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1. Ichiro set a Mariner rookie record with how many consecutive games with a hit?
a. 20
b. 23
c. 7
d. 16

2. Ichiro played in 2000 for the Orix BlueWave. What city does that team call home?
a. Kobe
b. Tokyo
c. Kyoto
d. Hiroshima

3. What is Ichiro's wife's name?
a. Aiko
b. Yoko
c. Yumiko
d. Hoshi

4. What was Ichiro's batting average in 2000 when he was with the BlueWave?
a. .387
b. .357
c. .297
d. .457

5. Ichiro's uniform number is 51. What other famous ex-Mariner wore that number?
a. Ken Griffey Jr.
b. Alex Rodriguez
c. Randy Johnson
d. Tino Martinez

6. In 2001, Ichiro finished first in batting average and stolen bases. Who was the last person to accomplish this feat?
a. Rickey Henderson
b. Brooks Robinson
c. Ty Cobb
d. Jackie Robinson

7. Which Mariners club record does Ichiro NOT hold?
a. Most multi-hit games
b. Most steals
c. Most infield singles
d. Most games hit safely

8. How many times did Ichiro win AL Rookie of the month in 2001?
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. Six

9. How many times did Ichiro strike out in 2001?
a. 98
b. 71
c. 53
d. 36

10. Which team did Ichiro have the most success against in 2001?
a. Texas Rangers
b. Oakland A's
c. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
d. Anaheim Angels

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