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Traveling Light
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Traveling Light
Paris, France Provence, France Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Locals say the ancient rocks at Proleek Dolmen near Dundalk, Ireland, mark the grave of a Scottish giant.

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By Rosanne Olson
Special to The Seattle Times

During the past four years, I have traveled in Europe, Mexico and the United States, taking pictures with my pinhole camera, which is essentially a box with a tiny pinhole to let in light.

This rather simple system has replaced the relatively compact trappings of my usual travel-photography work - cameras, lenses, light meters and a lightweight tripod.

Now my suitcase weighs in at about 100 pounds, the same as I do. It contains (aside from the camera): a sturdy tripod, Polaroid large-format film, baggies for water, chemicals for processing, two buckets for washing negatives, a clothesline and some clothespins.

This travel photography is far less convenient. Yet, like Alice in Wonderland, I find that I have tumbled through the pinhole into an unexpected kind of travel adventure.

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