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August 29, 2014 at 8:53 AM

Seahawks Daily Top 10: Putting the preseason to bed

Time for a final preseason 10. First, a reminder that the cutdown from 75 to 53 will come Saturday at 1 p.m.

1, Here's my game story on the loss to the Raiders Thursday  night, a contest that will be forgotten about as quickly as it took the team to leave Oakland.

2, And here's a notebook updated after the game with lots of notes and quotes.

3, Here's the Game at a Glance from

4, And a game story from

5, Lots of notes and stats from

6, The San Jose Mercury News on what the game might have meant for Derek Carr --- remember that the Seahawks host the Raiders on Nov. 2.

7, with more on Carr.

8, ESPN's Terry Blount projects the final 53-man roster.

And for 9 and 10, some Seahawks Tweets:

August 29, 2014 at 8:41 AM

Seahawks players quotes following Oakland game

Here's the official transcript of what some of Seattle's players had to say after the game:


Q: You start out with that three-play drive and have a 44-yard catch and then it’s all over.

Kearse: “Just trying to get in that game feeling again, one more time before we really start it up next week. It felt good to be out there and it was a lot of fun to see the younger guys get to play today.”

Q: How about the rest of that receivers corps? [WR] Brian Walters, pretty good game, [WR] Phil Bates, pretty good game…

Kearse: “Yeah, it was really cool especially to see Phil score because I came in with Phil and just to see his progress throughout these past years and just to see him really progress as a receiver. But not too many people know that he was a quarterback in college, so for him to progress like that and see the reward from it is joyful. Brian Walters, he had a great game: the punt returns, the kick returns, making some plays downfield. It’s good to see these guys play.”

Q: The preseason’s over, is your team ready to go?

Kearse: “Yeah, I mean we’re going to watch the film and just correct the mistakes we had today and over the past couple games of the preseason and really start focusing on Green Bay next week.”


Q: Why was it that Derek Carr was doing so well? 

Wagner: “I don’t think it was anything that they did, it was more so us.  But, all the things they were getting on us was stuff that we could work on, and we will work on.  And we’ll be ready come first game.”

Q: That’s coming here real soon, how does that feel?

Wagner: “I mean, everybody is dedicated on this team, so I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to be in watching film, getting better.”


Q: Describe your scoring play:  

Shead: “As soon as I got it, I knew I had to score. Because we were down a couple, I knew the defense needed a big play.  So that was my opportunity and I took advantage of it.”

Q: There were some breakdowns, what was it that was effecting that?

Shead: “Well, I think it’s just the little things, the fundamentals.  This game is… it’s the NFL.  Everything is so tight and precise, so it’s just the little things going on.  I think we are actually good.  We just have to go back and watch film, and fix the fundamentals.”


Q: I know you’re kind of back in familiar territory, how do you think you played? I know you can be self-critical at times.

Pryor: “I have to go back and watch the film. It’s good to get a score, it’s good to lead the team to some points. There’s a couple throws that I missed and there’s also some communication stuff that we have to get better at, myself and some of the receivers, but I felt our offensive line played phenomenal. They kept me clean; the only way I got dirty was when I slid on the ground. I definitely want to thank God for giving me opportunities every single day; if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have that chance.”

Q: You found [WR] Phil Bates with a nice TD pass.

Pryor: “Yeah, I just told Phil…I love different coverages and I knew the coverages they were going to be in so I said, ‘Hey Phil, if they’re in this coverage, just keep going and don’t stop because I’m going to hold this inside safety. If he stays inside with the tight end,’ I said, ‘you’re getting the ball and it’s going to be a touchdown.’ It’s crazy that it happened like that; I predetermined it. That certain coverage, that’s how it happened and I knew it. Great job by Phil, great job by the line – they did all the work. The only thing I did was just fling a ball out there, and that’s an easy thing to do.”

Q: What’s your assessment of your preseason?

Pryor: “I don’t know. I was pretty (upset) about last week, just having that stupid interception. That was a fluke, just being off the bench and not being in the game for so long. I don’t play football like that. It’s not really my decision to really say whether I play late, it’s up to the coaches. I’m sure you guys have talked to [head coach] Pete [Carroll] and those guys, and you can ask them.”


Q:  You missed last week, because you were coming off an injury.  How much did that fuel you with adrenalin?  

Walters: “You know, I guess it might have a little bit to do with it.  But, at the same time, I’ve played this game my whole life.  So it’s still the same game no matter what.  You know, you miss one game, yes, the game speed does speed up a little bit for you, because it takes a little bit to get it back. But, still felt pretty good out there.”

