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Mark McLemore

Mark McLemore
Residence: Issaquah
Fave raves:
Books -- "I, Tina" (Tina Turner's autobiography)
Movie -- "Boyz N the Hood"
Food -- Anything my wife cooks. Seriously. She's a great cook, but my favorite is probably her lasagna.
Web site -- Anything to do with Porsches or Ferraris.
Place -- Home. I'm a homebody.
First car: A 1979 Datsun, back when they were called Datsuns, a 280-ZX.
First sports heroes: My three older brothers, who exposed me to playing baseball. Levin, two years older, was the best athlete.
If you didn't play baseball, what would you do? I'd probably be an attorney or banker. My brothers were in banking.
Best part of baseball: The competition.
Hardest part of baseball: The politics around the game, the dishonesty in the game. It's a long list.
First impression of Seattle: That it's a beautiful place when the sun's out. Honestly, I didn't like it for years because the Angels were playing there when they sent me down the first time (1986).
Recreation on the road: In some cities I shop, in some I stay in my hotel room. I'm not a big restaurant person; the food doesn't impress me.

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Interview by Bob Finnigan, The Seattle Times

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