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Friday, August 2, 2002 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific
Material on this page was published when Seahawks Stadium, now called Qwest Field, opened in 2002.
Fascinating facts about the stadium

• Spanning 720 feet, the roof span is comparable in length to 24-adult orca whales lined up head to tail.

• The new stadium has more than enough bricks to cover every professional football field west of Dallas.

• Enough concrete was laid during construction (10,000 cubic yards) to build a three-foot-wide sidewalk from Seattle to Boise, Idaho.

• If you lined up all the trucks that poured concrete, you'd have a line running from Tacoma to Everett. That's 8,888 trucks covering 52 miles.

• The closest seats are only 52 feet away from the players.

• The weight of all the concrete is equivalent to a stack of Honda Civics more than 35 miles high.

• Public amenities include restaurants, retail spaces, 48 concession areas, 63 restrooms and 11 elevators.

• Seating capacity is 72,000, with 67,000 fixed seats and an additional 5,000 seats for special events.

• The beer conduit system holds 142.5 pony kegs worth of beer. That's 18,240 pints of beer.

• More than 35,000 recycled tennis shoes and 30,000 recycled tires were used for the fieldturf that serves as the playing surface.

• Seahawks Stadium contains 3,756 miles of cable — the distance from New York to Luxembourg.

• 70 percent of all seats in the open-air stadium are under cover.

• Cost of the stadium and adjoining exhibition center and parking garage is $430 million.

• A total of 1,400 seats are for people with disabilities and their companions.

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