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Monday, January 7, 2001 - 12:00 a.m. Pacific

52 unsolved slayings apart from the Green River cases
From 1982 through 2000, there were 52 unsolved slayings of women in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Lewis counties that are not officially attributed to the Green River killer but bear some resemblance to those serial killings, according to analysis of state Department of Health records and information from police detectives and Seattle Times archives. The homicide victims, between the ages of 13 and 40, were either strangled or died of an unspecified assault, and their killers have not been found, according to police. Numbers on the map show where bodies were found. The date in the text indicates month and year of death, when the person was last seen or when the remains were found if date of death is unknown.

Source: State Department of Health, law-enforcement agencies, Seattle Times archives

1. Leann Virginia Wilcox, 16, January 1982 in Auburn. Her body was found in a storage yard of a South King County landscape contractor. An arrest was made, but the case against the suspect was dismissed for lack of evidence.

2. Virginia Kay Taylor, 19, January 1982 in Seattle. She was a nude dancer at a First Avenue amusement center and was found strangled in a vacant lot near South Seattle Community College.

3. Oneida L. Peterson, 24, February 1982 in Sultan. Peterson was last seen waiting for a bus from Marysville to Everett.

4. Theresa Kline, 27, April 1982 in Seattle. She was last seen hitchhiking outside a tavern on Aurora Avenue North.

5. Linda Jane Rule, 16, September 1982 in Seattle. Her remains were found in a shallow depression outside Northwest Hospital. She had been convicted of prostitution.

6. Kristen Inger Sumstad, 13, November 1982 in Seattle. Her body was discovered inside a large television box behind a repair shop on 34th Avenue West in Seattle.

7. Kimberly Anne Reams, 27, June 1983 in rural Pierce County. Her nude body was discovered on a sandbar in the Nisqually River.

8. Kathleen H. Arita, 38, May 1984 in Kent. The Boeing computer- operator's body was found near Star Lake.

9. Monika Anderson, 31, June 1984. She was last seen working as a prostitute; her body was found on the banks of the Chehalis River.

10.* Unidentified woman, 21, July 1985 in rural Snohomish County.

11. Roberta D. Strasbaugh, 18, September 1985 in Centralia. She was last seen walking along a road in Thurston County after running out of gas. Her body was found in a remote logging area of Lewis County.

12. Denise L. Sallee, 17, January 1986 in rural Pierce County. She disappeared from a Tacoma shopping-mall bowling alley in January and was found partly buried in Parkland in March 1986.

13. Shan M. Morehouse, 15, February 1986 in Seattle. Her body was found in the woods off Seward Park in Seattle.

14. Kimberly K. Fourie, 16, March 1986 in rural Snohomish County. At the time of Fourie's disappearance, police disclosed that she recently had been threatened by her former boyfriend; however, the case remains unsolved.

15. Kimberly A. Payne, 16, October 1986 in Tacoma.

16. Patricia Mitchelle Barczak, 19, October 1986 in Auburn. She was last seen getting on a Metro bus.

17. Stephanie Louie, 18, August 1986 in woods near Eatonville. Last seen by a family member August 1983 at an Omak rodeo.

18. Roberta Joseph Hays, 20, February 1987 in rural King County.

19.* Toni Hawkins, 15, June 1987 in rural Pierce County.

20. Debbie A. Gonzales, 14, August 1987 in rural King County. Her body was found in the woods off Auburn-Black Diamond Highway west of Black Diamond. The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide but was unable to determine a cause of death.

21. Rose M. Kurran, 16, August 1987 in rural King County. Her body was left in a plastic bag east of Sea-Tac Airport. She liked to hitchhike and was last seen on Pacific Highway South.

22. Helga C. Johnson, 22, October 1987 in Tacoma.

23. Unidentified woman, teens or early 20s, Jan. 1, 1988, in Snohomish County, northwest of Bothell.

24. Unidentified woman, teens or early 20s, March 24, 1988, along Highway 18 in Tacoma.

25. Shannon L. Pease, 15, April 1988 in Tacoma. She was found April 4, 1988, in a field in Lakewood. She was believed to have disappeared April 3, 1988, from Ponders Corner in the Tacoma area.

26. Kimberly A. DeLange, 15, July 1988 in rural King County. Her body was found Aug. 20, 1988, east of Enumclaw off Highway 410, near the area where Anna Chebetnoy's body later was found. DeLange was last seen at a Puyallup shopping center.

