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April 23, 2014 at 8:06 AM

Wednesday links: Can Seahawks revive Pryor's career?

While the Terrelle Pryor trade may have initially seemed like a head scratcher --- and maybe particularly since every indication since is that he is coming in solely as a quarterback --- Times columnist Jerry Brewer wrote today that it makes some sense.

Writes Brewer:

"Now Pryor, still just 24, is the latest reclamation project on a championship team known for giving — and profiting from — second chances.

The Seahawks traded a seventh-round pick to try to revive Pryor’s career, and if the quarterback takes advantage of the opportunity, he can alter his career forecast in dramatic fashion. He can’t become the Seahawks’ franchise quarterback, obviously. But if he approaches this situation with humility, if he’s willing to learn and compete, he can turn into a useful NFL player.''

Also in our paper today is my story examining the various reports that the Seahawks are closing in on a deal with cornerback Richard Sherman.


--- Tony Softli, a former assistant coach at Washington and personnel guy for the Rams, agrees that the trade for Pryor is a shrewd move.

--- reviews the team's activities yesterday during its workout sessions, something to which the media at large does not have access.

--- The NFL schedule will be released tonight. says the Seahawks will play in three of the top four games of the 2014 season.

--- The Sacramento Bee hopes the Seahawks and 49ers play in week one.

--- The San Jose Mercury News notes the difficulty of the 49ers' schedule (not that Seattle's figures to be any easier).

--- As media reported Richard Deitsch notes, the NFL wants its new CBS Thursday night package to be a ratings hit, which makes you wonder how many Thursday night games the Seahawks might get:

--- Former Legion-of-Boomer Walter Thurmond said yesterday the Giants' secondary can be better than that of the Seahawks.

--- Some 49ers' fans have started an on-line petition against the Seahawk-colored BART seats.

--- The Chargers say they are happy to face NFC West teams this season.

--- Finally, interesting stat here from Pro Football Focus, showing Russell Wilson had fewer than two designed runs per game last season:

April 22, 2014 at 8:34 PM

Tonight's poll: Which team do you want the Seahawks to face in their home opener?

So finally tomorrow we will find out the Seahawks' 2014 regular season schedule, and most notably which team Seattle will host in its opener Sept. 4 --- an opener that may be the most-anticipated in franchise history.

As all teams do, Seattle has eight teams on its home schedule for 2014.

Three, though, stand out as the most likely to be the guests for the Thursday night opener, when the Seahawks will presumably do all kinds of celebrating of the Super Bowl title, as well.

Those three teams are San Francisco, Green Bay and Denver.

Here are some quick thoughts on each:

SAN FRANCISCO --- Hard not to like the idea of reviving what is becoming the NFL's most intense rivalry on opening night, and maybe making the 49ers watch some/all of the Super Bowl celebration along the way (though you'd assume Jim Harbaugh will figure out a way to have his team avoid seeing any of that). Some wonder, though, if the NFL might decide to send Seattle to the Bay Area on week two to open the 49ers' new stadium. There is also the fact that typically they have switched the home-road order each year --- Seattle hosted SF first last year then played there at the end of the season. The NFL has kept that rotation since 2007. But then, this is the NFL and it can do whatever it wants.

DENVER --- Another really appetizing choice as the Super Bowl rematch, even if no one other than Seahawks fans would want to see the game play out again exactly the way the Super Bowl did. Still, lots of angles to play up here due to that history. Seattle does to go Denver to open the preseason. But that hardly seems like a reason to not have the Broncos come here for the opener.

GREEN BAY --- The Packers should again be good, they have Aaron Rodgers, it would be their first game in Seattle since the Touch-ception and, well, they are the Packers. But the other two matchups seem a lot more obvious choices.

As for the rest, the only other team on Seattle's home schedule you'd think would be a consideration is Dallas simply because they are the Cowboys and remain a huge TV draw and ESPN soap opera. But in my opinion, it's hard to figure it would be any team other than the three mentioned above.

Now your turn to cast your vote:

April 22, 2014 at 4:59 PM

Seahawks finalize preseason schedule

The Seahawks have just announced that they have finalized the dates and times of all of their preseason games.

Here's the schedule:

Thursday, Aug. 7 --- at Denver Broncos 6:00 p.m. Q13 FOX

Friday, Aug. 15 --- vs. San Diego Chargers 7:00 p.m. Q13 FOX

Friday, Aug. 22 --- vs. Chicago Bears 7:00 p.m. Q13 FOX

Thursday, Aug. 28 --- at Oakland Raiders 7:00 p.m. Q13 FOX

April 22, 2014 at 4:12 PM

Baldwin says he hasn't signed tender yet, hopes to work out long-term deal

The Seahawks' workout sessions that began this week are technically voluntary. But receiver Doug Baldwin is there with the rest of his teammates despite the fact he technically is not yet under contract for the 2014 season.

