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Monday, March 13, 2000
Tips for small business management
  • Assume innocence. Start by assuming and treating the other person as if he or she had good intentions. If someone is out to get you, he or she will often change course and live up to your positive expectations.

  • Know yourself. If you aren't conscious of your own motivations, reactions and feelings, you can't imagine your communication with others. You will constantly feel frustrated by why other people are upset with you.

  • Stop blaming other people and look at your own behavior. Your position as a business owner carries authority with clients and employees. People will often react to you strongly with unfinished issues about other authority figures, including parents. You need to learn how to navigate these emotional currents and stop waiting for other people to make your life easy.

  • Expect that learning new ways of communication will feel abnormal, silly and frustrating. Effective communication is not natural; it is a learned art that takes time and practice.

  • The hardest part of your business will not be the technical side; it will be dealing with people. If you don't choose to learn tools for handling people better, you will limit your productivity and success.

  • There are many business that can offer your customers what you offer; there are few that are staffed by management and employees with high-level people skills. Business people who learn these skills increasingly enjoy a competitive advantage in their field.
-- Daneen Skube


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