Q: The catch you made when you hit the infield, made me cringe.  How do you concentrate when you know what’s coming in the end?  

Walters: “That’s some hard dirt, man. That didn’t feel good.  But you aren’t thinking about that out there. TP (Terrelle Pryor) threw a great ball. Just he noticed a cover zero, and threw it in the air, just let me go run under and make a play.”

Q: You worked with a couple of different QB’s tonight, 3, 4? Is that a difficult thing to do? 

Walters: “No.  We practice with them all the time.  I probably had the same reps with all of them. It’s just next man up, and they all did a great job.”

Q: So when you go to bed tonight, are you going to think about the fumble, or all the good things you did? “Uhh, I’ll probably be stressing about that fumble a little bit.  But, ya know, people will keep reminding me of all the good stuff.  That’s just me, ya know.”




August 29, 2014 at 12:45 AM

Seahawks end preseason with thud: Notes and position review

As Seahawks coach Pete Carroll lamented later, it was a good night for four plays --- the four when the Seattle first-team offense drove swiftly down the field for a touchdown.

From there, he said, it was "terrible,'' among other words he used.

But noting that this was a game played largely by backups, and more than a few guys who won't be with the team in 36 hours or so, Carroll said "this game was not indicative, I hope, of a whole lot of how we are going to play.''

Indeed, as his post-game press conference wore on. Carroll strayed toward the positives of the game and the preseason.

The biggest positive of the preseason was the offense --- the number one unit scoring on 11 of its last 12 drives, the other ending in a missed field goal. As Carroll said "they are ready to play some football.''

The biggest positive of the game tonight is that vets such as Kam Chancellor, Malcolm Smith, Bobby Wagner and Russell Okung got their most significant work of the preseason, and in Carroll's eyes, look ready for the real thing.

While Seattle has had some injuries, none have occurred to any players who project as starters, maybe the biggest positive of the entire preseason.

"All in all I think we are ready to go,'' Carroll said, referring to the regular season opener a week from tonight against Green Bay. "For a preseason I am really happy that we made it through and we are healthy enough to really field a good-looking group on both sides of the ball.''

As for injuries tonight, Carroll said there were three --- defensive tackle D’Anthony Smith hurt his biceps; defensive lineman Cassius Marsh a strained hip flexor and rookie linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis a strained hamstring. No prognosis on any of them. Smith is battling for a roster spot and any injury obviously is bad news.

Now for a brief review of each position group (and sorry if these are sort of rambling, but it's the end of a long day that started in Seattle about 18 hours ago).

QUARTERBACK: Russell Wilson was good as can be tonight --- a perfect 158.3 passer rating. He appears primed to have the kind of season that will force everyone to call him elite by whatever definition they use. Tarvaris Jackson had a rocky outing, but was in there during the time when everything was going the Raiders' way. I don't think he hurt himself. Terrelle Pryor entered the game as one of the big stories. His stats were decent enough --- 11-17 for 134 yards and a passer rating of 108.5. But he also didn't make a great throw on a fourth-down pass, and ultimately led drives for one TD and one field goal in five drives. Pryor afterward said only that it's "up to the coaches'' whether he made the team. Carroll's review was pretty matter-of-fact, saying "He made some plays tonight. I think it was a hard night. They did some good stuff. … he battled really hard to give us a chance.’’ The best quarterback of the night, other than Wilson, might have been B.J. Daniels, who led one TD drive in his two possessions, going 5-9 for 71 yards and also running once for 28. He's an intriguing player who might get picked up by someone if he's released, though I'd imagine Seattle will try to get him on the practice squad.

RUNNING BACK: No Marshawn Lynch, no Christine Michael, and not much of Robert Turbin (4-11). Spencer Ware got 23 yards on six carries and seems like a guy squarely on the bubble. Demitrius Bronson, released and then brought back with Michael out, got 31 yards on seven carries. Kiero Small had a nice tackle on special teams and two receptions for 18 yards and you have to think he's a practice squad guy at the least.

RECEIVERS: The starting three barely played, though Jermaine Kearse was out there long enough to make a 44-yard catch to set up the first score. Bryan Walters led the team with three catches for 47 yards and also handled every return. He fumbled one early but came back to handle the rest well and may well have earned a spot on the roster. Phil Bates made a needed big play, the 33-yard TD pass from Pryor late in the second quarter. But that was his only catch and he finishes the preseason having made just two. Right now, you'd think Walters and Ricardo Lockette would have the edge for the final spot or two. Paul Richardson, who definitely is on the team, had another relatively quiet night with two catches for 16 yards and finishes the preseason with seven for 65. Chris Matthews had his most active night, getting in the game early and making two catches for 27 yards. But still seems like a longshot to make it.

