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Travel Wise

Tuesday, September 23
Americans abandoning airline loyalty programs | Travel Wise

As it gets harder to earn frequent-flier miles, travelers are dumping their allegiance to airlines and choosing flights more by price, convenience

Sunday, September 14

Getting the right pass for airport security | Travel Wise

The pros and cons, and prices, of getting PreCheck or other trusted-traveler passes for airport security lanes.

Sunday, September 7

Happy traveling with an aging parent | Travel Wise

Tips for finding the right destination and hotel, plus sightseeing strategies and medical precautions.

Sunday, August 24

Travel company can change its mind. You can’t | Travel Wise

Airlines, hotels, cruise lines can change schedules, but travelers usually have to pay penalties for changes. Columnist Christopher Elliott says that’s a one-sided, unfair system that should be changed.

Sunday, August 10

No more free rides at PreCheck airport lines | Travel Wise

TSA will restrict use of PreCheck security lines to passengers who have paid and been pre-screened, stopping the practice of waving through some other travelers at random.

Sunday, August 3

After the crashes: Safety for passengers | Travel Wise

Air travel remains very safe statistically, but here’s how passengers can get air-travel safety info and safeguard themselves.

Sunday, July 27

Travelers beware: No vacation from scams | Travel Wise

Beware of scams in hotels and online, plus tips for keeping your home secure.

Sunday, July 20

Women may face travel’s dark side | Travel Wise

Female travelers can face everything from groping to, in rare cases, deadly attacks. But quantifying the violence against women — and the risk — is difficult.

Sunday, July 13

Traveling in Europe? Get chip-and-PIN credit card | Travel Wise

Encountering misadventures abroad with a standard — and old-fashioned — American “swipe and sign” credit card.

Sunday, July 6

Beware of smaller size limits for carry-ons | Travel Wise

Airlines such as American, Delta and United have more precise carry-on b size limits that may be enforced, forcing passengers to check their bags.

Sunday, June 29

Be wary of travel ‘flash’ sales | Travel Wise

When Gerald Annable books a cruise at a special rate but finds a lower price the same day, he’s frustrated by not being able to get the lower fare.