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Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Local News

The Wrap / Ron Judd
America, please select the third Bush on the right
The Wrap by Ron Judd Sat, 12/20
Prosecutors weigh sexual assault charges against Seattle Impact soccer-team owner Dion Earl
King County prosecutors are reviewing whether to bring sexual assault charges against Seattle Impact FC owner Dion Earl, who is accused of assaulting two of the soccer team’s former dance team members.  Fri, 12/19
It’s beginning to look a lot like ... winter in Washington ... lots of rain
A storm is expected to drench Western Washington over the weekend, with warnings on the coast and snow in the mountains. Fri, 12/19
Mayor calls for more tent cities to shelter homeless
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says he’ll propose legislation next month with the goal of accommodating more authorized tent cities. Fri, 12/19
Jurors selected for first trial in 2007 Carnation killings
Nearly seven years after six family members were fatally shot on Christmas Eve in Carnation, 16 jurors were empaneled Friday for the death-penalty case against accused gunman Joseph McEnroe. McEnroe’s former girlfriend, Michele Anderson, is to be tried next fall. Fri, 12/19
Packaged caramel apples linked to 5 deaths, ill Thurston County teen
A teen boy from Thurston County is among some 28 people so far sickened in a multistate outbreak of listeria food poisoning tied to prepackaged caramel-coated apples. Fri, 12/19
Denny Brown, of Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, dies
Denis “Denny” Brown, president of the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, was dedicated to his role in the family business and loved to watch University of Washington football.  Fri, 12/19
Danny Westneat
Prime year for a state lying contest
We don’t have a “Lie of the Year” contest around here. But if we did, this year we’ve got a couple top-notch nominees. Fri, 12/19
Seattle police-hosted hackathon declared a success
Software developers, coders and technology experts Friday hobnobbed with Mayor Ed Murray and Chief Kathleen O’Toole and offered their expertise to a department struggling with a major software issue. Fri, 12/19
Agreement may mean more funds for foster kids
If the Legislature approves, Washington state’s foster parents will start getting more money. Currently, the state pays just 40 to 60 percent of the cost of caring for a foster child, they say.  Fri, 12/19
Critics appeal to Inslee for probe of 6 for-profit colleges
A national advocacy group wants the state to investigate the Corinthian College chain, known here as Everest colleges, but state regulators say they have no cause to do so. Fri, 12/19
SPD unveils new navy-blue uniforms for officers
New navy-blue police uniforms and new patches featuring Chief Sealth were unveiled Thursday at a City Hall news briefing. Fri, 12/19

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Nation & World

Obama says North Korea hacked Sony, vows response
President Barack Obama declared that Sony "made a mistake" in shelving a satirical film about a plot to assassinate North Korea's leader, and he pledged the U.S. would respond "in a place and manner and time that we choose" to the hacking attack on Sony that led to the withdrawal. The FBI blamed the hack on the communist government. Sat, 12/20