27. Tracy J. Whitney, 18, August 1988. Her body was found near the Linden Bridge in Pierce County.

28. Robin M. Kenworthy, 20, October 1988 in rural Snohomish County. Her nude body was found Oct. 22, 1988, beneath a pile of logs off a logging road two miles north of Index.

29. Kerry Ann Walker, 15, December 1988 in Renton. The Renton High School freshman was last seen Dec. 20, 1988, when her mother, leaving for work, peeked in a room and saw her sleeping.

30. Marta Kalas Reeves, 36, March 1990 in rural King County. She was found Sept. 20, 1990, eight miles east of Enumclaw off Highway 410. Reeves was believed to have disappeared from Seattle, where she had been arrested twice for prostitution.

31. Colleen D. McKay, 28, June 1990 in Seattle. Her body was found in her car; she was not immediately discovered because she had been covered with coats. McKay socialized in North Seattle taverns and may have gone to one to get something to eat.

32. Sun Nyo Lee, 36, July 1990. Skull found southwest of Monroe near Snoqualmie River off High Bridge Road.

33. Tracey L. Wooten, 26, an alleged prostitute, August 1990 in Tacoma.

34. Michelle E. Koski, 17, August 1990 in Snohomish. She was found Aug. 25, 1990, southwest of Monroe, near the intersection of Highway 522 and Echo Lake Road.

35. Anna L. Chebetnoy, 14, August 1990 in rural King County. She was found Sept. 17, 1991, off Highway 410 east of Enumclaw. She was last seen in Puyallup, and her remains were found near those of Kimberly DeLange.

36. Tia M. Hicks, 20, November 1990 in Mountlake Terrace. Her body was found April 22, 1991, in a cabin cruiser parked in Mountlake Terrace on 220th Street Southwest between Highway 99 and I-5.

37. Dawn R. Jennings, 37, May 1991 in rural King County.

38. Mignon S. Hensley, 21, June 1991 in rural Lewis County. She was about seven months pregnant.

39. Unidentified woman, teens or early 20s, July 6, 1991, near North Bend.

40. Unidentified woman, Sept. 6, 1991, near Fall City.

41. Unidentified woman, teens or early 20s, Sept. 11, 1991, east of Enumclaw.

42. Sarah M. Habakangas, 17, November 1991 in rural King County. She had been arrested for prostitution a short time before her death.

43. Margaret Roseannn Hodsdon, 16, December 1991 in Seattle. A social worker and family members told police the girl had walked away from a Department of Social and Health Services facility after being arrested for investigation of prostitution.

44. Sarah L. Yarborough, 16, December 1991 in Federal Way. She was found strangled on the grounds of Federal Way High School. Police have speculated she was probably forced out of her car within a minute or two of arriving at school by the assailant, who may have had a weapon.

45. Misty Donna Copsey, 22, February 1992 in Puyallup.

46. Nicole Michelle French, 19, November 1992 in North Bend. French had been arrested by King County sheriff's deputies on prostitution charges during her short time in the Seattle area.

47. Mia Katherine Zapata, 27, July 1993 in Seattle. The lead singer for an up-and-coming punk band called The Gits, Zapata had been beaten, raped and strangled by the drawstrings of her own sweatshirt.

48. Loreen Marie Branson, 27, February 1995 in Kent. Before her death, she had been arrested twice for prostitution.

49. Denise Elaine Simon, 32, July 1997 in Kent. Simon was last seen in the early hours of July 19 after she had left a party in the SeaTac area and hitchhiked to a friend's home in a South Central Avenue mobile-home park in Kent. Police say that after she was dropped off, she never met up with the friend and may have decided to walk to her home on Kent's East Hill.

50. Crystal Lavelle Williams, 33, January 1998 in Seattle. No official cause of death, but police consider it a homicide.

51. Denise Linnea Carlstedt, 37, April 1999 in Seattle. Her body was found in a car in Boulevard Park.

52. Cam Lee Totty, 24, May 1999 in Edmonds. Her body was found behind an auto-repair shop on Highway 99 on May 15. Police identified a male acquaintance as a "person of interest," but an arrest has not been made.

* Not shown on map because exact location where body was found was unavailable.

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