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September 29, 2014 at 9:01 PM

First Look: Washington

Here's our weekly First Look at Seattle's upcoming opponent:

Seahawks opponent: Washington

Game time: Monday, 5:30 p.m., FedExField.


Coach: Jay Gruden (1-3 in first season with Washington and as an NFL head coach).

2014 record: 1-3.

Last game: Lost to New York Giants, 45-14.

The series: Washington leads the series 11-4 having won all six regular season meetings since 1998. Seattle last won in Washington in 1995, 27-20. However, Seattle won the last game of any kind against Washington, a 24-14 win in a wildcard playoff game.

The early line: Seahawks by 7.

Key players: QB Kirk Cousins: The third-year player from Michigan State is Washington’s starter with Robert Griffin III out for another five weeks or so with a dislocated ankle. Cousins played well in his first two starts but had five turnovers --- four interceptions and a lost fumble --- in a 45-14 home loss to the Giants on Thursday. Interceptions have been an issue for Cousins throughout his career as he has a 24-20 touchdown-to-interception ratio.

RB Alfred Morris: The third-year tailback from Florida Atlantic continues to be one of the most productive ground-gainers in the NFL. After rushing for 1,613 and 1,275 yards his first two seasons he’s off to another good start with 316 yards in four games this year, which ranks fourth in the NFL. The 224-pound Morris is averaging 4.5 yards per carry.

OLB Ryan Kerrigan: After missing most of last season with a knee injury, the Purdue grad appears to be returning to his 2012 form, when he was named to the Pro Bowl. Kerrigan, who typically lines up on the left side in Washington’s 3-4 defense, leads the NFL with five sacks, four coming in a 41-10 win over Jacksonville in week two.

Washington’s keys to success: At just 1-3, Washington doesn’t have much success to speak of so far in what is the first season for Jay Gruden, who replaced the fired Mike Shanahan following a 3-13 record in 2013. Washington’s lone victory came against winless Jacksonville at home. Still, Washington was competitive in a 37-34 loss at Philadelphia, and can blame turnovers for much of its issues in defeats to Houston and the New York Giants --- eight of the team’s nine turnovers came in those two games which Washington lost by a combined 62-20. Washington’s turnover differential of minus-five is tied for the worst in the NFL and the nine lost turnovers is tied for the second-most. When not turning the ball over, Washington has been able to move it well at times --- it has six scoring drives of 80 yards or longer in its last two games and ranks fourth in the NFL in average yards per game at 415.3. Washington’s defense, meanwhile, is eighth in fewest yards allowed per game at 324.3. But the turnovers and some special teams mistakes --- a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown was a key to the loss at Houston --- have led to opponents scoring 27.3 points per game, 26th in the NFL.


387 --- Consecutive home sellouts for Washington, most in the NFL (Seattle has 98).

0-4 --- Washington’s record this season in coach’s replay challenges.

3 --- Washington’s playoff wins since 1991, the last time it won a Super Bowl.

September 29, 2014 at 5:35 PM

Quotes from Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

Here's the transcript of what Seattle coach Pete Carroll had to say to the media today:

(On Zach Miller’s status and if he had something done last week) He did. Yeah, he had his ankle cleaned up. There’s a lot of speculation on how long it’s going to take. We just have to wait and see. We don’t know yet. We will be going week-to-week. Give him a couple weeks then we will go week-to-week and see how he does.

(On that Zach Miller’s recovery is definitely not a long-term, out for the whole season, type of thing) Right, right.

(On if it’s something that just crept up on him this season) It’s been bothering him for a number of weeks. He’s been playing with it and we just don’t want him to have to tolerate it any longer. We want to see if we can fix him up and hopefully he’ll have a speedy recovery. It’s just a clean-up kind of thing. But he had some loose bodies in his ankle that were bothering him and it was very, very uncomfortable.

(On if he can get by with Cooper Helfet and Luke Willson or if he has to add any) We’re working that out. We will see as the week goes on.

