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July - December 2001

July 1, 2001
Dust to dust: In Concrete, a town's fate is cast

July 8, 2001
Outdoor Living 2001

July 15, 2001
Leaving a mark: At branding time, a ranching family honors Old West ways

July 22, 2001
Rooster tales: On legends and gearheads, hydro hope floats

July 29, 2001
The land baroness of Fremont: Suzie Burke reshapes the neighborhood

Aug. 5, 2001
Cute counts: In the survival game, seals play the charm card

Aug. 12, 2001
Brewing in Seattle: Can a cup of coffee save songbirds and farmers?

Aug. 19, 2001
The mystery children: Unraveling the deep, daily mysteries of autism

Aug. 26, 2001
The accidental historian: Paul Dorpat, Seattle's itinerant chronicler finds meaning in the mundane

Sept. 2, 2001
Cobain: Charles R. Cross' new book follows a rock icon's arc from Aberdeen to the applause that was never enough

Sept. 9, 2001
Fall books: Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry. People. Local. Gardening. Fitness.

Sept. 16, 2001
Mapping a city's history

Sept. 23, 2001
Footloose: A unique perspective on people, from the ground up

Sept 30, 2001
A sweet ride: On this little river ferry, moments are made to waste, or remember

Oct. 7, 2001
Aiming high: In kite country, imagination soars

Oct. 14, 2001
A toast to the savvy servers

Oct. 21, 2001
Healing: Together, cancer survivors retreat, reflect, fish — and go forward

Oct. 28, 2001
Fall Home Design: Small is beautiful

Nov. 4, 2001
Behind the curtain: Director Linda Hartzell defines her life and work by acts of hope

Nov. 11, 2001
The other Port Townsend: Where people work hard to live simply

Nov. 18, 2001
Class that lasts: In these time-honored places, we find good food, good company, good vibrations

Nov. 25, 2001
Border line: Security hangs on a word, a glance, a feeling in the gut

Dec. 2, 2001
Self-made Maria: Determined to change the game, our freshman senator discovers the game is change

Dec. 9, 2001
Where the spirit dwells: In Morris Graves' houses, a window to the artist's soul

Dec. 16, 2001
Parallel lives: Weirdness and wonder, tenderness and tragedy along Latitude 47

Dec. 23, 2001
Toy stories: These are a few of our favorite things

Dec. 30, 2001
Pictures of the Year: 2001 | A Retrospective


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