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July 31, 2014 at 5:32 PM

Pete Carroll quotes: Jesse Williams, Anthony McCoy and more

Here's what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say after Seattle's practice today (which, to reiterate, was held just as news was breaking that Marshawn Lynch had returned but before it was confirmed by the team):

(Opening) Pretty exciting day out here. We had a really good day at practice the guys worked really hard. We got a lot, a ton of situational work done which was great. Then the real situations happened here with the Marines landing after practice which was really exciting for everybody, so it’s a big day here and right in the mix of camp everything is going. We are leading up to a big game on Saturday. We have the mock game on Saturday to get us ready for game week coming up.

(On Jesse Williams) He’s got knee issues, I don’t have all the details for you right now but he’s got a serious situation which we have to take care of.

(On receivers and players being out today) We’re resting guys today, we rested some guys. Doug [Baldwin] and Percy [Harvin] both got a break today. As you watch there will be guys throughout, Michael Bennett had a break today, we are trying to keep guys in rotation so that we can keep them fresh we don’t want to wear anybody down too far. So as we make our way through it, we are just picking and choosing so those aren’t injuries at all.

(On Jesse Williams having surgery) It’s a potential surgery. I don’t know the details of it yet.

(On Anthony McCoy’s injury) It’s a heart breaking injury and it’s because he worked so hard to get back. He looked so good. He was the hardest working guy in the program to get back to shape to play and his other Achilles goes and it’s just a real incidental step coming off the line of scrimmage. No contact, nothing involved at all, much like the last one. There’s no way to predict that that would be there and that he would be venerable to that in any way so it’s really disheartening for him but as we communicate he is going to go for it again, bring himself on back and get back out here as soon as he can.

(On if they’ll add a player at the tight end position) We will see. We still have five guys at the spot so we are in pretty good shape right now.

(On the depth of the tight end position) Cooper Helfet, he’s done everything we’ve asked him for a couple years around here. He’s been a terrific guy working his way through it. He’s been better every season he’s been with us. He is stronger and faster. He knows everything, he is a specials team guy for us as well. He has great hands. So this is a tremendous opportunity for him for sure.

(On more flags being thrown today) I appreciate you noticed that. The NFL official showed up today and they will meet up with us this afternoon. I asked them to be active and they certainly answered their call.

(On the young guys adjusting) Just good. To see their interpretation we have to clean things up. We have to play by their rules so have to make sure they are out here, it’s very very important day for us and an important indication that we need some work in this area and it was really both sides of the football. So we will clean it up from here.

(On Kevin Norwood being out yesterday and today) His foot has not responded the way we hoped. It was okay today but he’s not better. So we are just going to try quiet him down and see what to do next. He’s had a MRI and all that kind of stuff. There is nothing we could do at this point but we are trying to find the right solution. The footwear, the orthotics and all the different things we could do to try help his foot. At this point really it’s just one day at a time.

(On Paul Richardson) He banged his shoulder but he will be okay, he will be back in a day or so.

(On Cassius Marsh) Little bit of a groin thing that we just want to make sure doesn’t go the wrong way. He has had a great camp so far. He has had one of the biggest loads – workloads - and so we are going to back off him today and see how he does here on Saturday.

(On Brock Coyle) He’s done a great job; he really has. He’s applied himself in every way, he’s smart, he studies it like crazy, he gives us the confidence that he can make the calls and handle the adjustments. At this early stage, he’s really done a great job. He’s physical and he’s done really well at special teams. He’s going to play a lot in these games early on and we’re excited to see what he can do at full speed tempos.

(On Percy Harvin’s performance last season) I don’t really put it to what happened in the Super Bowl or any of the game last year. He’s out here working like everybody else. He’s busting his tail. He’s in incredible shape. We’re making sure that we don’t overload him as we go through it, but I see him in the middle of everything we’re doing. He’s going to be a very intricate part of our offense and he’d be crazy not to. He’s a fine football player.

