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Take 2

A different spin on sports by The Seattle Times staff and readers.

December 8, 2012 at 8:00 PM

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What Seattle Times sports readers are saying


Signing the next Chone Figgins

The article about the Mariners signing Jason Bay gives a whole new meaning to incompetence. Bay, who hit under .200 last season, is being paid $21 million by the Mets to not play in New York. M’s management, players and fans have set the bar so low, they’ll all probably be overjoyed to have Jason on the roster.

This way they won’t miss Chone Figgins.

– A.G. Elliott, Oak Harbor

New video board, same old stats

Oh, Boy! Here we go again with our Mariner execs!

Let’s see, we’ve moved the outfield fences in and are installing a humongous screen. The only problem is there won’t be any additional stats to put on it because we don’t have any bigger bats than we had at the end of last season.

I don’t have anything against Jason Bay, except that last year he wasn’t even close to batting .200. No one they’ve traded for or signed as free agents hits any better than what we already have!

Am I the only one that is getting so totally frustrated with hollow promises? Come on, Mariners!

– Diane Barrie, Poulsbo

UW football

Sark: Embrace James’ principles

The Huskies’ loss to the Cougars was a total embarrassment, yet I still believe that coach Steve Sarkisian is a good fit for our team. Still, he needs to look at our Huskies’ history and embrace some of coach Don James’ superior strategy.

It’s time to be the general and not another practice play pal to his players. He must do for his offense as he did for his defense. Find a competent play-caller and give more time to the intrinsic details of being the commander of the team. Be the coach of his coaches and the ultimate motivator to his players and he can avoid another flat performance like the one against Washington State.

– Jose Hernandez, Edmonds


Northwestern? Try UW or WSU

Jerry Brewer (“Rookie quarterback saves the day, not once, but twice for Seattle,” Monday) referring to Russell Wilson’s performance against the Bears, writes that he, “made the Bears look like Northwestern.”

Hmmm! Northwestern finished at 9-3, was close to going 12-0 or 11-1 and is going to the Gator Bowl. Brewer’s comparison might have worked better by substituting the Huskies or Cougars.

– Sanford Hampton, Anacortes

(Northwestern, Class of 1956)

NFL relationships

No comparison to war struggles

After reading the article about the difficult times NFL wives have (“A love life in the NFL isn’t always an easy life,” Rachel Binns Terrill, Monday), I have no sympathy for them having to be away from their spouses for short periods of time.

I lived through World War II, when women didn’t even know where their husbands were. My brother and all my male friends were in the service during the Korean War. My friends’ children were in Vietnam, and now my friends’ grandsons are in Afghanistan. A football season is a lot shorter than any of these tours of duty in all of these wars.

How dare she feel sorry for herself!

– Sally Reiquam, Seattle

Seattle sports

Stories show a dark side

The Dec. 6 Seattle Times sports section brought into focus why it is difficult to have much enthusiasm about sports these days.

First there was the coverage of the two Seahawks facing suspension for drug violations. Sadly, the response of the Seahawks seemed to focus more on how to strategically “manage” these suspensions than on a concern that there might be a culture within the organization. that encourages such cheating.

Secondly, there was the article about how certain high-school basketball programs are loading up on the area’s best players (dare I say “recruiting”?). The coaches and administrators quoted in the article all seemed to take a “what’s the big deal” attitude toward this practice that clearly warps any sense of fair play and honest competitiveness.

Am I the only one who finds sports based on a “win at any cost” philosophy uninteresting?

– Dick Schwartz, Seattle

High schools

Bellevue artistry raises question

All credit to Bellevue for another state championship in football. Year in and out, they seem to have the best players and the best coaches, who do a fantastic job of instilling pride and work effort in their boys.

They are exquisite to watch, bringing artistry to sport.

Do the other schools in the Bellevue School District get an equal number of good football players and just don’t do as much with them? At what point is it fair to question if the playing field is level?

– Frank Workman, Lake Forest Park

Goncharoff best is coach in state

I just watched Bellevue High School win another Class 3A state football championship. Is there any doubt that Butch Goncharoff is the best football coach in Washington? That includes college and pro.

– Dennis Kuplan, Bellevue

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