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Aaron Sele

Aaron Sele
Where do you live? Eastside.
Fave raves:
Reading: "The Hobbit."
Movie: Anything with Robin Williams or Tom Hanks.
Food: Anything I didn't have to cook, although I do barbecue wild game.
Seattle spot: The Seattle Aquarium.
Web site: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (
First car: A 1976 Opel Manta. It cost $100 and we put in $100 parts and sold it four months later for $400.
First sports hero: Kirby Puckett of the Minnesota Twins. I loved the way he loved the game. He didn't have a classic build for baseball, but he always played hard and with enthusiasm.
If you didn't play baseball, what would you do? I studied psychology in school, so I'd be working as a sports psychologist or with kids.
Best part of baseball: The game itself, the pitcher versus batter.
Toughest part of baseball: Travel.
What do you do on the road? I sleep after games; before, I just get together with some of the guys for lunch.

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Interview by Bob Finnigan, The Seattle Times

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