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Sideline Chatter: Dwight Perry

Sideline Chatter: Dwight Perry

Thursday, July 31
Beware the middle seat | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Bet their fellow passengers won’t ever complain about crying babies again. Conditions were no doubt cramped aboard a small plane on a 153-mile flight from Itami to Okinoshima when these guys came aboard: 29 sumo wrestlers from Tokyo’s Hakkaku stable, on their way to training camp.

Tuesday, July 29

Here’s hoping the doctor was a Gold Glover | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Andy Milovich, the general manager of the minor-league Myrtle Beach (S.C.) Pelicans, got a prostate exam in the pressbox.

Saturday, July 26

Burglars wrestled with the wrong house | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Bet this perp isn’t demanding a rematch. Cesar Sosa, 22, and a still-at-large buddy made the mistake of trying to burglarize the Phoenix home of former WWE champ Daniel Bryan.

What’s the big deal? Just a Chip off the old block | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Germany’s World Cup trophy somehow got a piece chipped off during the title celebration.

Thursday, July 17

Derek Jeter is retiring, in case you missed it | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Anyone up for “Pride of the Yankees,” Part 2? “I must have missed something when I turned on the All-Star Game,” mused comedy writer Alex Kaseberg. “Just how many weeks does Derek Jeter have left to live?”

Tuesday, July 15

Babe Ruth’s power still evident in an auction | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

This contract wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on — in a good way.

Saturday, July 12

You could say he’s the spittin’ image of his father | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Brian “Young Gun” Krause adds to family tradition of winning the International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship.

Thursday, July 10

Yeah, but can he carry his weight in the relationship? | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Ville Parviainen, with teammate Janette Oksman aboard, covered a grueling 278-yard obstacle course in 1 minute 3.75 seconds last Saturday to capture the 19th Wife Carrying World Championships in Sonkajarvi, Finland, unseating the five-time defending champions, Taisto Miettinen and Kristiina Haapal

Saturday, July 5

The next three kids will be Babe, Lou and Joe | Sideline Chatter | Dwight Perry

Kansas resident Casey (Stengel — get it?) Purdy is such a Bronx Bombers fan that he named his three children Jeter, Maris and Yogi. Casey’s brothers? Roger, Andy and Mickey. And the tradition began a generation before that.