Obama cautions that change may be slow to come to Cuba
Tempering his historic Cuba policy shift with a dose of realism, President Barack Obama said Friday that change may not come quickly to the communist island. He suggested Congress will keep the U.S. economic embargo in place until lawmakers can gauge the pace of progress in the "hermetically sealed society." Sat, 12/20
Egypt's gays go deeper underground, fearing crackdown
Just before midnight, the police navigated down the narrow alleys of an old downtown Cairo district and descended on a rundown bathhouse. They dragged out dozens of nearly naked men, who covered their faces as they struggled to hold up towels, and loaded them into police trucks. Sat, 12/20
Flu season, early again, hitting hard in South and Midwest
Health officials say the flu is now hitting hard in parts of the country, especially the South and Midwest. Sat, 12/20
Bergdahl investigation wraps up; top leaders get briefings
The Army has finished its investigation into how and why Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl disappeared from his base in Afghanistan and senior Pentagon leaders have been briefed, including Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, officials said Friday. Sat, 12/20
New video shows Rice and fiancee in aftermath of punch
A video released Friday shows Ray Rice's then-fiancee crying and kissing him while they are both handcuffed and being taken to jail by police officers after Rice punched her in a casino elevator. Sat, 12/20
Israel carries out airstrike on Hamas site in Gaza
Israel's military struck a Hamas site in the Gaza Strip early Saturday in its first airstrike on the Palestinian territory since this summer's war. Sat, 12/20
Supreme Court won't stop gay marriages in Florida
The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday refused to block gay marriages in Florida, the latest of about three dozen states allowing same-sex weddings. Sat, 12/20
Actor Stephen Collins denies he's a pedophile in interview
Former "7th Heaven" star Stephen Collins declares he's not a pedophile, and insists he has molested a minor on just one occasion and engaged in sexual misconduct with only three girls in all. Sat, 12/20
PacifiCorp Energy pleads guilty in bird deaths
Wind farm operator PacifiCorp Energy will pay $2.5 million in fines after pleading guilty Friday to charges related to the deaths of protected birds in Wyoming. Sat, 12/20
Bush officials did little oversight of CIA program
In July 2004, despite growing internal concerns about the CIA's brutal interrogation methods, senior members of George W. Bush's national security team gave the agency permission to employ the harsh tactics against an al-Qaida facilitator the agency suspected was linked to a plot to disrupt the upcoming presidential election. Sat, 12/20
EPA coal ash standards a setback for environmental groups
Six years ago, there was a massive spill of coal ash sludge in Tennessee. Three years later, tons of coal ash swept into Lake Michigan. Last February, there was another spill and gray sludge spewed into the Dan River in North Carolina. Sat, 12/20
Gold medalist Michael Phelps pleads guilty to DUI
Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps avoided jail time on Friday when a judge placed him on probation for pleading guilty to a drunken driving charge for the second time in 10 years. The punishment came with a warning. Sat, 12/20
Pakistan: US drone strike kills 5 militants
A U.S. drone fired two missiles at militant hideout in northwestern Pakistan on Saturday, killing at least five Taliban fighters, two security officials said. Sat, 12/20
No word yet from Fidel amid historic US-Cuba shift
Everyone in Cuba is talking about the startling turn in relations with the United States, with one notable exception: Fidel Castro. Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:05 AM
‘Archie’ comics getting a makeover
