hong Kong’s Leung Chun-ying is the man on whom Chinese President Xi Jinping is relying to quell pro-democracy demonstrations gripping the global financial center and posing one of the biggest challenges in years to Communist Party rule. Wed, 10/01
Teenager a key figure in Hong Kong uprising
Joshua Wong, now 17, emerged as a figure in Hong Kong’s activist circles two years ago, when he rallied students against a government plan to introduce “patriotic education” in schools. Wed, 10/01
Official: 5 kids had contact with Ebola patient
Authorities say five students who had contact with a man diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas are being monitored but are showing no symptoms of the disease. Wed, 10/01
Tweet about Ferguson grand jury sparks probe
Prosecutors are investigating a Twitter post claiming that grand jurors hearing evidence in the police shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old near St. Louis haven't seen enough evidence to justify prosecuting the officer. Wed, 10/01
35,000 walrus come ashore in northwest Alaska
Pacific walrus that can't find sea ice for resting in Arctic waters are coming ashore in record numbers on a beach in northwest Alaska. Wed, 10/01
U.S. to increase production of experimental Ebola drug
Federal officials, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, are looking at arranging for production of ZMappp, seen as the most promising experimental drug for treating people stricken by Ebola in West Africa. Wed, 10/01
Canada identifies long lost British explorer ship
Experts identified a shipwreck uncovered last month in the Arctic as the HMS Erebus, the ship British Rear Adm. Sir John Franklin was likely sailing on when it vanished along with another vessel 170 years ago, Canada's prime minister announced Wednesday. Wed, 10/01
Ohio city defaults on traffic camera bill
One of Ohio's poorest cities was dealt another financial blow Wednesday when a federal judge stuck it with a $638,000 judgment in favor of a Rhode Island company that supplied the traffic cameras it hoped would provide a revenue boost. Wed, 10/01
3 Afghan soldiers who fled say they can't go home
Three Afghan military officers who sought refuge in Canada after taking off from a military training exercise in Massachusetts said Wednesday they were trying to escape Taliban violence at home but now face the wrath of their own government as well. Wed, 10/01
920 California chickens killed with golf club
Authorities in central California are searching for one or more suspects who broke into a Foster Farms chicken ranch and killed more than 900 birds with a golf club. Wed, 10/01
Q&A: What are students in Colorado protesting?
A fight in Colorado over how United States' history is taught has pitted the new conservative majority on a suburban Denver school board against students and teachers who accuse the board of censorship. Wed, 10/01
Philippines seizes 15 paintings from Marcos family
The Philippine government seized 15 paintings from the former home of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos as it tries to recover 156 artworks -- including ones by Van Gogh, Monet and Michelangelo -- accumulated from his alleged ill-gotten wealth, an official said Wednesday. Wed, 10/01
FBI turns animal cruelty into top-tier felony
Young people who torture and kill animals are prone to violence against people later in life if it goes unchecked, studies have shown. A new federal category for animal cruelty crimes will help root out those pet abusers before their behavior worsens and give a boost to prosecutions, an animal welfare group says. Wed, 10/01
High court weighs same-sex marriage cases
Same-sex couples in 11 more states would win the right to marry, but the issue would remain unsettled nationwide if the Supreme Court were to surprise everyone and decline to take up gay marriage right now. Wed, 10/01
Jerrie Mock, 1st female pilot to circle globe, dies at 88