TIGHT END: Luke Willson had the early TD,  another play that showed he could be a bigger factor this season. Morrell Presley had two catches for 44 yards, and certainly seems to catch it when it's thrown to him. But right now, the best guess may be that only two TEs make it --- Zach Miller and Willson. You saw Gary Gilliam play a lot of tackle eligible stuff tonight as the Seahawks may be trying to see if they can get by with two true tight ends and use offensive linemen for blocking roles often reserved for another tight end.

OFFENSIVE LINE: The three interior starters played just the four plays. But Okung and Justin Britt stayed in for a while after --- Okung through the first half, part of the plan to get him more work. Gilliam's role as a tackle eligible might have been the most interesting development of the night on the line. He got beat once for a sack on a safety blitz, but has obviously opened the eyes of the coaches. The second unit tonight was Lemuel Jeanpierre at center, Caylin Hauptmann and Stephen Schilling at guard, and Eric Winston and Alvin Bailey at tackles. But is that the other five they keep if they keep 10 offensive linemen? And where does Gilliam factor in? We'll find out Saturday.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Another injury for Marsh is somewhat ominous. Same for Smith, who I've thought has a chance to make it. The highlight player tonight was Jordan Hill, who had a sack on a nice spin move for the only sack of the night for a Seattle defensive linemen, and finished with five tackles overall. Benson Mayowa had three tackles, two for a loss, and has picked up his play the last two weeks, as well. And I thought it was another decent night for O'Brien Schofield, though he didn't record any stats. Oakland did run the ball pretty well on the Seahawks, though, and that has to at least be something to watch, especially in regards to some of the second-unit players.

LINEBACKERS: Wagner was back. He showed he was healthy on an early tackle when he ran laterally 15 yards or so to make a tackle for a small gain. But he admitted he and the rest of the front showed some impatience early, especially on some of Oakland's counter plays. Small stuff that can be cleaned up. And as Wagner noted, the entire starting defense never really played together during the preseason. I wouldn't ready much into that first drive by Oakland against the starters. Smith got a lot of work, as well, and Seattle is pretty much back to full health now at linebacker other than Bruce Irvin, who may be back next week. Korey Toomer may be the biggest intrigue here in terms of whether he is on or off the roster. He made three tackles but hard to know where he stands. The bad news here is that Pierre-Louis suffered another injury. He has impressed in practice and you saw some of why tonight with his speed on a few plays.

SECONDARY: Cornerback Phillip Adams may have been the biggest story heading into the game, appearing to have a shot at being the last cornerback, and helped by the fact that he can return as well, though he didn't get any tonight. Adams got off to a rough start, beaten for an early touchdown. But he rebounded to tip the pass that led to DeShawn Shead's touchdown (a Shead's up play, no doubt about it), among a few plays that stood out (he also had a nice special teams tackle). No one looked good early, though, as Derek Carr hit on 11-13 passes for 143 yards. And everyone looked better once Matt McGloin got out there. So that has to be considered, as well.

SPECIAL TEAMS: Walters was the spotlight player, with two punt returns for 13 yards and five kickoff returns for 137 yards --- a solid average of 27.4 per attempt. Small also had a nice night, making two tackles in coverage, one that qualified as the hit of the game for the Seahawks.

August 29, 2014 at 12:11 AM

Quotes from Seattle coach Pete Carroll following preseason loss at Oakland

Here's all that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had to say after the 41-31 preseason finale loss to the Raiders tonight:

Opening Statement:

Carroll: Well I thought we played really good when the first unit was in there on offense tonight, those four plays. And that after that it wasn’t very good. We had a terrible time tonight. There was no doubt. We got our starters in there to play a little bit. We were able to play guys that needed extra plays. Kam (Chancellor) got extra plays, Russell Okung, Malcom (Smith) to get them ready to go for the opener and that worked out well. When I look back at this preseason, the thing that jumps out at me is what our offense was able to do when the first group was in there. I think we scored 11-of-13 times with the first group. Russell (Wilson) had a phenomenal preseason statistically and just in every way and I think that group looks ready to play football. It’s important that we get Russell Okung back and well and it looked like he had enough play time tonight to get that. On the other side of the ball, it was Malcom (Smith) and Kam (Chancellor) and also Bobby (Wagner) played and got through that and played fine. Got it going again. It’s been a long time since he played and that’s really important for us. All and all those are things that we needed to get done. We saw a lot of plays. Our guys really sucked it up and played all night long. A ton of plays out there on defense, so we’ll have plenty of plays to evaluate and to figure out what we’re doing next. All and all I think we’re ready to go for preseason. I’m really happy with how we made it through and we’re healthy enough to really feel like a good-looking group on both sides of the ball. Next time we go it’s the Packers.

