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Pigs on Parade

August 17, 2001

Hog Heaven!

Some little piggies go to Pike Place Market. A lot of little piggies came to The Seattle Times instead.

We asked for your pig designs, and boy, did we get 'em. We got pigs from school classrooms, adult day-care centers, local artists, even one from prison. We got pigs pasted with pine needles, plastic jewels, Mariners pictures, candy, glitter and fur. We got close to 2,000 pigs.

We wish we could share them all with you, but pigs tend to hog a lot of space on our pages. Here are a few for you to enjoy, and remember to drop by and see hundreds of your pigs that now adorn our Fairview Hammy, 1120 John St., in front of The Seattle Times.

A pig thanks to all who participated!

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More Pigs - Another gallery of readers' pigs


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