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Travel Wise

Sunday, July 27
Travelers beware: No vacation from scams | Travel Wise

Beware of scams in hotels and online, plus tips for keeping your home secure.

Sunday, July 20

Women may face travel’s dark side | Travel Wise

Female travelers can face everything from groping to, in rare cases, deadly attacks. But quantifying the violence against women — and the risk — is difficult.

Sunday, July 13

Traveling in Europe? Get chip-and-PIN credit card | Travel Wise

Encountering misadventures abroad with a standard — and old-fashioned — American “swipe and sign” credit card.

Sunday, July 6

Beware of smaller size limits for carry-ons | Travel Wise

Airlines such as American, Delta and United have more precise carry-on b size limits that may be enforced, forcing passengers to check their bags.

Sunday, June 29

Be wary of travel ‘flash’ sales | Travel Wise

When Gerald Annable books a cruise at a special rate but finds a lower price the same day, he’s frustrated by not being able to get the lower fare.

Sunday, June 22

Getting safe Wi-Fi on the road | Travel Wise

How to safeguard your privacy and passwords when using free Wi-Fi networks.

Saturday, May 24

How to have a hassle-free trip

Ways to avoid some common travel mistakes.

Saturday, May 17

The smart way to travel with a smartphone | Travel Wise

Get a new plan with no-extra-cost overseas data, or adapt one of these strategies for avoiding a nasty bill when you get home.

Saturday, April 26

Traveling with pets can take big financial bite | Travel Wise

Airlines and some hotels sock it to people who take along their dogs and cats.

Saturday, April 19

How to avoid mosquito bites — and diseases | Travel Wise

Mosquitoes can transmit debilitating diseases, including malaria, yellow fever and dengue, and they pounce upon travelers in many of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Saturday, March 29

Beating data fees while you roam | Travel Wise

Pros and cons of key strategies for going online and keeping in touch as you travel.