(On interaction with the officials during practice after a flag is thrown) I was practicing. I was practicing how I interact with the officials. I want to make sure that my demeanor was really on point. There were some questions--just questions about their interpretations to make sure I knew what they were calling and all. This is a big deal for us. We’ll meet with them [the officials] again today. We need to really latch on to how they interpret things. We’ve tried to adjust things. We’ll find out and we’ll grow more today. We’ll be asking questions. It’ll be an open forum with those guys this afternoon.

(On a recent incident with the officials) No, we’ll hear from them again this afternoon. The team will hear for the first time. We’ve heard what the league has to say. Now we need to just watch the dialogue and see how it goes and just make sure we’re hearing from the actual officials on the field and how they’re going to call stuff. So we’ll learn more.

(On Jackson Jeffcoat playing Sam) He’s got the versatility; he’s an outside linebacker/rush guy, a Leo at times, he's a Sam backer. He’s always been a rush guy. We wanted to see what he could do at linebacker and he’s adapting. He’s doing well. We’re still using him in the nickel packages on the outside.

(On Jordan Hill getting a chance at the Clinton McDonald role) There’s a great competition going on between he and Greg Scruggs and D’Anthony Smith. Those guys are really battling at this spot right now. We’re watching them every day--every play that they take and keep comparing to see who’s getting the edge. Scruggs has gotten his last couple of days; went with the first nickel group. Rewarded for his good play and the production he’s made. Jordan is right in there. They’re all battling. And so it’s a really cool position to watch, but right now, you can’t call it. But we’ve got a month to figure this out.

(On figuring out the defensive line rotation) With Cliff [Avril], we understand what we’re getting. We know what Bruce [Irvin] will do for us when he comes back. We understand what Tony [McDaniel] will do. And now we need to see how Kevin [Williams] fits in and what he can do. Kevin’s an in-depth football player and he can do a lot of stuff. He’s the bigger type rusher opposed to the quicker one that we might use inside. So yeah, we’re still solving those problems with the new guys that come in and we need to see how it all blends. It’ll take us some time; not as long as last year though.

(On any receivers who stood out today) The guy who’s had a great week is Phil Bates. He has really been productive. He’s been active. He’s made a bunch of big plays. This is a combination of a couple years of work to get him to this point. Remember he adapted from the quarterback spot and he has really shaped and sculpted his body. He looks like a receiver. He has all the movements now. And he’s a very tough competitor too. So we love what he’s doing. He’s had a great week.

(On James Carpenter and Bobby Wagner sitting out the past couple of days) Bobby’s got a first degree hamstring thing, so he’s got a slight hamstring pull. And “Carp” has a calf that just tightened up and we just don’t want to over-do him when we don’t have to. Nothing major. Just looks like days.


July 31, 2014 at 5:12 PM

Pro Football Talk says Seahawks bumped up Lynch's 2014 salary

Pro Football Talk reports that Marshawn Lynch appears to have gotten at least a little something from the Seahawks to end his week-long holdout.

While Lynch didn't get a new contract, he did get some money guaranteed for the 2014 season that was otherwise not guaranteed.

Specifically, the team turned $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses and incentives into guaranteed money, increasing his base salary for the 2014 season from $5 million to $6 million.

It also took $500,000 he had been guaranteed in 2015 and, as PFT says, giving it to him now.

So, Lynch essentially got $1.5 million to end his holdout, plus an apparent assurance that the team won't waive fines that were approaching almost half-a-million.

So it appears Lynch got the "small token of appreciation'' that former Seahawk-turned-announcer Jordan Babineaux had said he wanted, while the Seahawks can say they gave Lynch no "new'' money, just assured he will get some of the money that was in his contract but not guaranteed. Sort of a win-win for both.

July 31, 2014 at 3:36 PM

Practice impressions from Jenks, Condotta

Here are our daily impressions from practice. First, from Jayson Jenks, and then from Bob Condotta:

1, The offensive line continues to operate under patchwork conditions. Left tackle Russell Okung, right tackle Michael Bowie and guard James Carpenter all sat out Thursday’s practice because of injuries. That meant the first-team offensive line on Thursday looked like this: tackles Justin Britt and Alvin Bailey, guards Caylin Hauptman and J.R. Sweezy and center Max Unger. Only two of those players — Sweezy and Unger — are expected to start this season, although Britt is in a battle with Bowie and Eric Winston for the starting spot at right tackle.

