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Travel Wise

Sunday, January 11

How to save on travel, from rental cars to rooms

Use FlightCar and Airbnb, consider package trips and stay in Long Island City if you’re going to New York.

Travel trends: Cheaper Europe, ‘chip’ credit cards and cat cafes | Travel Wise

What travelers can expect in 2015, from getting there to staying there plus travel technology.

Sunday, December 14

Confronting a hotel’s credit-card hold | Travel Wise

In a routine practice that remains something of a mystery to many travelers, hotels can place pending charges on your card, sometimes for $500 or more.

Sunday, November 30

How to buy the right souvenirs, at the right price | Travel Wise

Tips for pleasant, and budget-friendly, shopping on trips.

Sunday, November 23

‘Travel hacking’ can slash hotel, airline costs | Travel Wise

How to get airline miles, points or elite status to travel for free or at big discounts.

Sunday, October 26

How to find online travel reviews suited to you | Travel Wise

How to find the most relevant reviews of hotels and restaurants on websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Sunday, October 19

Are cruise lines doing enough to protect passengers? | Travel Wise

Some customers and consumer advocates want tougher federal regulations of cruise lines, and a proposed law is pending in the U.S. Senate.

Sunday, October 12

How to get a better plane seat | Travel Wise

10 tips for getting the best economy-class seat or a deal on a business-class seat.

Sunday, September 28

Americans dump airline-loyalty programs | Travel Wise

As it gets harder to earn frequent-flier miles, travelers are dumping their allegiance to airlines and choosing flights more by price or convenience.

Sunday, September 14

Getting the right pass for airport security | Travel Wise

The pros and cons, and prices, of getting PreCheck or other trusted-traveler passes for airport security lanes.