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Black and gold: Both top acting honors go to African Americans for first time
History was made at the Academy Award ceremony last night when African-American actors... [Mar. 25, 2002]

Monsters' brawl: It's anybody's Oscars
Math men and can-cans and elves, oh my! It's been an odd movie year, and an even odder Oscar season. When the... [Mar. 24, 2002]

A likely story...Who's Nicole bringing? Who's Russell going to slug?
We've already talked about who's Most Likely to Succeed, and it's too early to say who's Best Dressed, but here are... [Mar. 24, 2002]

The Razzies: And the loser is ... Tom Green! Again!
Tom Green swept the "Razzies" awards yesterday for his much-reviled comedy "Freddy Got Fingered" — and was the first actor to accept an... [Mar. 20, 2002]

Popcorn comes home from the movies
When the Academy Awards show starts Sunday, one movie-perfect food — popcorn — will be served at most Oscars-themed parties... [Mar. 20, 2002]

African-American actors made history Sunday night at the 74th annual Academy Awards. Read the details and see a complete list of winners.

Memorable scenes from this year's Oscars.

Oscar duds, affectionately named after Björk's 2001 dead-swan stunner.

Best picture
Best director
Best actor
Best actress
Best supporting actor
Best supporting actress
More nominees...

Can you beat Seattle Times movie critic Moira Macdonald's Oscar predictions? Print this ballot and give it a shot.

Moira's Dubious Achievement Awards
Golden Globe Awards
Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards
Directors Guild of America Awards
Writers Guild of America Awards
People's Choice Awards

Got questions? Film critic Moira Macdonald has the answers in a series of Oscar FAQs.

A Beautiful Mind: Test your Oscar IQ with our weekly trivia questions.

In the Bedroom: All the latest Hollywood gossip.

Fellowship of the Ring: Joining friends for Oscars night? Here's the scoop on local Oscar parties.

Moulin Rouge: Bring back the cancan! Why dance numbers should return to the Oscars.

Gosford Park: A look at British nominees past and present.

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