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Travel Wise

Saturday, March 29

Beating data fees while you roam | Travel Wise

Pros and cons of key strategies for going online and keeping in touch as you travel.

Saturday, March 15

Join the crowd in airport PreCheck lines | Travel Wise

The Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck airport security screening lanes are opening up to a host of new travelers, some of whom slow down what should be a fast lane.

Saturday, March 8

Should you pay for cruise, or other travel, with e-check? | Travel Wise

E-checks — electronic debits to your checking account — can be a convenient and sometimes discounted way to pay, but you give up some important consumer protections.

Saturday, March 1

Getting your travel rights in any language | Travel Wise

Linguistic help and knowledge of the rules let travelers claim compensation for flight delays and other travel problems.

Saturday, January 25

Checking into credit-card fraud at hotels | Travel Wise

After checking in at a Vegas hotel, two guests find fraudulent charges made on their credit cards. What can hotel guests do to protect themselves?

Saturday, November 23

Travel Wise | A long wait for food at Seattle’s train station

It’s a slow process to get cafes, shops at Seattle’s spiffed-up King Street Station.

Saturday, November 9

Travel Wise | A smorgasbord of tips on holiday travel

Plan ahead to fend off hassles in the air, on the road or by rail.

Saturday, October 19

Travel Wise | Getting help with airline-ticket problems

If you got your flight through an online travel agency, who should help you? The airline or the agency?

Saturday, October 12

Travel Wise | Getting better advice on Mexico safety

The U.S. State Department has gotten more specific, and useful, in its travel warnings on Mexico and other countries.

Saturday, October 5

Travel Wise | Child-free zones created by some airlines

Carriers are trying to balance the needs of families with those of customers who want a peaceful trip.