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The Internet has made researching cancer and other illnesses considerably easier than it was a decade ago. But often information is posted as much (if not more) to sell products as to inform patients, so it's a good idea to pay attention to sources and sponsors. Here are some Web sites and phone numbers that may be helpful to patients, families and friends of people with breast cancer and other cancers.

American Cancer Society: 800-227-2345;

National Cancer Institute: 800-422-6237; (includes information on complementary and alternative medicine)

The American Holistic Medical Association: 505-292-7788;

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations: 888-806-2226;

The Susan Love MD Breast Cancer Foundation: (includes a Breast Cancer Decision Support feature)

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization: 800-221-2141;

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation: 800-462-9273;


Cancer Guide: (a nice site about researching a cancer diagnosis, put together by a cancer survivor)

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published Nov. 22, 1992
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