Archie Andrews, for 75 years the redheaded Romeo of Riverdale High in the comic books, will be getting a new look and an edgier tone in 2015. He will also be heading to Fox with a TV series and will launch an apparel line. Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:02 AM
After barren years in Somalia, signs of growth in bananas
After years of warfare that decimated an industry that was once the largest in Africa, the banana is making a tentative comeback in Somalia. Farms are stepping up production and eyeing overseas markets that have been dormant for years. Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:04 AM
Attacking ISIS, from a U.S. aircraft carrier
About one-fourth of the 1,200 total airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria so far have been flown off a carrier, an enduring symbol of American power in the Middle East. Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:01 AM
Denmark tries rehabilitation, not incarceration, for jihadis
Denmark has Europe’s second-highest number of young Muslims who have gone to fight in Syria and returned home. But instead of detaining them as potential terrorists, Denmark treats them as wayward youths who deserve a second chance. It appears to be working. Sat, 12/20
Klobuchar manages to cross Senate’s partisan divide
U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is one of the most polished, tireless politicians in Minnesota and among the top hobnobbers in Democratic politics nationally. She is already experienced at working with Republicans, who take over Senate leadership in January. Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:01 AM
Orphaned by Ebola, shunned by relatives
The U.N. Children’s Fund says that across west Africa there may be 10,000 children orphaned by the Ebola crisis. Many of the children are stigmatized and shunned by their own communities. Even aunts and uncles who would ordinarily take their relatives in will not have them. Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:09 AM
Questions linger in 1961 plane crash that killed U.N. chief
The 1961 death in Africa of U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold has never been fully examined or explained, and Sweden, his home country, has asked the U.N. General Assembly to reopen the investigation of the plane crash en route to his meeting with Congolese separatists.  Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:08 AM
Turkey’s religious schools rise as Erdogan exerts sway
Education has become the latest front in Turkey’s cultural wars, pitting the country’s tradition of secularism against the religious mores of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist allies, who are determined to reshape Turkish society. Sat, 12/20
Prepackaged caramel apples linked to 4 deaths
Health officials are warning consumers to avoid prepackaged caramel apples because they are linked to four deaths and more than two dozen illnesses in 10 states. Sat, 12/20
Hackers warn not to release 'The Interview' in any form
Hackers sent a new email Friday to Sony Pictures Entertainment, gloating over the studio's "wise" decision to cancel the release of "The Interview" and warning not to distribute the film "in any form." Fri, 12/19
1st dog-adoption telethon helps lots of homeless hounds
More than 4 million people tuned in to “Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular,” which was co-hosted by actresses Hilary Swank and Jane Lynch, and aired on donated time from the Fox Network. Fri, 12/19
Lawmaker wants investigation of St. Louis prosecutor
A Missouri lawmaker is calling for an investigation of St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, saying he "manipulated" the grand jury in the Ferguson case. McCulloch said in a radio interview on Friday that some witnesses obviously lied to the grand jury. Fri, 12/19
Colorado vows to defend pot law against states' challenge
