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Jay Buhner

Jay Buhner
Residence: We're finishing our family estate in Issaquah.
Fave raves:
Reading -- Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's, a fishing and outdoor magazine.
Movie -- "The 13th Warrior"
Food -- Steak
Restaurant -- Jaks Grill, Issaquah
Television -- Cartoon Network with the kids, and AMC.
A good way to relax: On my ranch, on my tractor.
First car: Plymouth Horizon, 1982.
First sports heroes: Kenny Stabler, the Snake. Willie Stargell. He had such a big presence. I like guys who could hit it out of the park.
If you didn't play baseball, what would you do? I'd be doing something outdoors, a ranger or a biologist.
Best part of baseball: The camaraderie and the competition.
Recreation on the road: If I get the opportunity, I'll go fishing. Or catch up on my sleep.
Favorite city on the road: Texas (Arlington), because I get to see my family.
Family: Wife, Leah. Three children: Brielle, 8; Chase, 6; and Gunnar, 5.

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Interview by Bob Sherwin, The Seattle Times

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