(On what he misses most with Miller out, being that most tight ends are just pass catchers but he does a lot more) Zach does a ton of things. He was with Tom [Cable] all those years back in Oakland. The background that they built really helped us a lot in so many different areas – all the little things that he knows how to do, the finesse kind of situation, the motioning, being in the backfield, playing as a fullback as well as a normal tight end and also we’ve moved him everywhere, he’s been outside. So he’s a very versatile player, extremely on it and a great tough competitor so we miss a lot with Zach.

(On Luke Willson’s progress as a blocker) Luke’s done a really good job. He’s going to obviously play a ton now. It’s really a great opportunity for him to step up. He’s improved in every area. He’s one of those young guys that has really just gotten a ton better since he’s been with us. He’s stronger and he’s faster than he was a year ago because of the offseason so in every way he’s improved. This is a lot to ask of him though. It’s the first time he’ll have this kind of duty but it’s his turn to step up.

(On if it helps that he has has a couple of tackles that have also played as that sixth lineman/tight end) Yes. The answer is yes.

(On Cooper Helfet and if he is back fully) Yeah, Cooper is ready to go. He’s back in and it’s been a couple weeks back with us so he’s in good shape to play. He’ll be integrally involved. He’ll be all over it.

(On from what he saw today if he is happy with the amount of rest and relaxation the players got) Yeah, we came back flying. We wanted to maximize the chance to get our guys as fresh as possible for this big push here through the season so we did bye, at this point, really successfully. We will find out if the result was good when we go out and play on Monday night.

(On if it’s a safe assumption that Zach Miller had surgery last week because of the bye week) Right, that was part of the decision.

(On what was the option of him not having the surgery) Just trying to play through it. We thought that it was going to mount on him in time and it was going to get any better. He needed to get fixed up.

(On if it was bone spurs) Yeah, we could call them spurs.

(On how Kam Chancellor came back from a week of rest) He looked great today. It was an issue a couple of weeks ago. It mounted up in San Diego. He made it back and did a really good job last week, played great football. He looked fine today so we might have put that one behind us.

(On how Tharold Simon is doing) He’s doing great. He’s only a couple weeks away from getting back out here. So we’re really excited about that. His workouts have gone great so we should expect him to at least come back to competing here in a couple weeks.

(On Paul Richardson’s progress) Paul just continues to develop. He’s got really good solid guys playing ahead of him, is really the problem that he has and everybody is dying to get in there and fighting for their play time. He’s done extremely well with everything we’re asking him to do. He’s a really, really good route runner. He finally got his first catch and all. But we’re anxious to get him to continue to be involved. It’s just a very competitive position group right now.

(On what he still needs to improve on) Just get more comfortable. Utilize all the awareness that come from time, running your routes exactly right, your precision and all that stuff but there’s nothing that he can’t do so we just need to get him on the field.

(On how he hasn’t used the two tight ends as much because he is using Percy Harvin a lot at receiver and if Zach Miller’s absence changes anything about the way he is going to deploy wide receivers and tight ends) No, not necessarily. We will see in time how we do but we’re going to continue to do the things we have been doing.

(On if Garry Gilliam can go back to being a tight end in a pinch) He could. He has it in his background. He played at Penn State for a number of years and he’s already worked there so he’s eligible for that too.

(On is there difficulty scheduling time off early in the year) No, that really has nothing to do with it. No matter when we get the bye, we always want to maximize the rest time and try to get as much out of that as possible. There’s nothing we can do about when it comes, but now that it’s here and we got back and we’re pretty healthy coming back off it and guys feel great and they’re ready to go to work. The schedule isn’t any different than it would’ve been; exactly like we did last year.

(On Jon Ryan doing anything differently this year after having several deep punts) No, he had a really good off-season; great shape. I’ve asked him about the routine and all; he kept it basically the same. I think his confidence is in a great spot and the work has just fit really well; the timing of it and all. So it’s all working just right for him. We got a long haul ahead of him but still he’s off to a great start.

(On does Ricardo Lockette’s speed make it easier for Jon Ryan to just boot it deep and not worry about out-kicking the coverage) Well, Ricardo’s speed is really showing up and it really is a factor. At times [in coverage], you get worried about out-kicking the coverage. We haven’t been able to do that with Ricardo when he gets off the ball so that’s a very big positive in the punt game. So hopefully that will continue to show up. Other guys do really well too at the gunner spots, but he seems to be unique. So we’ll lodge on and kick away as long as we’re covering them. If we have to adjust that, Jon’s really good at doing that too.