Colorado's top law enforcement official promises to vigorously defend the state's historic law legalizing marijuana after Nebraska and Oklahoma asked the U.S. Supreme Court to declare it unconstitutional, saying the drug is freely flowing into neighboring states. Fri, 12/19
Spy's parents search for son after Cuba-US deal
The parents of convicted spy Rolando Sarraff Trujillo feared the worst when their son failed to call home from prison and they were told he had been taken away at dawn. But officials assured the couple that their son was now better off. Fri, 12/19
Least productive Congress? Not this one, barely
It turns out that this Congress did not produce the fewest laws since the days of President Harry Truman. But it was pretty darn close. Fri, 12/19
Ford House sells Cezanne painting for $100 million
The Edsel & Eleanor Ford House kept secret its 2013 sale of an oil painting by French post-impressionist Paul Cezanne to a private buyer for $100 million to help protect Detroit-owned artworks under threat due to the city's bankruptcy. Fri, 12/19
Thief fakes heart attack so friend can steal toys
Authorities say a man faked a heart attack inside a Florida Wal-Mart store so his friend could steal toys. Fri, 12/19
Among change, gift of jewels for Salvation Army
In one of its famous red kettles in South Florida, the Salvation Army has received a gift worth more than a little bit of change: an emerald and diamond necklace. Fri, 12/19
Indonesia volcano erupts, injuring 4; 1 missing
A volcano in eastern Indonesia erupted Friday, spewing towering clouds of hot ash into the air and leaving four hikers injured and one missing when they scrambled to safety, an official said. Fri, 12/19
1st drone in Nevada test program crashes in demo
An aerial drone testing program got off to a bumpy start Friday in Nevada, when the first unmanned aircraft authorized to fly without direct Federal Aviation Administration supervision crashed during a ceremony at a remote site. Fri, 12/19
Turkey orders arrest warrant for U.S.-based cleric
Fethullah Gulen, 73, lives in self-exile in the Pocono Mountains. He wields outsize influence in Turkey through his Hizmet movement, which runs newspapers, television networks and prep schools and is influential in the business community. Fri, 12/19
Tuskegee Airman Lowell Steward dies in California at 95
Lowell Steward flew more than 100 missions over Europe during World War II, and was ultimately awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. After being discharged in 1946, he became one of the first black real-estate agents in Los Angeles.  Fri, 12/19
2 killed, 3 hurt in Oklahoma oil rig explosion
An explosion and fire at a southeastern Oklahoma oil rig early Friday killed two workers and injured three others, two of them critically. Fri, 12/19
Another big catch for Thai co. in $1.5B bid for Bumble Bee
A Thai food company may be landing another whopper in the U.S. with its $1.5 billion bid for Bumble Bee Seafoods. Fri, 12/19
China arrests US aid worker near N. Korean border
A Korean-American aid worker running a school in a Chinese city near North Korea has been arrested on charges of embezzlement and possession of fake invoices, his lawyer said Friday, in a sign that authorities are increasingly sensitive about activities by foreigners in the border region. Fri, 12/19
Chrysler to recall about 288K Ram pickup trucks
Chrysler is recalling about 288,000 older Ram pickup trucks in North America and elsewhere because the rear axle can seize or the drive shaft can fall off. Fri, 12/19
UN chief visits Ebola-ravaged West African nations
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised health workers battling Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia on Friday, saying they have shown "the most noble face of humankind" amid an epidemic that has killed more than 6,900 people in West Africa. Fri, 12/19
Ohio Muslim woman sues over jail church attendance
A Muslim woman who says she was forced to attend Christian church services during a 60-day jail stint on an assault charge has sued the county. Fri, 12/19