Fifty years after she made aviation history, Jerrie Mock chuckled when asked whether she ever got scared while circling the globe alone. Wed, 10/01
Karadzic: I am not linked to wartime atrocities
Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic insisted Wednesday that U.N. prosecutors do not have "a shred of evidence" linking him to atrocities throughout the Bosnian war and accused them of putting the Serb people on trial. Wed, 10/01
Man convicted of murder in killing over loud music
A Florida man who opened fire on a carload of black teenagers in an argument over their loud "thug" music was convicted Wednesday of first-degree murder. Wed, 10/01
McAfee names Kimmel its 'most dangerous celebrity'
If you're about to Google Jimmy Kimmel, beware. Wed, 10/01
Mexico's probe of army slayings raises doubts
For more than two months, Mexico did little to explain how a Mexican army patrol escaped practically unharmed from a gunfight that left 22 suspected criminals dead in a grain warehouse. This week, officials changed their story to say soldiers may have committed murder, but questions about the lop-sided confrontation remain. Wed, 10/01
New NATO chief: better ties with Russia possible
NATO's new secretary-general struck a more conciliatory tone Wednesday on Russia, saying there's a chance now for improved relations between Moscow and the West. Wed, 10/01
Prosecutor to seek death penalty in beheading
An Oklahoma prosecutor said Wednesday he will seek the execution of a man accused of beheading a co-worker in a fit of rage after being suspended from his job at a food processing plant. Wed, 10/01
Saudi overhaul reshapes Islam's holiest city Mecca
As a child, Osama al-Bar would walk from his home past Islam's holiest site, the Kaaba, to the market of spice and fabric merchants where his father owned a store. At that time, Mecca was so small, pilgrims could sit at the cube-shaped Kaaba and look out at the serene desert mountains where the Prophet Muhammad once walked. Wed, 10/01
Taliban suicide bombers kill 7 in Kabul, wound 21
Taliban suicide bombers struck two buses carrying Afghan soldiers in Kabul early Wednesday, killing seven people and wounding 21, just a day after the signing of a key U.S.-Afghan security pact. Wed, 10/01
Ukraine rebels close in on Donetsk airport
Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine advanced Wednesday on the government-held airport in Donetsk, pressing to seize the key transportation hub even as the two sides bargained over a troop pullout under a much-violated truce. Wed, 10/01
Syria blasts at school kill 22, including 10 kids
Twin car bombings near a school in Syria killed 22 people on Wednesday, including at least 10 children, with the second exploding as parents frantically searched for their sons and daughters in a street littered with school bags and body parts. Wed, 10/01
World's 1st bullet train, made in Japan, turns 50
It was, retired Japanese railway engineer Fumihiro Araki recalls, "like flying in the sky." Wed, 10/01
Police: Worker hid $1,200 worth of meat in pants
A New York supermarket employee has been accused of leaving the store with $1,200 worth of meat hidden in his pants. Wed, 10/01
Trooper accidentally shot in training exercise
The Pennsylvania state trooper killed Tuesday during a firearms training exercise in suburban Philadelphia was fatally wounded when another trooper's gun accidentally discharged, Capt. James Raykovitz announced Wednesday afternoon. Wed, 10/01
Morgan: 'Can't believe' Wal-Mart blaming him
Tracy Morgan said Tuesday that he "can't believe" Wal-Mart's assertion that he and others were partly to blame for their injuries in the highway crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed one of his friends. Wed, 10/01
APNewsBreak: Nazi hunter pushes for new probe
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has identified dozens of former members of Nazi mobile death squads who might still be alive, and is pushing the German government for an investigation, The Associated Press has learned. Wed, 10/01