(On Marshawn Lynch) I recognized when he got here from the off-season that he was in fantastic shape. He looked just quicker than ever to me and hasn’t really had a day when he wasn’t really on it. So his consistency has been there, which is really a tribute to his workouts that he did and carried out. If anything, he’s reported in great shape, he’s very lean; his body weight is not changing much so he’s positioned well there. His work ethic has been great, he’s done everything that we’ve asked him to do and he’s run a ton so far so we have no reason to think anything else that we would do any different but he’s off to a great start.

(On reminding Russell Wilson to protect himself while scrambling) I remind him now and then; yes. He’s really good at it; he understands and he’s protecting the team in that. Every now and then he got loose up the middle and had a lot of bodies around him a couple times and fortunately he got down. He gets it; the competitor in him needs to be reminded every once and a while but I usually get a really good response. He knows and acknowledges that he’s going to try and get out of harm’s way every chance he gets.

(On Christine Michael being back) Yes, he’s ready to go. He has been for a week now. It’s good to get him back more than just for some time. We got to get accustomed to him being out here and getting him the reps. It’s hard to get on the roster right now for guys, we’re in pretty good health; we’re fortunate for that but he’s really ready to get going and wants to play badly as you can imagine. So we’ll see what happens.

(On Garry Gilliam expressing enthusiasm about playing tight end) No, he’s pretty quiet. He hasn’t really came up and banged on my door about that, but he’s more than willing. He knows; we’ve talked about it for a long time ever since we first got him in here; that this could be a possibility and so he’s ready if we call on him.

(On the in-house options being better than searching outside the team) Yes, we’ve looked hard; we’ve had a lot of guys in here. We’ve worked out a lot of people; we would like to stay with our people; all of the banking on the communication and on the system working for us; we’re going to get it fixed right here.

(On Cassius Marsh as a tight end option) Oh yeah, he has banged on my door a couple times. He’s not as quiet as Garry [Gilliam]; might be the West Coast/ East Coast thing, I don’t know.

September 29, 2014 at 4:35 PM

Extra points video: Analyzing the Zach Miller news

In today's Extra Points video, Seahawks beat reporter Bob Condotta talks about the news that tight end Zach Miller will miss at least a couple of weeks after having ankle surgery:

September 29, 2014 at 3:42 PM

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll on Zach Miller's surgery, and more

Seahawks tight end Zach Miller will miss at least two games after having surgery last week to clean up some "loose bodies'' in his ankle.

After that, it's anyone's guess as to exactly when he will be back.

Coach Pete Carroll said after Monday's walk-through that the team will "give him a couple of weeks and then we'll go week-to-week and see how he does.''

So, essentially, expect Miller to rest and recover while Seattle plays at Washington Monday and then hosts Dallas on Oct. 12, and then anywhere from that point on possibly make it back.

Carroll reiterated that they do not expect Miller to be out for long and also said they are unlikely to go outside to find another tight end for the roster --- since Miller will not be placed on IR there is no open roster spot being created.

Carroll said they had had a number of guys come in for tryouts in recent days but thinks they can replace Miller well enough for a few weeks with what they already have on the roster.

"We've looked hard had a lot of guys in here, worked out at lot of people,'' he said. "We would like to stay with all of our people, banking on the communication and the system working for us and all of that, so we are going to get it fixed right here.''

That means elevating second-year player Luke Willson to a starting role and Cooper Helfet to a backup role. And if needed, possibly using tackle Gary Gilliam --- who played tight end at Penn State until his senior year --- as a tight end, as well.

Willson has played 53 snaps so far but has just one catch for one yard.

"This is really a great opportunity for him to step up,'' Carroll said. "He’s improved in every area. He’s one of those young guys that really has gotten a ton better. He's tougher and faster than he was a year ago because of the off-season. So in every way he has improved. But this is a lot to ask of him. This is the first time he'll have this kind of duty. But it's his turn to step up.''

Helfet played five snaps on special teams against Denver but has not played in a regular season game as a tight end after missing the first two games with a knee injury, and this being his first year on the 53-man roster after spending last year on the practice squad.