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Business & Technology

US stocks inch higher after a big two-day rally
Oil and gas companies led the stock market up Friday, helping the Standard & Poor's 500 index notch its second-best week this year. Sat, 12/20
Sony hack adds to security pressure on companies
Faced with rising cybercrime like the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, companies worldwide are under pressure to tighten security but are hampered by cost and, for some, reluctance to believe they are in danger. Sat, 12/20
Gift guide: 5 fitness trackers show wide range of choices
One of the busiest tech categories in recent years has been fitness trackers. Here’s a quick rundown on some of those now on the market. Fri, 12/19

Bellingham-based Haggen plans to buy 146 stores
The acquisition, once approved by the FTC, will expand Haggen from 18 stores in the Pacific Northwest to 164 stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona. Fri, 12/19
Sunday Buzz
ClearSign CEO gets golden handshake
Only weeks after boasting to shareholders about “one of the most exciting and productive periods in the company’s history,” ClearSign Combustion chairman and CEO Richard Rutkowski is out — by all appearances pushed, although he officially resigned. Fri, 12/19
Europe challenges 777X subsidies to Boeing in WTO trade case
The European case asserts that a package of tax breaks offered by Washington state to induce Boeing to build its planned 777X jet there would violate WTO rules and give the U.S. plane-maker an unfair advantage over its European archrival, Airbus. Fri, 12/19
Juno Therapeutics’ stock surges in market debut
Juno raised $264.5 million after selling more than 11 million shares at $24 per share. It plans to use the cash raised to continue trials and studies. Fri, 12/19
T-Mobile settles cramming case for $90 million
T-Mobile will pay at least $67.5 million in restitution to customers around the country, including an estimated 230,754 Washington customers. Fri, 12/19
Jon Talton
Russia’s ties to Northwest put trade gains at risk
Russia was one of Washington’s fastest-growing export markets. As a World Trade Organization member, it would, for example, cut tariffs on commercial airplanes in half and strengthen intellectual-property protections. Fri, 12/19
Seattle couple want to plan wisely as money windfall looms
End of day-care expense means Seattle couple can put more toward retirement, college education.  Fri, 12/19
Companies' data security in question after Sony hack
Companies across the globe are on high alert to tighten up network security to avoid being the next company brought to its knees by hackers like those that executed the dramatic cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment. Fri, 12/19
Q&A with Patrick Marshall
Google searches won’t trigger spam emails, but Gmail might
can’t type any information into any program; attempts at remedy so far have been futile. Fri, 12/19
How to fund your retirement
Retirement is expensive, and most of us are left to our own devices when it comes to building retirement nest eggs supplemented by Social Security and such things as annuities and pensions. Fri, 12/19
Air France-KLM to delay buying Boeing 777s after profit hit
While Air France-KLM is scheduled to receive a total of five Boeing 777s next year, some deliveries will be postponed starting in 2016. Fri, 12/19
5 purchases you should never put on a debit card
Credit cards offer great security, better fraud support, allow cardholders to earn valuable credit-card rewards and cost nothing to use, as long as all purchases are paid in full every month. Fri, 12/19
A good time to travel in Japan as yen tumbles
Tourists from Southeast Asia flock to Japan — and for American travelers the yen has lost about 30 percent of its value vs the U.S. dollar.  Fri, 12/19
Nation's Housing
Coming up short on home values
Some are skeptical, but a statistical analysis by Quicken Loans shows owners now tend to underestimate the value of their homes, compared with valuations determined by professional appraisers. Fri, 12/19

