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Crunch to start, yoga to tone, Pilates to sculpt and more yoga to relax
 Video jacket
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Video jacket
Video jacket
"Crunch: Pick Your Spot Pilates" (35 minutes, $9.95;; 800-433-6769). Reviewed by Gwen Eakers, 44, of Seattle.

"I enjoyed watching and working out with this Pilates tape, my first time trying Pilates," said Eakers, though she wished the model demonstrating beginner moves had been better shown more often. She felt a need for more stretching than the video demonstrated, and she was disappointed when the hip-hop music at the beginning changed to elevator music. Each 10-minute segment worked one body part: belly, rear or thighs. "This video is great if you have a busy lifestyle (who doesn't?) and you want to get in some exercise in several short time periods."

"Wai Lana Yoga: Toning Workout" (35 minutes, $19.95;; 800-228-5145). Reviewed by Ginger Oppenheimer, 47, of Bellingham.

"If someone is new to yoga or trying to find a soothing way to release stress, Wai Lana's easy toning yoga workout video might be a nice way to start out," said Oppenheimer. She found Wai Lana's voice calming and the settings appealing. "She explains what she is doing through every step, the camera work helps clarify what she is saying, and the progression of the workout is logical." But although Wai Lana talks about modifications, she never shows any, and there are no other models. "This is a real drawback — I think beginners could actually hurt themselves if they do what she does without modifying some of it," Oppenheimer said.

"Stott Pilates: Total Body Sculpting with Moira" (43 minutes, $14.95;; 800-910-0001). Reviewed by Linda Snyder, 48, of Mountlake Terrace.

"Over the years I have done various methods of Pilates," said Snyder, "but using a stretch band and doing this particular method of Pilates was a first for me." She liked Moira Merrithew's clear and deliberate instructions and the soft music. She had difficulty mastering the stretch band and keeping it in place during some movements. "I found the tape to be on the relaxing side and not challenging enough," she said, and recommended it for beginners or those seeking a relaxing version of Pilates.

"Yoga Journal's Yoga for Relaxation" (75 minutes, $14.95;; 877-364-2935). Reviewed by Laryn Anderson, 45, of Bellevue.

Patricia Walden leads the restorative session of this video, in which poses don't involve working the body but undoing, as well as improving circulation and strengthening the immune system. "I couldn't do some of the poses in this session," Anderson said, "because I didn't have some of the props needed," such as a strap, bolster, blankets and chair, which the video jacket doesn't mention. "I also don't have an empty wall area to do some of the poses."

Anderson found herself using Rodney Yee's second session more, which emphasizes letting go and letting gravity take you into the various poses, and requires a chair and a belt. "I really like his calming, soothing voice and presentation." Anderson found both sessions easy to understand and follow, and the music very relaxing. She liked the video and uses it once in a while when she wants to relax. She prefers, however, a DVD by Yee, Walden and Suzanne Deason called "The All-Day Yoga Workout for Beginners" ($20,, 877-989-6321), which has a.m., stress-relief and p.m. sessions.

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