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Army Spc. Jonathan J. Santos A bookworm, Army Spc. Jonathan J. Santos enlisted in the Army so his mother wouldn’t have to pay for college. “When he was in Iraq he gathered about 75 books, so somebody named him ‘the librarian,’(” said his mother, Doris Kent. Santos, 22, of Bellingham, died Oct. 15, 2004, from injuries suffered in an attack on his vehicle in Karabilah, Iraq. He was based at Fort Bragg, N.C. Santos enlisted in the Army’s Delayed Entry Program in 2000 and entered the service with a four-year commitment after graduating the following spring. He studied Arabic and became a linguist. As a high-school wrestler, Kent was a hard worker who helped out his teammates and rose to any occasion, beating kids “he probably wasn’t supposed to beat,” said his coach, Scott Schroyer. “Wrestling’s a sport where you’ve got to be emotionally tough and you’ve got to show courage and he did that,” Schroyer said.