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July 31, 2014 at 10:31 AM

Seahawks place Anthony McCoy on IR, sign WR Ronald Johnson

The Seahawks made it official this morning that TE Anthony McCoy is out for the season, placing him on the Injured Reserve list after he injured his Achilles tendon in practice on Tuesday.

It is the second straight year McCoy has injured his Achilles and been placed on IR.

To take his place on the 90-man roster, the Seahawks have signed free agent WR Ronald Johnson, who played for Carroll at USC.

Johnson was on the 49ers' roster in 2011 and then with the Eagles in 2011 and 2012, but has not played in any games.

Johnson has not played since suffering what was deemed an "ugly'' ankle injury with the Eagles in camp in 2012.

Johnson becomes the fifth USC player on the roster, and the second signed this week, joining cornerback Terrell Thomas.

Seattle now has what are listed as 15 receivers on its roster, though Morrell Presley is more rightly considered a tight end.

Still, Seattle has added two receivers with Los Angeles ties in the last week in Johnson and Randall Carroll, who played at UCLA.

Johnson had 138 receptions and 20 touchdowns in his USC career.

July 31, 2014 at 9:53 AM

Seahawks live training camp updates

As always, here's where you can follow along with live updates from practice:

July 31, 2014 at 7:45 AM

Seahawks Daily Top 10: Harvin, offensive line, Wright's future, and more

Lots to get to today in the Top 10 on a day when the Seahawks will again hold and open practice --- and just a week away from the team's first game of the preseason at Denver:

1, We'll start with Larry Stone's column on Percy Harvin, who is healthy and happy as his second training camp begins with the Seahawks.

As Stone explains, it wasn't just Harvin's health that was an issue last season:

It went beyond that, however. Harvin also believes that he’s mentally stronger. His health wasn’t the only issue he was dealing with last year. Harvin’s girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy in June 2013, just before training camp, and his father was critically ill during the season. It was a lot to deal with when you’re already frustrated by the tribulations of rehab.

Now Harvin says his outlook is completely different.

“My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer, so he wasn’t in pain any more,’’ he said. “That was something I could kind of lay to rest and get my mind right. This year, I can honestly say, I’m just so happy now, because everything is kind of out of the way. Seeing my kid grow up every day, everything is good.”

2, I wrote this looking at how Seattle's offensive line is coming together, and the difference in the strengths of that makeup from last year to this year. Specifically, a year ago the concerns were inside. Now they are on the outside.

3, And here's our notebook with an item on K.J. Wright and his thoughts on his contract situation, and Jesse Williams.

Said Wright: “I’m hoping something gets done. But if it doesn’t, then I’ll be fine. This place I really like and enjoy, but you know, good guys leave. Golden (Tate), Walter (Thurmond), those guys had to walk. If they want me here, they will find a way to keep me.”

4, Seahawks,com  leads its coverage with a look at cornerback Byron Maxwell tweaking his technique with each day.

5, The Oregonian with a feature on former Oregon Duck Max Unger, who says it's time to move on from the Super Bowl.

6, ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio says the Seahawks won't be bothering with Jermichael Finley.

7, Seahawks fans likely not surprised that they didn't have an offensive lineman who ranked among the top five in pass protection at his position in 2013. And they'll hope that changes this season.

8, Really interesting stuff here from, which says the numbers --- particularly the team's youth --- show a potential dynasty in the Seahawks' future.

9, Former Seahawks Chris Maragos, now with the Eagles, says Philadelphia was one team the Seahawks did not want to play last season. They will this year, on Dec. 7, in one of the more intriguing games on Seattle's schedule this season.

10, Finally, Seahawks running back Robert Turbin, a native of Fremont, Calif., not a fan of all the trades the A's are making:

July 30, 2014 at 9:48 PM

Poll: Who will lead the Seahawks in receptions this season?

July 30, 2014 at 5:01 PM

More on Jesse Williams suffering knee injury

The Seahawks  have confirmed that defensive tackle Jesse Williams suffered a knee injury in practice today.

The 2013 fifth-round pick out of Alabama missed all of last season after having surgery to repair some long-standing issues with his knee.

The team said only that it is waiting on results and should know more specifics of his latest injury tomorrow.

Williams was carted off the field during practice today after suffering the injury.

While we don't yet know the specifics --- including whether this is related to the prior issues --- obviously this is sobering news for a player for whom the Seahawks had high hopes of contributing this season.

Williams had arthroscopic surgery on his knee following his final season at Alabama in 2012. When it didn't get better, he had another surgery last August.

“I thought that maybe Jesse was done,” coach Pete Carroll said in the spring.

But Williams had a good off-season that included dropping about 20 pounds and the knees getting healthy.

Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn said after practice today that Williams had been impressive so far in camp.