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Prep girls basketball: Curtis 55, Kentridge 42
Kaelin Williams-Kennedy scores 20 points in first half to get Vikings rolling Sat, 12/20
Cliff Avril gets four-year contract extension from Seahawks
Cliff Avril signed a four-year extension with the Seahawks worth as much as $28.5 million, with $16 million guaranteed. The contract will keep him in Seattle through 2018 and comes a day after the team announced K.J. Wright had signed a similar four-year extension. Fri, 12/19

Bud Withers
Finding an opponent for Gonzaga’s Battle in Seattle becomes a taller task
Scheduling is the Rubik’s Cube of college programs, exemplified by the pairing at Gonzaga’s showcase event of the nation’s No. 8-ranked team and one that a year ago lost 20 games. Fri, 12/19
Huskies’ Nigel Williams-Goss going home to Las Vegas
Washington guard Nigel Williams-Goss, who played at Findlay Prep near Las Vegas, leads the Huskies against Oklahoma at the MGM Grand on Saturday.  Fri, 12/19
Prep boys basketball: Garfield 91, Franklin 55
Jaylen Nowell has 34 points, seven steals for Garfield.  Fri, 12/19
Sounders FC will host New England in season opener next year
Seattle is hosting New England on March 8 in both teams’ opening match of the 2015 Major League Soccer season, the league announced Friday, with the rest of the schedule still yet to be announced. Fri, 12/19
Bud Withers
2014-15 college bowl preview: Plenty to see here
Here you are, chronically behind in holiday shopping, and you’ve got the first five of 38 college bowl games to watch Saturday. And yes, there will be a quiz. Our preview. Fri, 12/19
Host Minnesota routs Seattle U
Carlos Morris scored a season-high 19 points, Mo Walker had 15 points and six rebounds and Minnesota romped past Seattle 92-57 Friday for its sixth straight victory. Fri, 12/19
FIFA officials to release ethics report
FIFA officials said they would release a redacted version of the 430-page report compiled by Michael J. Garcia, the former chief investigator for the governing body of soccer’s ethics committee. Garcia examined allegations of corruption in the World Cup bidding process. Fri, 12/19
Anglers can look forward to springtime salmon runs
In general, the spring chinook forecast is well ahead of the 10-year average, and if the 2015 run comes in as predicted it would be the sixth largest return since 1980. Fri, 12/19
Christian Behrens from Tahoma High scores 20, helps Cal improve to 10-1
Redshirt junior Christian Behrens, who is from Maple Valley and graduated from Tahoma High School, scored a career-high 20 points to help host California beat Eastern Washington 78-67. Cal (10-1) matched its best start since the 1959-60 season. Fri, 12/19
Interim Colorado State coach prepares to face Utah in Las Vegas Bowl
 Fri, 12/19
K.J. Wright gets four-year extension from Seahawks
K.J. Wright was signed to a four-year extension confirmed to be worth as much as $27 million, the Seahawks announced Thursday afternoon. Fri, 12/19
Michael Phelps pleads guilty to DUI, avoids jail time
Swimmer Michael Phelps, a winner of 18 Olympic gold medals, avoided jail time when a judge placed him on 18 months of probation for pleading guilty to driving under the influence for the second time in 10 years. Fri, 12/19
Prep basketball: Lake Washington has a bright spot in freshman Abi Kameric
Kangs lose big to Bellevue, 95-49, but Kameric scores 14.  Fri, 12/19
Prep boys basketball: Bellevue 95, Lake Washington 49
Gunther Klimes scores 22 points for Bellevue in KingCo match-up.  Fri, 12/19
Purses being raised about 20 percent at Emerald Downs for next season
Average daily purse distribution will increase approximately 20 percent for the 2015 live racing season at Emerald Downs. Fri, 12/19
Rushing leader DeMarco Murray is likely to play for Dallas on Sunday
All signs point to DeMarco Murray playing for the Dallas Cowboys against Indianapolis despite the NFL rushing leader’s broken left hand. Fri, 12/19
San Diego Padres get Justin Upton in trade with Atlanta
The San Diego Padres continued their trend of major trades when they landed slugger Justin Upton in a deal with the rebuilding Atlanta Braves. Fri, 12/19
Seahawks are close to completing a stunning turnaround
As the Seahawks go caroling around the NFL, singing the songs they want to hear and stiff-arming anyone attempting to impede their joy, they’re writing a remarkable story without realizing it.  Fri, 12/19
Larry Stone
Seahawks-Cardinals could be an emerging NFC West rivalry
With the 49ers dimming this season, who can replace them as the Seahawks’ primary rival? Turns out there happens to be a team poised to be the ranking Seahawk adversary. And even more conveniently, they happen to be playing the Seahawks in a game rippling with significance. Fri, 12/19
The Seahawks’ Pete Carroll deserves to be in the coach-of-the-year conversation
It doesn’t take much to make an argument that the coaching job he has done this season is better than a year ago. Fri, 12/19
Max Unger, Russell Okung to miss Seahawks game vs. Cardinals
Seattle has two offensive linemen who have made the Pro Bowl — center Max Unger and left tackle Russell Okung. Neither, though, will be available Sunday when the Seahawks play what looms as their biggest regular season game of the season, a showdown at Arizona. Fri, 12/19
Why the Seahawks rewarded Cliff Avril with a contact extension
Cliff Avril has been disruptive all season, and he has done the one thing pass rushers must consistently do: move the quarterback off his spot. Time and again this year Avril did that, and the Seahawks rewarded that consistency with a new four-year extension worth $28.5 million. Fri, 12/19