"He's in good shape to play,'' Carroll said. "He'll be integrally involved. He'll be all over it.''

As for Miller, Carroll said the ankle had been bothering him for a while and they wanted to clean it up now rather than have him play through it for the rest of the season. That Seattle had a bye week last week helped make the decision, since he was able to have the surgery and use that week to begin the rehab process.

"It's been bothering him for a number of weeks and he's been playing with it and we just don’t want him to have to tolerate it any longer,'' Carroll said. "See if we can fix him up and hopefully he will have a speedy recovery. Just a clean-up kind of thing. But he had some loose bodies in his ankle that were bothering him and were very, very uncomfortable. ... It wasn't going to get any better. He needed to get fixed up.''

Miller ranks fifth on the team in receptions with six for 76 yards. But his greatest value may be as a blocker, particularly in helping against edge pass rushers --- he's been used a lot on the right side so far to help out rookie tackle Justin Britt.

"We'll miss a lot in his absence,'' Carroll said.

Second-year player Alvin Bailey has also played some for Seattle as an extra tight end/eligible tackle, including in the Super Bowl win over Denver. And if they really need another body, the Seahawks could also maybe turn to defensive lineman Cassius Marsh, who got a few snaps at tight end while at UCLA, catching two touchdown passes.

Carroll joked that Marsh had already knocked on his door to say he was available if needed. And it's also worth noting that the Seahawks have rookie RaShaun Allen on the practice squad, if needed.

This will be the second straight year Seattle has had to get by without Miller for at least a few games. He also missed two games last season --- at Indianapolis and home against Tennessee --- with a hamstring injury. Willson started both of those games, as well (including games where he got the start when Seattle began with two tight ends, Willson started seven games last season. He also officially got a start against Green Bay this season).

In other news:

--- S Kam Chancellor came back well from the bye week and the ankle that bothered him against San Diego. "He looked great today,'' Carroll said. "It was an issue a couple of weeks ago, bothered him up in San Diego. He made it back and did a really good job last week and played great football and looks fine today. So we might have put that one behind us.''

--- Carroll also said CB Tharold Simon continues to recover well from knee surgery a few weeks ago and is "only a couple of weeks'' from returning.

--- And he reiterated that RB Christine Michael is back to full health following a hamstring injury that bothered him a few weeks ago. "He’s ready to go,'' Carroll said.. "He has been for a week now and it's good to get him back ... it's hard to get on the roster right now for guys. We are in pretty good health and fortunate for that. But he;s really ready to go and wants to play badly as you can imagine. so we'll see what happens.''

Here's some video of Carroll talking about Miller:


September 29, 2014 at 12:23 PM

Why the loss of Zach Miller hurts more than the stats suggest

RENTON — To appreciate the value of tight end Zach Miller is often to appreciate subtlety.

Marshawn Lynch drags defenders, Percy Harvin outruns them and Russell Wilson keeps them off balance. Miller? He’s neither electric nor much of a playmaker. But the Seahawks value Miller for the way he consistently does what they ask of him — a simple task in theory but one that is much harder to execute.

That’s a big part of what makes news of Miller missing time after undergoing a procedure on his ankle a blow for the Seahawks. The report said Miller will be out “an extended period of time”, and that means the Seahawks will need to rely on Luke Willson and Cooper Helfet, two far less experienced players.

Miller is often talked about for the way he handles himself as a “pro” and for the way he “does his job.” But that really means he is dependable, and coach Pete Carroll gave an example earlier this season to illuminate the point.

In the first quarter of the Green Bay game, the Seahawks handed the ball off to Harvin, who took it around the edge outside. Miller was lined up along the line at tight end, and he quickly maneuvered to outflank the Packers’ safety and seal the edge for Harvin. Harvin gained 13 yards. Had Miller not made his block in space, Harvin might have gained half of that.

Carroll pointed to that block as a small example of the type of things Miller does consistently throughout a game.

“To make the right choice and the right decision he had a really key block on a terrific run by Percy out on the edge where a younger guy may have held on just a hair too long and drawn a foul,” Carroll said. “It’s as simple as it may sound, but his timing and feel for that was perfect so we get a 15-yard play instead of a penalty.