Q: What did you think of Derek Carr’s performance?

Carroll: Gosh he was really good. I thought the Raiders played great tonight. Jeeze, they tore us up in every way. Their quarterbacks were really good, their receivers made their catches. You know they did everything well. They got a couple turnovers. They did well in the kicking game. They just took to us. Great night for them.

Q: What were the breakdowns on the Seahawks’ end?

Carroll: They ran the ball really well and they threw it and caught it really well. They converted on third down. They were 6 of the first 7. Whatever they wanted to do they did. We had plenty of chances to get back in it, which was cool. We were going to try to mount a big comeback and we were ready for that. On the third-and-20 or whatever it was they run for first down was kind of a back breaker, so there were some really good lessons for us. This game is not indicative of, I hope, of a whole of how we are going to play. I’m really pleased that we’ve made it to this point and we’ve got the guys who are going to play for us. We’re ready to go.

Q: Any concerns?

Carroll: We got a couple guys banged up tonight. D’Anthony (Smith) hurt his bicep. Kevin Pierre-Louis got a strained hamstring and Cassius (Marsh) got a strained hip flexor. Those are the three guys that got banged up tonight. We still have some guys coming back. We’ll wait and see. Bruce (Irvin) is going to try to make it back and see how healthy we can get here in the next week or so. Other than that we are ready to go.

Q: What did Terrelle Pryor do to impress you?

Carroll: He made some plays tonight. I think it was a hard night. They did a lot of good stuff. I don’t know what his numbers turned out like, but he battled really hard to give us a chance.

Q: How about the job that Bryan Walters did after the fumble?

Carroll: It was a real backbreaking fumble for us. Anytime we give up the ball like that way down there, it really hurts. We continued to use him all night long. We really trust him and believe in him and he did great job. He scored a touchdown, made a big catch on the third down blitz situation. He’s a really good ball player.

Q: What jumps out to you about what your first-team offense was able to do this preseason?

Carroll: They were tremendously efficient. I think Russell (Wilson) was, what were his numbers? He had a QB rating of 130 something. The 11-of-13 drives and we donked a field goal on one of them so there was really only one drive that we got stopped. I think that might have been the first one of the year, wasn’t it? The very first one of the year, so that means 12 of the last, or 11 of the last 12 drives we scored and missed a field goal. We’ve moved ahead. We are better than we were in the past and I think it’s the growth of the quarterback and his connection with all his guys. It’s J.R. Sweezy and James Carpenter. Those guys are really good football players. Those guys played 4 plays tonight in the game with Max (Unger). They’ve just improved. They’ve just grown with us. Hopefully that makes a difference. We are going to need it all.

Q: Have you ever seen as many offsides calls on kickoffs?

Carroll: That was a bad deal tonight. There were still about 4 more I wanted to call on them. I was cracking all night long. There’s a new rule, breaking the plane and the one that Rocket got, he was so far offsides that they almost didn’t call it. He was about 5 yards ahead of the kicker one time. It was just terrible, just terrible job by us. I think we had enough kickoffs where we could have scored 70 or something tonight. We had so many kickoffs.

Q: How ready do you feel this team is?

Carroll: I think we’re ready to go. I really feel that we are. I know that it’s really important getting Bobby (Wagner) back and Kam (Chancellor) back. I think if those guys can hold up their own in just a short return, they haven’t had a lot of work, so they’re a little bit behind. If they can hold up their own, which I’m sure they’ll be able to do, then we’re ready to go. Getting Jeremy Lane back will be important to us too. He’s been a really good nickel for us. We’d like to get him back out there and hope he can return for this next game. That would be crucial. Great matchup for him. I just feel like we’re OK. Let the games begin.

Q: Is there any concern about CB Tharold Simon?

Carroll: He has a sore knee. He’s got an old knee injury and it kind of got sort of ‘boggy’, is the word we use sometimes. But he’ll be OK to play though. He should be fine.