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Business & Technology

UPDATE - 02:59 AM
Truck deals boost US auto sales in September
Big discounts on pickup trucks kept U.S. auto sales strong in September. Thu, 10/02
UPDATE - 02:22 AM
Asian stocks down on recovery, Ebola worries
Asian stocks fell Thursday amid worries about the strength of U.S. and European recoveries and the first American case of Ebola. Thu, 10/02

UPDATE - 02:57 AM
Gov't website for doc payments not up to snuff
Although it's called "Open Payments," the government's new website doesn't make it easy to find out whether your doctor is getting freebies, travel or other financial benefits from drug companies and medical device manufacturers. Thu, 10/02
New York Times cutting 100 jobs, NYT Opinion app
The New York Times Co. is launching another round of buyouts and layoffs, telling staff on Wednesday that it must cut 100 newsroom jobs to further reduce costs and focus resources on its digital operations. It's also axing its NYT Opinion app after four months and relegating the NYT Now app to a smartphone-only product aimed at new and younger readers, after the lower-priced subscription products failed to take off as hoped. Thu, 10/02
Electroimpact to build fiber-laying machines for Boeing’s 777X
Mukilteo-based aerospace-engineering firm Electroimpact has won the contract to build the automated fiber placement machines that Boeing will use to produce the 777X’s giant carbon-fiber composite wings. Wed, 10/01
Amid rapid expansion, Amazon to shutter Kansas warehouse
Even as Amazon pours billions into new warehouse operations, it will close a facility in Coffeyville, Kan., deemed too remote. Wed, 10/01
Microsoft starts push into polling world
A new survey website may be Microsoft’s first step to use its human-sounding cellphone voice, Cortana, to do interviews.  Wed, 10/01
Supercharged Corvette can go 0-60 in 2.95 seconds
General Motors says a new high-performance version of the Chevrolet Corvette can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. Wed, 10/01
Netflix takes aim at the theatrical window
Hollywood's carefully controlled system of movie rollouts is officially under siege. Wed, 10/01
Why the bond market is more fragile than you think
A bottleneck is building in the global market for bonds. Wed, 10/01
Coca-Cola revises executive pay after criticism
Coca-Cola is curtailing its pay plan for executives after shareholders including Warren Buffett called it excessive. Wed, 10/01
Facebook apologizes to transgender community and drag queens for name policy
Facebook is apologizing to drag queens and the transgender community for deleting accounts that used chosen names or performer names rather than legal names. Wed, 10/01
FTC to retailers: Drop your caffeinated drawers
If you purchased caffeine-infused underwear because of promises it will make you thinner, federal regulators say you were hoodwinked -- but at least you can get your money back. Wed, 10/01
Germany reports Eurofighter manufacturing fault
The joint venture making the Eurofighter plane said Wednesday that it was managing a problem discovered with the fuselage after Germany's military suspended deliveries of the plane. Wed, 10/01
Pepsi to launch soda sweetened with stevia
Coke and Pepsi are squaring off again, this time with natural sweeteners. Wed, 10/01
Pace of US factory activity slipped in September
The pace of U.S. manufacturing growth slowed in September, as expectations for hiring and new orders slipped from their August levels. Wed, 10/01
US companies added 213,000 jobs in September
U.S. businesses added 213,000 jobs in September, stepping up hiring for the sixth straight month, according to a private survey. Wed, 10/01
US construction spending down 0.8 percent
U.S. construction spending fell in August, the second decline in the past three months, with housing, non-residential and government projects all showing weakness. Wed, 10/01

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Huskies rallying around Cyler Miles after offensive struggles
The numbers for the Husky offense were ugly, and the quarterback has been under fire after his first loss as Washington’s starting quarterback. During some down time this week, the Huskies are rallying around Cyler Miles. Wed, 10/01
Seahawks punter Jon Ryan living his dream
Seahawks punter Jon Ryan, a native of Regina, Saskatchewan, says all he has ever wanted to be was a punter. “I was probably the only 8-year-old in the country who dressed up as a punter for Halloween,” he says. Wed, 10/01
Sounders versatility comes in handy during long MLS season
Brad Evans is the Sounders’ key utility player, but Jalil Anibaba and Micheal Azira also give coach Sigi Schmid options.  Wed, 10/01
Giants ride shutout, grand slam in NL wild-card game
The San Francisco Giants know what it takes to win this time of year. The Pittsburgh Pirates are still learning. Wed, 10/01
Jake Locker returns to practice for Titans
Jake Locker practiced Wednesday for the Tennessee Titans, and now the quarterback will see how his right wrist responds to a full session of throwing the ball. Wed, 10/01
Unbeaten Arizona still huge underdog
The FBS is down to 17 unbeaten teams, a number that will be reduced by at least four this week after matchups between undefeated teams. Wed, 10/01
California has struggled stopping the pass
Golden Bears will face nation’s top passing team in Connor Halliday and Washington State.  Wed, 10/01
High school football game of the week: Tahoma vs. Kentwood
Unbeaten Kentwood faces its biggest challenge Friday night at 7 p.m. Wed, 10/01
Washington volleyball team sends USC packing in straight sets
Washington (14-0, 3-0 Pac-12) is one of just five unbeaten Division I teams in the country. Wed, 10/01
Mariners like core group, will try to add hitters to lineup
Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon and general manager Jack Zduriencik are looking ahead to next season, confident in their group of players but hoping to add a few hitters, perhaps in right field or in a first base/DH role.  Wed, 10/01
Washington football: A progress report after five games
Coach Chris Petersen’s Huskies have a lot of work to do on offense and the secondary might have trouble against the great passers in the Pac-12. But the Huskies are 4-1 in Petersen’s first five games.  Wed, 10/01
Breaking down the M's 2014 season
 Wed, 10/01
No shortage of opportunities for fall fishing
Everything from salmon to squid offers decent prospects for anglers, including the much anticipated coast razor clam season, which starts Tuesday.  Wed, 10/01
Larry Stone
Now definitely time for M’s to be reasonably aggressive
Although he might command $20 million per season, Seattle should pursue Detroit free-agent designated hitter Victor Martinez. Wed, 10/01
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour player of year
Rory McIlroy was voted PGA Tour player of the year for the second time in three years. Wed, 10/01
Washington baseball will host 28 games in 2015
Huskies open season Feb. 13 at Pacific in Stockton, Calif., with home opener Feb. 25 against Portland. Wed, 10/01
Five high school football games to watch
Glacier Peak at No. 1 Bellevue is the headliner.  Wed, 10/01
In KingCo 4A, slim room for error
Prep football notebook Wed, 10/01
On the Air
 Wed, 10/01
Luke Willson has waited for chance to start again at tight end
Luke Willson will start for Zach Miller, who had ankle surgery during the bye week. Willson started for Miller last year when Miller was out two games with a hamstring injury. Wed, 10/01