Those are the shoes Willson and Helfet will have to fill. Both are viewed more for their pass-catching abilities, and the Seahawks will likely miss Miller’s blocking most. Miller missed two games last year, so it’s not like the Seahawks haven’t dealt with this before. It’s also possible that the Seahawks use offensive tackles Alvin Bailey or Garry Gilliam as blocking tight ends, which they did at times last season.

Not surprisingly, the Seahawks played with more three- and four-receiver sets when Miller missed two games last season. With Miller out, Willson played 80 percent of Seattle's offensive plays last season; he has played 27 percent of Seattle's offensive snaps this season. Miller played his biggest role of the season against the Broncos, when he played 71 of 78 offensive snaps.

Either way the Seahawks will miss Miller’s dependability and experience. He has been with the Seahawks since 2011, and he spent time before that in Oakland learning Tom Cable’s zone-blocking scheme. He knows how everything works, all the ins and outs.

Miller has six catches this season for 76 yards, and his lack of production in those two areas the last couple of years has dropped significantly since his days in Oakland. But Carroll said he doesn’t look at Miller’s pass-catching numbers to judge how he plays.

“He knows everything he needs to know and he’ll execute it almost exactly right,” he said. “If he doesn’t, he fixes it the very next time. You just can count on him. He’s a responsible and accountable guy. He’s extremely valuable to us. We don’t look at anybody’s catches to determine how they are valued on this team. It’s everything they bring, and he’s a great example of that.”

September 29, 2014 at 10:04 AM

Seattle tight end Zach Miller has ankle surgery, return TBD UPDATED

Seattle starting tight end Zach Miller had surgery on his ankle  during the bye week, the team confirmed Monday morning.

However, it's unclear exactly how long he will be out as the team says "an exact timetable for his return has yet to be determined.''

A report from, which broke the news, said Miller would be out  "an extended period of time.'' Other reports have put his absence at anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

The team is not placing Miller on the Injured Reserve list, which would mean he would be out for the season, so obviously the expectation is that he will be back for enough games to make it worth carrying him on the roster for a while.

Seattle is limited in its roster options with Miller since it has already used its one injured reserve/designated to return option on cornerback Jeremy Lane, who suffered a groin injury in the opener and is due back for the game against the Giants on Nov. 9. So Seattle apparently will have to keep Miller on the active roster --- putting him on the regular IR would mean he would be lost for the season.

Miller was on Seattle's injury list during the week leading up to the Denver game with an ankle injury apparently suffered against San Diego, missing practices on Wednesday and Thursday.

But he played throughout the win over Denver, on the field for 71 of a possible 78 snaps and 157 of 181 for the Seahawks this season.

On the Friday prior to the Denver game, coach Pete Carroll said of Miller that "he did fine'' in practice after having missed the previous two days and that he "looked like he was ready to go.''

Seattle has two other tight ends on its active roster in second-year man Luke Willson and Cooper Helfet, the latter of whom saw his first NFL action against Denver, though only on special teams.

Miller, an eight-year vet, got off to a nice start to his season with three catches against Green Bay and has six for the season for 76 yards. His greatest value to the team. though, may be as a blocker, both in  the run and pass.

He has often been used this season on the right side of Seattle's offensive line to help rookie tackle Justin Britt with pass protection.

With Miller out, Seattle will have to figure out how to make up for that blocking --- an immediate challenge comes this week in Washington outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, who typically lines up on the left side of the team's defense and has an NFL-best five sacks this season.

One option is to use tackles such as Garry Gilliam and Alvin Bailey in a role as an eligible tackle or extra tight end. Recall that Bailey has been used in that role in the past, including in the Super Bowl win over Denver, and Gilliam was also used in that role some in the preseason.

The Seahawks could also bring in another tight end. But as noted, they plan to keep Miller on the 53-man roster so they'd need to clear a spot  by removing someone else.



September 29, 2014 at 9:48 AM

Seahawks Daily Top 10: Bye week over, time to kick off the rest of the season

The bye week is over as the Seahawks will be back on the practice field today. We'll also ramp up the coverage again on the  blog to game-week levels after taking a little time off the last few days, as well, as it's now 13 games in 13 weeks for the Seahawks.

