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In addition to the Public Records Act, a Seattle Times study for the 1992 Legislature revealed that there are over 150 isolated statutes that declare specific records confidential, secret or exempt from disclosure. These laws are generally valid. Some fall within one of the general exemptions set forth above, although some are difficult to categorize, such as:

1. Bank examination reports.

2. Auto accident reports.

3. Driving records.

4. Information relating to the administration of industrial insurance and employment security programs.

5. Voter registration cards.

6. Records or documents which have been given to a college, university, library or archive as a gift.

7. Certain records of the impaired physician program.

8. Information on commercial fertilizer distribution.

9. License applications for a concealed weapons permit.

10. Adoption and parentage records.

11. Welfare records.

12. Fireworks information.

13. Health care information in the files of health care providers.

14. License applications for check cashers.

15. Names and individual identification data of viators regulated by the Insurance Commissioner.

16. Insurance antifraud plans provided to the Insurance Commissioner.

17. Certain information concerning material transactions in the health care industry.