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Take 2

A different spin on sports by The Seattle Times staff and readers.

December 29, 2012 at 2:00 PM

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What Seattle Times sports readers are saying


Truth came out for Sherman

I must say that I give no credence at all to things like superstitions and omens. They have little to do with reality. But today I heard the unlikely news that the results of Richard Sherman’s drug test were thrown out. Against all odds, he beat the NFL machine. I have the strangest feeling that uncontrollable forces from many areas are coming together for this team at this time. I think the Seahawks are on the verge of taking it all.

I remember when the specter of Sherman’s drug test first appeared weeks ago. His comment then was something like, I’m not worried; the truth will come out. It sounded so weak and typical.

Boy, was I wrong.

– Tom Likai, Shoreline

Wilson’s success helps rest of team

It a killer class of rookie quarterbacks this season in the NFL. All seem to be as advertised. There is a difference: Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck were taken in the first round. Our guy, Russell Wilson, who is better than advertised, was chosen in the third round and is making a fraction of the money. There is a salary cap, and Russell Wilson performing at this level for this money will allow the team to get a few more targets, or will allow his defense to get that depth that other teams only dream of.

I was hoping the Seahawks would quit looking for the quick fix, and instead, approach the rebuilding as though they want to stay on top, when you get there.

John Schneider should be NFL Executive of the Year!

– Keith Brown, Seattle

Enough cheering for Wilson, Carroll

Is it possible to read an issue of The Seattle Times Sports section without another obsequious accolade to Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll? Has it occurred to anyone in the sports department that enough is enough?

That cheap, outrageous stunt of a fake punt against the Bills at the Buffalo 43-yard line with the Seahawks ahead by 30 with 12:49 left tells you all you need to know about Carroll’s character (or lack thereof). Players have a long memory. That sort of thing is unconscionable in any sport.

Because of Carroll’s stupidity, the Seahawks will be paid back in spades. Bad karma is bad karma.

As for Wilson, the fact he wasn’t voted to the Pro Bowl tells you all you need to know about him.

– Jim Vaughan, Bremerton

UW football

Maybe Huskies are a good team

Many an armchair pundit will decry the latest Huskies bowl loss as evidence of a continued inability to arrive at that next level of competitiveness.

An alternate take would be that the Huskies played a good football game and lost to a good football team. Furthermore, a team returning multiple key starters, who beat both Stanford and Oregon State, cannot be kept out of the conversation when talking of next year’s Pac-12 race for the roses.

– Lewis Witham, Seattle

Autzen nastiness an urban myth?

A recent Husky fan’s letter mentions the nasty behavior from Ducks fans towards them in Autzen Stadium. Is this real or just urban legend that has taken a life of its own? I live in the Seattle area, haven’t missed a game at Autzen in the past 10 years and have witnessed nothing like was described.

And speaking of the Huskies playing at Autzen, what is up with the Washington fans? This year there was the smallest group I ever remember seeing in the stadium, no band and a handful of cheerleaders.

Come on, support your team.

– Larry Houghton, Indianola


Jets’ QB shuffle shows cowardice

The Jets’ Rex Ryan is a coward. We know Mark Sanchez is not an effective quarterback at the NFL level. He is the 33rd most highly rated QB in a league with only 32 teams. If Tim Tebow gets the start this week and plays well, it will simply prove what is obvious to any NFL fan paying attention: Sanchez should have been yanked for Tebow weeks ago. A Tebow success on the gridiron will further prove Ryan is an ineffective NFL head coach. Ryan knows it, and he is afraid.

– Martin A. Stever, Bainbridge Island


Additions really don’t add up

General manager Jack Zduriencik is really loading up during this off season. He has signed a popular but over-the-hill 40-year-old who is now too slow to play the field and hits .234 (his great 2012 postseason notwithstanding). He has added a .273 surplus player, a castoff billed as “the big bat” (you know, the one we’ve been waiting for since Lou Piniella wanted one) who is no longer needed by a division rival because they were willing to pay for a real top-tier player, along with reclamation projects with a slim-to-none chance of regaining their former glory.

Bring us your tired, your poor, your wretched players yearning to make a few more million (it worked so well with Chone Figgins).

How can the other teams “negotiating” with him keep a straight face? Did I mention that I own the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and am thinking of selling?

– Bill Viertel, Coupeville

Seattle U

Brewer’s look inside program insightful

Kudos to The Seattle Times and Jerry Brewer for a fascinating and insightful look at the Seattle University men’s basketball team (“Unfinished journey,” Dec. 16). I hope they can make an NCAA tournament run this season and KeyArena can start filling up. If they do things the right way, they can get back to national prominence.

– Jeff Swanson, Everett

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