2, There were lots of penalty flags thrown during Thursday’s practice, and after a couple of the penalties, I noticed coach Pete Carroll went over and talked to a couple of the officials. After practice, Carroll explained that he was trying to understand the new interpretations of the rules and get explanations for calls so he could pass them along to his players.

3, The Seahawks worked on their two-minute offense for part of the practice. They started at their own 35-yard line and put 1:20 on the clock. It also allowed them to work on getting their field-goal units on the field quickly at the end of halves and games.

And from Condotta;

1, As I noted earlier, the Seahawks were noticeably shy of receivers today with Doug Baldwin, Percy Harvin, Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson all sitting out (as well as newly-acquired David Gilreath). That left a lot of work for those who were healthy and some fairly unique receiver combinations. The starters were usually Kearse, Bryan Walters and Ricardo Lockette with Phil Bates rotating in. And that gives a pretty good idea of who is behind the WRs who are considered locks. Of those, Bates is receiving the most praise, singled out afterward by both Carroll and Russell Wilson. Said Wilson: "Bates has looked tremendous. He’s done such a good job all off season. I remember last year I had said that Jermaine Kearse was going to be the guy to kind of come out and prove himself because I remember down in Hermosa [California] after my rookie year that he did a tremendous job. Then I had been telling some people that Phillip Bates was going to be that guy this year. He’s just a guy that’s worked so hard.''

2, With Zach Miller resting today, the TE spot also looked pretty thin with Anthony McCoy now out for the year. That had Luke Willson going with the No. 1 unit all day and Cooper Helfet with the backups. RaShaun Allen, an undrafted free agent, also got lots of work and had a couple nice catches. And Morrell Presley, recently signed and listed as a receiver but playing TE, had a touchdown catch during a 7-on-7 drill from Terrelle Pryor that was as pretty as any play all day. The team, though, continues to look for other options at the spot as Adam Schefter Tweeted today:

Maneri has six receptions and 10 starts in four seasons, playing most recently last year with the Bears.

3, Jackson Jeffcoat, an undrafted free agent from Texas, is now also getting some work at strongside linebacker as well as the LEO rush end spot. It makes some sense since the two spots have a lot of similarities and the Seahawks also are shy of healthy SLBs right now with Malcolm Smith, Bruce Irvin and Korey Toomer all still out.




July 31, 2014 at 2:58 PM

Extra Points: Bob Condotta talks about the return of Marshawn Lynch

July 31, 2014 at 2:03 PM

Seahawks personnel updates --- DT Jesse Williams may need knee surgery

Here are the non-Marshawn Lynch personnel  news and notes from today:

--- The news doesn't sound good for defensive tackle Jesse Williams, who left practice on Tuesday with a knee injury. Coach Pete Carroll said today that "he's got a serious situation that we have to take care of.'' Carroll said it wasn't completely certain yet that Williams would need surgery but that "it's an potential surgery situation.'' That would be bad news for Williams, who missed last season after having knee surgery and had hoped he was healthy this year.

--- Carroll said a number of the players who sat out today were simply resting, such as WRs Doug Baldwin and Percy Harvin and DT Michael Bennett, and he said that will be the case throughout camp that they want to try to keep guys fresh and "don't want to wear anyone down too far.''

--- However, one situation that's beginning to sound a little more ominous is that of rookie WR Kevin Norwood. He was again out with foot soreness after having returned to some limited work yesterday. Carroll said they have taken MRIs and not found anything, and also are checking with different kinds of shoes and orthodics to try to solve the issue. "At this point, it's really just one day at a time.''

--- Rookie WR Paul Richardson was also out today after banging his shoulder again in practice recently. But Carroll said he should be back in a day or two.

--- Rookie DT Cassius Marsh was out today with what Carroll called "a little bit if a groin thing that we just want to make sure doesn't go the wrong way.''

