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Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez
Seattle residence? On an island.
Fave raves:
Web site -- Anything to do with sports.
Reading -- Pat Riley's "The Winner Within."
Movie -- "Wall Street." I enjoy the stock market and I'm a big Michael Douglas fan.
Actress -- Demi Moore.
Food -- Sushi and various kinds of pasta.
Clubhouse fare -- Peanut butter and jelly.
Seattle spot -- Downtown, by the water.
First car: A 1986 Mazda 323 I got from my brother.
First sports hero: Cal Ripken, of course.
First break: Mr. Arteaga, father of J.D. Arteaga, a lefty in the Mets' system. He was the coach of the 12- to 13-year-old team who put me on the team at age 9. I played short and caught the pitchers who threw hard because I was the only one that could.
If you didn't play baseball, what would you do? I'm fascinated by real estate, but no matter what kind of business I was in I'd still like to do something working with kids.
Best part of baseball: Practice.
Hardest part of baseball: I love everything in the game, around the game. I dislike the travel.
First impression of Seattle: A quiet, soothing place.

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