 Fri, 12/19
On the Air
 Fri, 12/19
Friday’s prep gymnastics results
Results for Friday, Dec. 19 Fri, 12/19
Thursday’s prep gymnastics results
Results for Thursday, Dec. 18 Fri, 12/19
Thursday’s prep swimming results
Results for Thursday, Dec. 18 Fri, 12/19
Thursday’s prep wrestling results
Results for Thursday, Dec. 19 Fri, 12/19
Friday’s prep wrestling results
Results for Friday, Dec. 19 Fri, 12/19
Statewide prep basketball scores
Basketball scores for the week of Dec. 15 Fri, 12/19
Rookie gets hot hand from outside to lead Bulls into Memphis to stop Grizzlies’ six-game win streak
Nikola Mirotic goes 6-for-6 from behind the three-point arc for Chicago Fri, 12/19

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Book review
‘Moriarty:’ on the trail of a Sherlock-style mystery
In “Moriarty,” British novelist Anthony Horowitz creates a Holmes and Watson-like pair, a Scotland Yard inspector and an American private detective, who become involved in the mystery of what happened at Reichenbach Falls.  Sat, 12/20
Craig Ferguson says good night as 'Late Late Show' host
Craig Ferguson will spend tomorrow's future yesterdays (as his theme song proclaims) somewhere other than "The Late Late Show." Friday was his last hoorah after a decade as host of the CBS talk show. Sat, 12/20
NEW - 06:15 AM
Winterfest, Native art holiday sale | Community Corner
Community events for the weekend of Dec. 20-21, 2014, include Seattle Center Winterfest, Native Art Mart Holiday Sale, Snowflake Lane and Model Train Festival. Sat, 12/20
‘All Hail King Julien’ lets the ‘Madagascar’ rave begin
The Netflix series is a prequel, set at the time of Prince Julien’s ascension to the lemur throne after his Uncle King Julien suddenly abdicates. Fri, 12/19
PNW Magazine
PNB’s Stowell/Sendak ‘Nutcracker’ takes a final bow
This holiday is the last season for the beloved production, running annually since 1983. For kids of all ages, ‘Nutcracker’ brought dreams to life, on and off the stage. Fri, 12/19


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NEW - 06:14 AM
Dear Carolyn
How to respond to comments on 10-year-old’s beauty
Advice columnist Carolyn Hax: Asking daughter how she feels about this could lead to an interesting conversation about looks and values.  Sat, 12/20
PNW Magazine
2014 in pictures, from The Seattle Times photographers
Our shooters are always searching for the story, from the everyday to the exceptional. The past year gave us Super Bowl winning highs, and the tragedies of the mudslide near Oso and two area school shootings. And much in between. Fri, 12/19
NEW - 10:03 AM
Now & Then
A glance at Seattle’s First Ave. and Madison St., 1905
Until it went dark in 1967, the theater at the southeast corner had many names. Since 1974, though, the Henry M. Jackson Federal Office Building has occupied that spot. Fri, 12/19
NEW - 12:07 PM
BroVo Spirits brings bartenders into the cocktail-making mix
To determine a flavor profile, broVo asked seven Seattle-area bartenders if they’d like to create an amaro. To the company’s surprise, they all agreed. Thus was born “Project Amaro.” It soon expanded to other cities. Fri, 12/19
NEW - 12:11 PM
Northwest Living
Here’s how professional decorators dress their home for the holidays
Through collections and connections, this couple revels in holiday cheer with ornaments from Radko, a tree from Balsam Hill, and more. Oh, so very much more. Fri, 12/19
NEW - 11:12 AM
Fit for Life
Indoor surfing is a test of balance, a lesson in strength
The Surfset surfboards balance on rubber balls and allow you to practice carving waves in relative safety close to the floor. Fri, 12/19
NEW - 11:07 AM
The Natural Gardener
It’s winter; the garden is resting, and we should, too
Austerity and decay have their attractions, especially when you know full well that beneath the soil, roots and bulbs are regenerating, preparing for spring.  Fri, 12/19
NEW - 11:27 AM
The Grapevine
Washington’s most celebrated grape grower, Paul Champoux, retires
It’s been a career of soaring heights and tragic lows. When, in 2009, the resilient Champoux was at the top of his game, everything he’d worked for came crashing down. Fri, 12/19

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Travel & Outdoors

Coming up: Events beyond Seattle
Plan ahead with this roundup of regional festivals and celebrations. Fri, 12/19

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NEW - 08:00 AM
Guest: A fragile peace in the aftermath of the Marysville-Pilchuck shooting
The shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High has had a devastating affect on the families of the victims, the students who survived, and on the communities of Marysville and Tulalip.  Sat, 12/20
Editorial: The Seattle Police Department is on the path to getting policing right
Seattle police reforms are a work in progress, but citizens finally have hope that trust is being rebuilt.  Fri, 12/19
Guest: As Seattle grows, will the community and character stay?
To be a great city, Seattle must also be a good city for its residents, writes guest columnist Taso G. Lagos. Fri, 12/19
Enjoy this fleeting whiff of congressional bipartisanship
Last week’s taste of bipartisanship seems likely to be brief, writes Dallas Morning News columnist Carl P. Leubsdorf Fri, 12/19

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