Wednesday’s prep cross country results
Cross country results for Wednesday, Oct. 1 Wed, 10/01
Wednesday’s prep golf results
Golf results for Wednesday, Oct. 1 Wed, 10/01
Wednesday’s prep tennis results
Tennis results for Wednesday, Oct. 1 Wed, 10/01
Tuesday’s prep golf results
Golf results for Tuesday, Sept. 30 Wed, 10/01
Tuesday’s prep water polo results
Water polo results for Tuesday, Sept. 30 Wed, 10/01

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Movie review
‘Gone Girl’: All we’ll say is, go see it
A review of “Gone Girl,” an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel directed by David Fincher and starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Critic’s rating: Three-and-a-half stars out of four.  Thu, 10/02
Movie review
‘Annabelle’: a hair-raising doll tale with flat acting
A movie review of “Annabelle,” a tale of a doll possessed. It received two stars out of four. Thu, 10/02
Movie review
Nonbelievers get ‘Left Behind’ in this faith-based movie
A movie review of “Left Behind”: This remake in which the Christian faithful disappear all over the world stars Nicolas Cage. It got 1.5 stars out of 4. Thu, 10/02
Happy Hour
Ex-vegetarian slings meat at Ballard’s Porkchop & Co.
Offering a full slate of meaty offerings, including one of the city’s best sandwiches, Porkchop & Co. is a good bet for a hungry happy hour. Wed, 10/01
Tony Bennett sets mark as oldest act with No. 1 LP
Even at age 88, Tony Bennett is still reaching No. 1 on the charts. Wed, 10/01
Theater review
Human and reptilian minds meet in Schmeater’s ‘Seascape’
Fans — and not-yet fans — of playwright Edward Albee are urged to see Theater Schmeater’s “Seascape” by reviewer Dusty Somers. Wed, 10/01
Oct. 1 TV Picks: Season premiere of ‘Stalker’ on CBS
TV picks for Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014, include the new “Stalker” on CBS, “blackish” on ABC and “The Bridge” on FX. Wed, 10/01
Weekend Highlight
Community calendar: festivals, fairs and more
A detailed, categorized calendar of events all over Seattle and Western Washington, Oct. 3-9, 2014. Wed, 10/01
Ina Garten turns to make-ahead meals in new book
Ina Garten’s ninth cookbook is released in late October. Wed, 10/01

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Take a food tour of Seattle's Chinatown International District
To help shoppers find their way around the complicated food choices in the Chinatown International District, Taylor Hoang has started walking tours of the neighborhood.  Wed, 10/01
Chef Renee Erickson’s cookbook mixes beauty, practicality | Books for Cooks
We recommend Renee Erickson’s new book, “A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus,” along with a recipe of hers for pickled turnips. Wed, 10/01