Q: Did you just decide to give WR Percy Harvin the night off?

Carroll: We left a lot of guys home and there’s a bunch of faces that didn’t’ play on this trip.

August 28, 2014 at 11:42 PM

Video: Seahawks coach Pete Carroll after preseason loss to the Raiders

Here's some of what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had to say following the loss in Oakland Thursday night:

August 28, 2014 at 10:22 PM

Seahawks lose to Raiders to end preseason 2-2

The preseason ended in rather desultory fashion for the Seahawks in Oakland Thursday night as the Raiders beat a mistake-prone Seattle team 41-31.

I'll have more later --- here are the stats.

Seattle ends the preseason 2-2 and now prepares for the regular season opener against Green Bay Thursday at the CLink.

August 28, 2014 at 5:47 PM

WR Percy Harvin among Seahawks who won't play against Raiders Thursday night

Receiver Percy Harvin was listed as one of nine Seahawks who will not play when the team takes the field at Oakland against the Raiders for the fourth and final preseason game Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Harvin missed practices on Tuesday and Wednesday for what coach Pete Carroll said was personal reasons, and the team said he was again being given an excused absence for personal reasons. Harvin did not make the trip to Oakland.

Also sitting out against the Raiders are: Cornerbacks Jeremy Lane and Tharold Simon, running back Christine Michael, tight end Cooper Helfet, linebacker Bruce Irvin, defensive tackle Jimmy Staten, defensive end Michael Bennett and receiver Kevin Norwood.

All have some form of injury and have either been out for a while or missed at least a practice this week.

Lane suffered a groin injury last week against the Bears; it's unclear what the situation is with Simon but he missed last season with a foot injury; Michael hurt his hamstring on Tuesday in practice; Helfet hurt his knee against the Bears; and Bennett has been nursing a hamstring injury.

Irvin (hip), Staten (hamstring) and Norwood (foot) have all yet to play in the preseason.

It's thought none of the injured players made the trip.

August 28, 2014 at 2:30 PM

NFL Network to debut "America's Game'' Seahawks' documentary Wednesday

If you are at all like me, then you love the "America's Game'' documentaries on NFL Network, the hour-long shows that profile every Super Bowl champion. I've seen every one, and some on multiple occasions.

And if you are also a Seahawks fan, then you are going to love the "America's Game'' program debuting Wednesday, which details the 2013 season of the Seattle Seahawks.

It will air at 5 p.m. Seattle time, and undoubtedly will  have lots of repeat viewings later, as well.

Here's a press release from the NFL Network with some details and some quotes:

On Wednesday, September 3 at 8:00 PM ET, the Emmy-winning series America’s Game profiles the Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seattle Seahawks. America’s Game: 2013 Seattle Seahawks features quarterback Russell Wilson, Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman and head coach Pete Carroll recounting the Seahawks’ run to the franchise’s first Super Bowl title in their own words. Actor and native of Mount Vernon, WA, Jim Caviezel lends his voice to this year’s edition.

Below are select quotes from America’s Game: 2013 Seattle Seahawks:

  • “We should have won that game…Myself and Earl Thomas sat there in the locker room for about three hours after that game and just [said], ‘We’ll never lose again in the playoffs, we’ll punish whoever gets in our way.’” – Richard Sherman on the playoff loss to the Atlanta Falcons the previous season

  • “We were the guys that were the underdogs. People said we weren’t smart enough or couldn’t make the plays when we needed to.” – Russell Wilson on the Seahawks’ roster

  • “That’s really the philosophy: we’re in a relentless pursuit of finding the competitive edge in everything we do. We’re either competing or we’re not.” – Pete Carroll on the Seahawks’ philosophy

  • “He thought that was going to be a touchdown too. That would have been his third touchdown in three years against the Seattle Seahawks…But it was his seventh interception against the Seattle Seahawks. And once again, at the end of the game trying to throw a fade to [Michael] Crabtree, it’s like two years in a row your season ends the same way. You would think he would learn.” – Sherman on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s final throw of the NFC Championship Game

America’s Game,an Emmy Award-winning series, delves deep into the story behind the making of Super Bowl champions. Each episode is a 60-minute documentary featuring key members of the winning team telling behind-the-scenes accounts from their championship season. With the signature NFL Films footage, combined with news clips and photos, highlights from team radio broadcasts, inside looks from team meeting rooms, sideline audio and other exclusive features, America’s Game provides an epic and intimate portrait of championship teams.

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