"The thing going into this camp was could he stay healthy and could he play?'' Quinn  said. "For us right now with Jesse, we can see the strength at the line of scrimmage has not changed, and he actually got a little bit leaner. So for us, we can’t wait to see what he can do. He’s as strong as he ever has been, but still a little leaner so his mobility is better.''

July 30, 2014 at 3:38 PM

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn talks about Bryon Maxwell, Greg Scruggs, and more

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn also met the media after practice Wednesday. Here's what he had to say:

(On the first thing he noticed about the defensive line) The first thing I guess I’ve seen from the very first day--I was pleased at the mindset of how hard the guys had worked coming in to camp. You kind of had a sense, with knowing this group, of how hard they would work. But then when I kind of came out here for the first practice, you got a sense of the intensity, the mindset to really reestablish the work ethic that it takes. So that’s the first thing I noticed.

(On what Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas have shown since receiving so much attention after the Super Bowl) I think really just the mindset of coming in of we become good players by how hard we work. And really, as you guys know here, the thought of the competition is how good you and I can push against each other to elevate both of our games. And so those two in specific have really embraced that in terms of the competition--the way they go against some terrific receivers. You know the speed out here. If you can run with some of these guys out here, you got a shot. You can feel that.

(On the offensive guys saying working against this defense every day can only make you better and if he feels the same way about working against the offense) We totally feel the same way and the nice part with Tom [Cable] and with Bev [Bevell], there’s a lot of challenging schemes that go on, you know, regarding this offense. Both in the run game and in the pass game so it’s a terrific match up for us along with the players who get to go against each other so today was a good day where we featured a lot of one-on-ones. It was tight-ends and some safeties. It was offensive line, defensive line. It was, you know, some corners and some wide-receivers for just some individual work, just for that emphasis, and the competition of going against each other, to really make both units as good as they can and you really, you admire and appreciate how hard they’re going against each other and, in a respect, it’s for each other, how hard they’re going against each other. You know what I mean, there’s a level of respect there. How hard can I go against you for both of us to play at our very best?

(On Byron Maxwell’s progress in camp so far) You know, the thing that I always regarded with Maxwell is his technique. That’s one of the things that I think – he is one of our most technically sound guys. So as he’s getting going into his technique, he just keeps getting sharper and sharper. So I think, what are we five days in, that’s really when he’s starting now to really be at his best, when he can continue to grind at his technique so from the first to now, he’s one of those guys that like, even though we’re calling him a veteran player now, he keeps improving. More work and more reps that he gets.

(On missing so many linebackers right now) Fortunately for us, the guys have done a good job of adding a number of players at that position so for us, it’s next man up. Certainly one that comes to mind, for me, is Brock Coyle, where maybe he didn’t get as many reps, where now he’s getting more reps and do you take advantage of that opportunity? So it gives those guys a little bit of position flexibility. Am I a Mike that can play a Will? Are you a Sam linebacker but you can also play some things in Nickel? So these things come up all the time and now for us, it’s really the next man up. We have lots of trust in the guys behind them. You saw that with Malcolm [Smith], you know who started games at Sam and starting games at Will. Well he was one that we were talking about in training camp last year – Malcom Smith’s doing a nice job, he’s got good versatility, he can play both spots and then when he got in the game he certainly played well. Although, it’s disappointing to have guys miss time. We went through that last year, if you remember, a little bit, with like, Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril, where they missed a lot of time at our Leo position and it elevated, we got more turns for Benson Mayowa. Okay, we see what we might have there. So as a young player, although, we don’t like to have those guys out, for the young player, the light should go on a little bit and say here’s an opportunity for me and he’s [Coyle] one guy, in specific, that I thought has done a nice job.

(On Brock Coyle) I think there are a couple things. One, I noticed that he’s a really good finisher. The guy is in terrific shape to play football. He’s got good instincts to play and his versatility to play both Mike and Will and he came in really ready to compete, right from the get go, didn’t back down from any of the challenges we put in front of him so he’s off to a good start this early part of camp.

(On Terrell Thomas as an option in the slot) We do. Yeah, one thing I think we see is he’s got length. You know, to get his hands on you so yeah we’re going to try him inside. He’s got such great lateral quickness. That’s one of the things you’re looking for inside when he plays in the Nickel so that’s one of the spots we will feature him inside.

(On Byron Maxwell proving himself last year while playing alongside Sherman, Thomas and Chancellor) I wasn’t surprised at all. I think if you asked any of us, “Would Byron Maxwell play well when he gets his opportunity?” I think we’d all agree we would have said yes. It was because of that consistency that we saw from him out here going against the guys day after day. Those guys that can continually do it day after day and not be up and down, you really have a lot of confidence going into the game. If they can just continue to do what they’ve been doing they’re going to be fine. If some players were to have the inconsistency, that’s something we can really iron out. But Byron in specific had a really consistent training camp last year heading into the season.