Are fleas getting harder to get rid of?
Over the past few years, anecdotal reports from dog and cat owners around the country suggest that the bloodsucking parasites are getting more difficult to control, despite the use of once-revolutionary topical flea treatments. Wed, 10/01
NEW - 06:15 AM
Dear Carolyn
How to handle best friend’s engagement to a freeloader
 Wed, 10/01
Recipe: Chilaquiles
Chilaquiles, a Mexican dish of leftover tortillas simmered in a quick tomato sauce, is often served for breakfast or brunch. It’s even better topped with a fried egg. Wed, 10/01
Recipe: Pasta with Fried Lemons and Chili Flakes
Here’s how to prepare a typical weeknight dinner on autopilot: Select the main ingredient — beef, chicken, lamb, fish, tofu, broccoli, beans or what have you. Season it with salt, slick it with olive oil, drizzle it with lemon. The cooking method doesn’t matter.  Wed, 10/01
Recipe: Pasta With Fried Lemons and Chili Flakes
Here’s how to prepare a typical weeknight dinner on autopilot: Select the main ingredient — beef, chicken, lamb, fish, tofu, broccoli, beans or what have you. Season it with salt, slick it with olive oil, drizzle it with lemon. The cooking method doesn’t matter.  Wed, 10/01
Recipe: Seared Fish With Asian Mushroom Ragout
An Asian mushroom ragout enhances the flavor of seared fish. Wed, 10/01
New California law mandates disclosure rules for pet insurance
The new law requires insurers to clearly explain their policies to pet owners, including annual coverage limits and disqualifying pre-existing conditions.  Wed, 10/01

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Travel & Outdoors

Go wine touring by horseback in the Yakima Valley
Add Old West adventure to a wine-sipping getaway in Zillah. Wed, 10/01
38 years after her solo hike, ‘trail angel’ helps at end of Pacific Crest Trail
Mazama’s Carolyn Burkhart was one of first women to solo the border-to-border trek. Wed, 10/01
5 autumn hikes in the San Juans and Gulf Islands
Author Craig Romano picks favorites from his new guidebook. Wed, 10/01
Driving the Cascade Loop in electric cars
Washington’s 440-mile scenic byway now has 60 charging stations and is promoting electric-car tourism, with a trio of Nissan LEAFS testing out the route.  Wed, 10/01
Reader's Lens
Morning glow on the river
Seattle Times reader Nick Heminger’s photo of a Snohomish River fisherman lit by golden rays on a misty morning. Wed, 10/01
United’s deal with Uber raises concerns
‘Friendly skies’ airline too quick to cozy up to ride-sharing company that many airports ban? Wed, 10/01
Oregon’s grape stomps are for fun, not wine
It’s ankle-deep good time and a distraction from harvesttime worries. Wed, 10/01
Remaking Mecca: Saudi Arabia overhauls Islam’s holiest city
New hotels, malls, skyscrapers edge the most important religious sites as millions of Muslim pilgrims stream to Mecca this week for the annual hajj pilgrimage.  Wed, 10/01
GeoQuiz: What bodies of water border France?
 Wed, 10/01

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Editorial: Seattle’s special-education program needs more pressure from the state, school district
After years of prompting the Seattle’s special-education program to fix ongoing problems, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction is finally enacting real consequences. But is progress on the horizon?  Wed, 10/01
Editorial: Public officials give up some privacy on personal cellphones
An official cannot choose to use a cellphone or home computer to conduct public business and then deny access on grounds of personal privacy, according to guest columnists Brian Sonntag and Rob McKenna. Wed, 10/01
Guest: Focus on suicide prevention to reduce gun deaths
The debate about background checks for gun purchases misses the issue of preventing suicide deaths, writes guest columnist Jennifer Stuber.  Wed, 10/01
The Secret Service is serving without protecting
What we’ve discovered over the past week and a half about the crackerjack operations of the Secret Service boggles the mind, writes syndicated columnist Frank Bruni Wed, 10/01

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