--- Carroll also talked about the season-ending Achilles injury suffered by TE Anthony McCoy and said it was a non-contact injury that happened as he stepped off the line of scrimmage. Carroll said McCoy intends to rehab and give it a go again next season.

--- Also, if there was a player of the day today, it was WR Phil Bates, who again had some nice catches continuing what Carroll said has been a great camp. Seattle was down markedly on WRs today with Baldwin, Harvin, Richardson and Norwood all out, and guys like Bates got a lot of work. More on that later in our impressions.




marsh -- a little bit of a groin thing that we just want to mkake sure donesst go the wrong way

July 31, 2014 at 1:11 PM

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch ends holdout, reports to training camp

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch ended his seven-day holdout today and reported to training camp for the defending champion Seahawks.

Lynch reported to camp this afternoon following the team's morning practice, which was the sixth he had missed as he attempted to get either a new contract from the team or at the least  some sort of upgrade in the money he would receive for this season.

Sources indicated Lynch will not receive a new deal but could possibly get some sort of financial concession to give him some more money for this season. He is entering the third year of a four-year deal worth up to $31 million. Contracts, though, are not guaranteed and there has been speculation that he could be cut after the 2014 season and Lynch has been thought wanting to get some of that money now --- here is our story from earlier this week with background on his holdout.

Lynch arrived around 2 p.m., after which he briefly walked out of the back of the team's training complex and was spotted by some of the radio and TV personnel who had their work areas set up out there. The team also confirmed he had ended his holdout.

The NFL Network got a shot of Lynch when he made his brief foray outside of the team's complex:

Reports broke around  noon that Lynch would soon end his holdout. But when the Seahawks met with the media afterward they said they had nothing to report on it.

"He's still not here,'' Carroll said of Lynch. "I don't really have anything for you at this point.''

Carroll then said to a second question that "I don't know that (if Lynch will report). That would be good.'' reported that the Seahawks will not re-do Lynch's contract but could get some sort of monetary concession --- such as a guarantee of an incentive --- to report. The team has said consistently it did not plan to waver from its financial plan to appease Lynch, and there is no indication that they have done so.

Lynch has been thought looking for some more upfront money. He has two years remaining on a four-year deal worth as much as $31 million

He is also subject to $495,000 in fines for holding out but that could also be waived as part of reporting to camp.

Quarterback Russell Wilson also said he had not heard if Lynch is reporting but said "hopefully he's here. I don't know. He's such a good football player, we'd love to have him here.''

Lynch has been on the team's reserve/did not report list, having not reported when camp officially began last Thursday. The team will have to cut a player off of its 90-man roster to make room for Lynch.

Lynch will take a physical and could be ready for the team's next practice Friday morning.

You can see video of Carroll talking about Lynch, as well as today's practice, below:

July 31, 2014 at 10:31 AM

Seahawks place Anthony McCoy on IR, sign WR Ronald Johnson

The Seahawks made it official this morning that TE Anthony McCoy is out for the season, placing him on the Injured Reserve list after he injured his Achilles tendon in practice on Tuesday.

It is the second straight year McCoy has injured his Achilles and been placed on IR.

To take his place on the 90-man roster, the Seahawks have signed free agent WR Ronald Johnson, who played for Carroll at USC.

Johnson was on the 49ers' roster in 2011 and then with the Eagles in 2011 and 2012, but has not played in any games.

Johnson has not played since suffering what was deemed an "ugly'' ankle injury with the Eagles in camp in 2012.

Johnson becomes the fifth USC player on the roster, and the second signed this week, joining cornerback Terrell Thomas.

Seattle now has what are listed as 15 receivers on its roster, though Morrell Presley is more rightly considered a tight end.

Still, Seattle has added two receivers with Los Angeles ties in the last week in Johnson and Randall Carroll, who played at UCLA.

Johnson had 138 receptions and 20 touchdowns in his USC career.

July 31, 2014 at 9:53 AM

Seahawks live training camp updates

As always, here's where you can follow along with live updates from practice:

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