Baldwin said in an interview with ESPN 710 Seattle this afternoon that he has not yet signed the second-round contract tender he was handed by the team in March, which would pay him $2.1 million in 2014 and then make him an unrestricted free agent after the season.

Baldwin is currently a restricted free agent, meaning other teams can give him an offer but that the Seahawks would then have five days to match. By placing a tender on him, Seattle would also be due a second-round pick if another team signed Baldwin.

Restricted free agents have until May 2 to sign offer sheets from other teams.

Baldwin, though, indicated he hasn't talked to other teams and was with a group of Seattle players working out last week in California. He said he signed a clearance waiver to attend the current workouts at the VMAC.

Baldwin said his goal is to remain with the Seahawks "for a long time'' and that he hopes to work out something soon. However,  he said he has had no real talks with the team yet about an extension beyond 2014.

"I would say that if it's a possibility, we are going to try to,'' he said. "Hopefully something gets hashed out beforehand.'' But he also said he was reluctant to talk much about it because "it deals with a lot of things, a lot of moving parts.''

That likely means the team is working on extensions for other players first, with Baldwin almost surely in the fold for 2014 via the tender.

Baldwin also said he was in the office of general manager John Schneider on Monday during the time the team made the trade for Terrelle Pryor. He said he doubted there was much validity to talk he could be used at another position saying "I don't know how much truth is in that.''

April 22, 2014 at 2:09 PM

NFL to announce 2014 schedule Wednesday at 5 p.m.

The NFL has just announced that the 2014 schedule will be announced Wednesday at 5 p.m. via the NFL Network and

The Seahawks, as defending Super Bowl champs, will  figure prominently in those announcements.

For one, Seattle will host one the season kickoff game Thursday, Sept. 4, with speculation that the opponent could be Denver, San Francisco or Green Bay. Figure the Seahawks to get another 3-4 prime time games, at the least.

Remember that the opponents have already been set. What comes tomorrow are the dates and times of all games.

Here again are Seattle's opponents in 2014

HOME: St. Louis, San Francisco, Arizona, Dallas, New York Giants, Denver, Oakland, Green Bay.

ROAD: St. Louis, San Francisco, Arizona, Philadelphia, Washington, Kansas City, Carolina, San Diego.

April 22, 2014 at 12:57 PM

Schneider on SiriusXM: Pryor is a QB and no timetable for Sherman extension

Seahawks general manager John Schneider said during an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio that there is "no specific timetable'' for a contract extension for Richard Sherman, and gave every indication that Terrelle Pryor will be solely a quarterback with the Seahawks.

You can hear a bit of the interview on the link below.

On Sherman, Schneider was asked about the Jason La Confora report earlier today that the cornerback and the Seahawks have made "considerable'' progress on a contract extension and that something could be done by the time  of the NFL Draft May 8-10.

Said Schneider: "We have no specific timetable. We don't really like to get into individual negotiations. I'm glad Jason thinks it's close --- that's a good sign. He's a good guy.  But I would rather not get into specifics of individual negotiations and that's something that we keep in-house here.''

As for Pryor, the quarterback the Seahawks acquired Monday from the Raiders, Schneider indicated that the team got him solely to be a quarterback. Asked if the team had had discussions with Pryor or his agent about trying a different position, Schneider said: "We haven't had those discussions. If there was ever an athlete that would be able to play a slash role, if you will, it would be this kind of player. ... But that may be a little bit fantasy football at this time of year. He's a quarterback, been a quarterback. We haven't gotten into that.''

The Seahawks traded a seventh-round pick for Pryor, who likely would have been released otherwise. Schneider noted, though, that the Seahawks wouldn't have had a chance to claim him if he had been released.

Asked why the team picked him up when it seems secure at quarterback, Schneider said: "The easiest explanation for that is we can't expect our players to be out competing in the off-season and having a championship off-season if we are not doing the same. There is absolutely no room for complaceny in any department.''

He added that it's the kind of move that shows the team is continually "pushing the envelope anyway we possibly can and always trying to improve competitively at every position and we saw this as an opportunity to do that. This is a rare athlete, size, speed, 6-5-and-a-half, 4.36 (40). We are excited about his upside and the type of athlete he is. We knew if he was released we would have no opportunity to claim him.''

Schneider was also asked what Russell Wilson can do better in his third season in the NFL and said: "I think you will still see things slow down for him a little bit. He had some pressure on him right in the middle of the season. We had a coule of tackles that were out, played at St. Louis under a ton of pressure there. I think you will see a guy that is honing his whole craft. I don't think he ever stops doing that. ... maybe see him be a little more patient. But that's kind of nitpicking at this point.''




