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Friday, August 2, 2002 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific
Material on this page was published when Seahawks Stadium, now called Qwest Field, opened in 2002.
Construction & design

link  The locker rooms
Locker rooms: the home-room advantage

By Cecil Cross II
Seattle Times staff reporter
The Seahawks' locker room has 73 cubicles for players, 24 for coaches and 25 for other team staff.

It's every athlete's sanctuary.

It's where coaches earn their paychecks, where dreams start and dynasties end. It's the locker room, and at Seahawks Stadium, no expense was spared.

Well, for the home team, anyway. The state-of-the-art locker room covers 16,000 square feet under the seats at the south end of the stadium. It's twice as big as the locker rooms at the Kingdome. It features coaches rooms, interview rooms, a training room, hot tub, cold plunge, televisions, game-time countdown clocks and king-size bathrooms, as well as separate locker rooms for both football and soccer home and visiting teams.

"We worked with the Seahawks to make sure the locker-room facility exceeded their needs," said Tom Chiado, assistant project manager for the stadium.

The Seahawks' lockers are arranged in sections, allowing players who play the same position to have lockers next to each other, all with blue leather chairs. Each area will have a TV set suspended over the long, blue lockers.

The visitors' locker room is smaller and more Spartan than the home team's digs, but it is still roomy compared to many in the league.
The floor and wall tiles in the bathroom area of the Seahawks' locker room are off-white, sprinkled with small blue and gray squares. Mirrors are noticeably higher than average, as are the shower heads. Among all the locker rooms, there are 47 shower stalls.

However, the visiting locker room isn't as lavish as the home team's. It's smaller; the lockers are cramped next to each other. While the Seahawks have 73 lockers, the visiting team is limited to 60. And players don't have the luxury of sitting together by position.

It's not an open forum. It's actually set up more like a maze due to its location at the corner of the stadium.

Although TVs are scattered throughout, there aren't as many as there are in the Seahawks' locker room.

Coach Mike Holmgren has a small office.

"It's just functional," Chiado said. "It's just a pregame, postgame office."

Holmgren's desk and drawing board consume the majority of the territory, leaving what's left to his personal belongings, which haven't been brought in yet.

The area players use to evade the media, the training room, is quite spacious. Athletes can choose from 15 enlarged, leather training tables. Trainers will have more than enough room to mend injuries and handle emergency situations.

The navy-blue locker-room floors were carpeted to accommodate cleaning blood and sweat. The hot tub and cool plunge sit adjacent to each other in the same room and can seat up to eight people.

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