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Take 2

A different spin on sports by The Seattle Times staff and readers.

January 19, 2013 at 2:00 PM

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What Seattle Times readers are saying


A lot to look forward to

I think most Seahawks fans would have been thrilled to know after the first eight games (or even after the first half) that we would have been 30 seconds away from the NFL Championship game.

Only one team out of 32 goes home totally happy each year. That’s life in the NFL. But what a great run, with much to look forward to!

– Rachel Barth, Lake Stevens

Wait till next year

Those infamous four words that always follow the end of a sports season here in Seattle – “Wait until next year!” Finally, I think it’s really true. Congrats to Pete Carroll, the Seahawk team and their fans.

– Tish Gregory, Renton

Carroll missed prudent call

For now, the Seahawks’ dream is over. But what a ride it has been.

In my opinion, there is one primary reason for the team’s success. It is not a player. It is Pete Carroll on the sideline, plain and simple. In addition to being a consummate coach, he is a breath of fresh air on so many levels.

That’s why it hurts me to say that the primary cause of Sunday’s playoff defeat was the same person. In a supreme irony, he was quoted earlier in the week in The Seattle Times as saying that a member of his staff is responsible for stopping Carroll from “going hormonal.” In the heat of battle, common sense must prevail. A first half field goal needed to be made, but he elected to go for it on fourth down. The failure wiped out three certain points, and ultimately translated into Atlanta needing only a field goal to win the game with 25 seconds left.

Making the hard but prudent decisions is what a coaching staff has to do.

– Tom Likai, Shoreline

Too much time to throw

Ask Seahawks coach Pete Carroll why when your defense is doing the job, you change at the end and only rush three. I have seen this happen time after time, and the results are always the same. Give a quarterback time to throw and he will find an open receiver.

– Leroy Rasmussen, Priest River, Idaho

Give us a

smarter coach

Pete Carroll and his staff lost the game to the Falcons by time mismanagement at the end of the first half and that stupid onside kick off at the end. Russell Wilson was great, but get a smarter coach.

– Bert Bass, Asheville, NC.

Put Wilson on defense

Who would’ve thought at the beginning of the season, that in the end, our offense would be our strength and the defense our weakness?

Russell Wilson was amazing. He did everything but sell popcorn at halftime. It’s just too bad we couldn’t put him in on defense for the final drive. He would’ve figured out a way to stop them.

– Ken Loetscher, Renton

No second guessing now

I could second guess the Seahawks’ performance against Atlanta, but I choose not to. It was a great ride, and I expect we will be very competitive next season.

– John Henry Gaines, Snoqualmie

Artistic organizations deserve more credit

With due respect for the importance of sports in contemporary American culture, and Steve Kelley’s enthusiasm for the Seahawks, I would like to point out that what truly make lights “shine on the city” (“Seahawks have city believing”, Jan. 9) are the many superb artistic organizations that enrich our citizens’ lives year round. The Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Art Museum and MOHAI, to name just a few, are in the playoffs every season of the year.

– Michael W. Shurgot, Seattle

Every reason to be proud

Even though they lost on a field goal in the closing seconds, the Seahawks are to be commended on their fantastic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Instead of hanging their heads, they have every reason to raise them proudly.

– Kenneth L. Zimmerman, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Lance Armstrong

Nothing honorable

about this fraud

A Take 2 post from a cancer survivor (“Why Lance Armstrong is still an honorable man,” Friday) offered the opinion that Lance Armstrong is still honorable. I beg to differ. I am also a cancer survivor and a cyclist. You cannot be an honorable man if you have never been one. He is a fraud and his lying demeans his status as a cancer survivor role model.

– Lauren Hoffman, Houston

Manti Te’o

Don’t defame college student

I was surprised to see Manti Te’o pictured (“Facing the truth,” Friday) on the front of The Seattle Times Sports section between Lance Armstrong, an admitted cheater who bullied teammates into keeping his lies, and Ryan Leaf, a drug addict and thief, who is headed off to prison yet again.

What crime did Te’o commit that invites such a comparison? He has been accused of lying about an online relationship. If the Times believes it’s appropriate to defame college kids who embellish their love lives, why stop with Te’o? I’m sure there are lots of Huskies and Cougars with similar stories who could fill up the Sports section until the Mariners start losing again.

– Maggie Harada, Woodinville

Edgar Martinez

Time for Mariner in Hall of Fame

As a fan of the Mariners and the sport of baseball, I am furious that it has taken so much time to get Edgar Martinez into the Baseball Hall of Fame. If voters think designated hitters shouldn’t be allowed in, then why should the position be created in the first place?

– Ransom Gardner, Edmonds

College football

Ducks would beat Alabama

I’m a died-in-the-wool Oregon State Beaver, with absolutely no love for the Oregon Ducks. By the end of the season, however, the Ducks could have beaten both Alabama and Notre Dame on the same night.

The wrong teams played for the National Championship. It should have been Oregon and Alabama. Score: Oregon 35, ’Bama’ (maybe) 21.

– Dick Bowne, Redmond

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