April 22, 2014 at 11:58 AM

Counting down the Top 25 Seahawks draft picks of all time --- No. 17: DE Red Bryant


WHEN DRAFTED: 2008, 4th round, 121st overall



WHY HE'S ON THE LIST: Bryant (above in a Dean Rutz photo) maybe could be placed higher on this list --- a fourth-round pick who ended up as a captain and starter on the team's first Super Bowl  winner.

Certainly, Bryant will always have a big place in Seahawks history.

As has been well-documented, though, Bryant didn't do a lot his first three seasons until Pete Carroll arrived and along with Dan Quinn and Gus Bradley changed the scheme to fit his talents as a run  stuffer, moving him from tackle to end --- the reason the team drafted him initially.

That changed sparked Bryant's career and he started the last 54 games he played for the team from 2010 on after starting just one his first two seasons, teaming with Brandon Mebane in the middle the last two years to give Seattle an imposing run defense.

He also was awarded with a big contract prior to the 2012 season that included $14.5 million guaranteed.

That sort of proved his undoing in Seattle when the team decided after the 2013 season he was making too much for what was becoming a more limited role as an early-down run stuffer --- he was on the field for just 46 percent of available snaps last season.

Bryant's emergence the last few years helped salvage a 2008 draft class that isn't one of Seattle's best --- Lawrence Jackson and John Carlson were the top two picks, and Owen Schmitt and Justin Forsett also contributed for a few years. Only Bryant was still around for the Super Bowl. Now, only Mebane remains of players drafted during the Mike Holmgren era.

Still, that doesn't detract from all that Bryant meant to the team as Carroll and crew turned it around the last four years. As evidenced by being elected a team captain by teammates the last two years, he had uncommon respect among his peers, and a big leadership role in the locker room. He may be missed as much for that as anything else in 2014.



April 22, 2014 at 9:08 AM

Tuesday links: Is Sherman near an extension? And more on Pryor trade

First this morning,'s Jason La Confora is reporting that the Seahawks could announce an extension with Richard Sherman sometime before the NFL Draft, which is May 8-10.

Tweeted LaConfora:

Wrote La Confora in his story:

"The Seahawks are prepared to make Sherman the NFL's highest-paid corner -- and the deal will surpass Darrelle Revis's $12M compensation for 2014 -- the questions remains by just how much.

Several league sources anticipate the contract will be worth more than $13M a season when finalized, with the Seahawks reluctant to go to $14M thus far. The corner market has undergone a reset in recent years, with Revis' $16 million-a-year deal with Tampa seen as an outlier. Unable to trade that contract, Revis was released and signed with the Patriots for what amounts to a one-year, $12M deal."

La Confora also wrote:

"While it would be unfair to say a deal is imminent, it is also hardly out of the question it gets concluded in the next few weeks, with the issue a priority for Seattle, a team that must also resolve the long-term future of quarterback Russell Wilson, safety Earl Thomas and left tackle Russell Okung in the next year or so."

Jason Fitzgerald of had this quick analysis of that news:

The Seahawks have hinted loudly throughout free agency that they hoped to have a signing or two this off-season, having accumulated roughly $15 million in cap space for the 2014 season (the latest NFLPA report shows Seattle with $14.9 million) in the attempt to get extensions for Sherman, Thomas, and then after the 2014 season for Wilson.

Sherman is due to make $1.4 million in 2014 in the last year of his rookie contract signed in 2011.

OvertheCap also has this breakdown of the current contracts for NFL cornerbacks, with Revis at the top.

Getting Sherman done before Thomas would run counter to the conventional  wisdom --- as well as reports by and a few others --- that the team would first take care of Thomas, who came into the league a year before Sherman. Thomas, who signed before the 2011 CBA that changed things greatly for rookies, is due to make $4.625 million in base salary in 2014. Each player will be an unrestricted free agent in 2015.

And in other news, reaction is still coming in today on the Terrelle Pryor trade.

--- breaks down the trade.

--- USA Today notes that Wilson is the third-highest paid QB on the team. He was last year for a time, as well.

--- The San Jose Mercury News has a Raiders' view of the deal.

--- ESPN says Pryor is worth the cost for the Seahawks.

--- notes Pryor was Al Davis' last draft gamble.

--- Breaking down which networks will broadcast which playoff games in 2014-15.

--- ESPN notes the Seahawks have gotten younger.

--- Finally, the Wilson pass to Jermaine Kearse that won the opener at Carolina is the No. 99 play on the NFL Network's list of the Top 100 plays of 2013:

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