(On what he’s seen from Jordan Hill thus far) I think an increase in strength. It’s hard sometimes, as you guys know, to evaluate a lineman during the offseason because all of the practices are going to be in shorts. He worked hard to get stronger, that was one of the things we really wanted to make an emphasis to him. He looked good in the spring; you could tell he was stronger. But it was really until we came out here and he got to push against J.R. Sweezy and James Carpenter, guys who are really strong, so I can see that increase in strength for him. He’s always had the mindset and the attitude to improve. That strength is not only allowing him to be a better run player, but also in his rush too.

(On what he’s seen from Greg Scruggs, who missed last season) I’m one of the ones who is so excited because I didn’t get a chance to coach Greg in his rookie year, so I came in and he missed the year last year. Right off the bat you see his versatility, he’s got the size to play some base end for us and then we can slide him inside to play in nickel. He’s a very well-conditioned guy. In the 2 minute the other day he was one of the ones who was out in front leading down after down after down. That really impressed me about his intensity. So I think right now the thing that’s jumping out is his versatility, where he’s able to play more than one spot, and he can play on all downs.

(On Jesse Williams) The thing going into this camp was could he stay healthy and could he play? For us right now with Jesse, we can see the strength at the line of scrimmage has not changed, and he actually got a little bit leaner. So for us, we can’t wait to see what he can do. He’s as strong as he ever has been, but still a little leaner so his mobility is better.

(On how Williams has been moving after his injury last season) The weight down and the mobility have been a real increase.

(On why Williams was carted off the field today) I don’t have any idea. We’re going to have to check on that today, hopefully everything is good.

July 30, 2014 at 2:54 PM

Extra Points: Jayson Jenks talks about the Jesse Williams injury

Seattle Times sports reporter Jayson Jenks wraps up the news from day five of Seahawks training camp, notably an injury to defensive tackle Jesse Williams:

July 30, 2014 at 2:41 PM

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell talks Terrelle Pryor, tight ends, and more

Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell spoke to reporters after practice today. Here's the transcript of what he said:

(On how good it is to play against this defense in practice) I mean a lot goes in to it. We have to be on our stuff, I mean we’re talking about the best defense in the NFL and they’ve proved that. You know, in every position there’s a competition going on. Whether we’re competing against [Richard] Sherman or Earl [Thomas] or [Brandon] Mebane, every position is a strong position so it makes our guys better each and every day as we come out here. It’s an opportunity to compete and they are competing against the best players.

(On getting a better read on the offensive players by going against this defense) Yes. All of the sudden you have a rookie stepping in against Richard Sherman or [Byron] Maxwell or Earl [Thomas], you’re going to get a really good feeling for them really early.

(On throwing a “curve ball” on occasion during practice) We’re trying to win. We’re trying to compete and we have a very strong defense. Our offense has been solid and we want to continue to improve and get better. We want to be able to put ourselves up against those guys and whatever you need to do to win, we’re going to do it.

(On the depth at wide receiver) It’s deep. It’s a deep group. We have a lot of different styles of guys. We have big and tall, fast, and the little and quick. It’s really good for us to see them out here each and every day and compete and let the roster start to sort itself out because there’s a lot to choose from and there’s a lot of guys we really like and we’re ready to go and see how it comes out.

(On Anthony McCoy’s injury disappointment and who will step up to play) You know it’s a big blow for him. We felt horrible for him. He did such a great job at working his way back and it was a long way back from last year. For him to get back on the field, he worked harder than anyone in there to be able to do that. So we do feel horrible for him, but the thing is we have to move on and we had guys who stepped up last year like a guy who’s going to go to like Luke Willson. Who really had a good year for us and he needs to continue to improve. Now it gives guys like Cooper [Helfet] and RaShaun [Allen] and those guys who are behind him opportunities.

(On what they see from Terrelle Pryor so far) I’ve seen a guy who’s come in and put the work in. He’s done a great job of learning our system. We’re kind of doing things with the position. You know obviously Russell is the guy, we’re giving the guys behind him the opportunities to be two’s one day and kind of moving them around and keeping them on their toes a little bit. He’s done a nice job. He probably had his best day yesterday and he was getting the ball out quick. Putting the time in to work and to learn it has been the best thing he has done. You can see each and every day he comes out he improves a little bit.

(On pass protection expectations of the young RB’s in comparison to Marshawn Lynch) That’s a huge part of the game. Being able to protect the quarterback and Marshawn does a great job for us and he has a great understanding of this. I think our guys understand it. They kind of know who to go to and who they’re supposed to block so they’ve got to be sharp on that, but then they’ve got to be able to do their job when they get there. The physicality it takes to be able to protect him, the strain and the effort and the finish that they need to be able to keep that guy away from the quarterback.

(On Terrelle Pryor possibly playing another position) Right now he is playing quarterback and he’s doing a nice job of it.

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