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John Olerud

Fave raves:
Books -- I like Robert Ludlum's "The Bourne Identity" and Tom Clancy's "The Hunt For Red October."
Movie -- I like an extreme range, from comedies like "The Naked Gun" to action like "The Hunt For Red October."
Food -- A good steak.
Web site -- It's a Christian site I really enjoy.
First car: 1980 Toyota Corolla hatchback I got in 1986.
First sports hero: The guy I respected the most was George Brett, but that was when I was in junior high.
Your first break came from: Probably Pat Gillick, who signed me when he was Toronto's GM.
If you didn't play baseball, what would you do? I'd be a teacher or a coach, I think.
Best part of baseball: The challenge, always trying to get better at a game that constantly humbles you.
Hardest part of baseball: The humbling -- a strikeout when the team needs runs, an error that costs runs.
First memory of Seattle: Lakewood Playfield on Angeline Street, in the Seward Park neighborhood, where I first learned to play sports.
Favorite Seattle place: Kelly and I haven't been in Seattle enough lately to have one. We're trying out different places.
Recreation on the road: Walk and find different enjoyable spots.

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Interview by Bob Finnigan, The Seattle Times

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