To get things started back up, here are 10 notes and thoughts for a Monday morning. ...

1. As noted above, the Seahawks will have a walk-through today. They'll also be on the field on Tuesday in what will be the true beginning to their gameweek --- remember, the Seahawks play Monday night at Washington. So Tuesday will be like Monday and then they'll take Wednesday as the day off they usually get on Tuesday, etc. That means Thursday will be like Wednesday, the beginning of the heavy installation of the gameplan for the week as well as some of the usual Wednesday press conference stuff.

2. The Seahawks are a seven-point favorite as they enter the week, and there's no reason to think that line would go down.

3.So what to make of the 49ers now? Their win yesterday in which they held the Eagles to 22 yards rushing on 12 carries was eye-opening given all that had been swirling around the team about Jim Harbaugh beginning to maybe lose the locker room, and some of the other issues that had developed during a 1-2 start. But the win yesterday, rallying from an early 21-10 deficit against an undefeated team, appears to show that some of the dissension talk may be overblown. More practically, it showed again how good the 49ers defense can be even as it continues to play at less than full strength.

4. And suddenly, it looks like maybe the NFC West really is going to be as good as everyone thought at the beginning of the season --- the top three teams, anyway. Arizona is 3-0, Seattle 2-1 and the 49ers 2-2. San Francisco still has some offensive questions. But they can get on the right side of the standings pretty quickly with games the next two weeks at home against Kansas City and then at St. Louis before hosting Denver.

5. Arizona, meanwhile, also had a bye and remains one of what are now just two undefeated teams --- the Bengals, who were also off --- being the other. The Cardinals play what is one of the games of the week, at Denver on Sunday, a contest in which the Broncos are already as much as an eight-point favorite. So Seattle could go into Monday night knowing that a win would put it back into a tie for first place.

6. Before the season, you might have thought the game at Washington loomed as a lot more dangerous than a home contest the following Sunday against Dallas. But not anymore. Not sure if a team that gets the kind of attention the Cowboys do can ever really be a surprise. But Dallas is off to a nice 3-1 start after a surprisingly easy win over New Orleans last night led by a young and rapidly improving offensive line that has helped Dallas average 165 yards per game on the ground to lead the NFL. After the weekend off, Seattle is now fifth in rushing yards allowed at 72.3 per game, setting up what already projects as a really intriguing matchup on Oct. 12 at CenturyLink Field.

7. Otherwise, though, the schedule is beginning to set up nicely for Seattle. Dallas is the only one of Seattle's next seven opponents that currently has a winning record. Here is how the schedule looks with the team's current record: at Washington (1-3), Dallas (3-1), at St. Louis (1-2), at Carolina (2-2), Oakland (0-4), Giants (2-2), Chiefs (1-2 and hosting New England tonight). That's a combined 10-16 and a real chance for Seattle to put itself in good shape before the final six games that include two each against the 49ers and Cardinals and a trip to Philadelphia.

8. Interesting to see who are now the top four QBs in the NFL in passing efficiency --- Philip Rivers (114.5), Aaron Rodgers (109.1), Russell Wilson (108.9) and Peyton Manning (108.5). That's the QBs of the three teams Seattle has played so far this season, and then Wilson. So yes, the competition has been pretty heated so far for Seattle's defense and its secondary, which has to be taken into consideration when evaluating Seattle's play so far. Some of the defensive numbers, especially passing wise, figure to look a lot different in a month or so than they do today.  Not that they are bad now. But Seattle's defense is allowing a passing efficiency of 96.5 having played against Rodgers, Rivers and Manning, who as you can see above are way above that against everyone else. Seattle allowed a pass efficiency of just 63.4 last season and it would be no  surprise if it gets back to a number like that over the next month or two.

9. Some interesting stuff here in results of an ESPN poll of some of what fans think  of the Seahawks after three games.

10. The most interesting aspect of the Kansas City game tonight for Seattle fans may be that the Chiefs are hoping to again break Seattle's noise record.

September 28, 2014 at 12:05 PM

Richard Sherman on the Broncos: I hope we see them again

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman appeared on NFL Network's NFL GameDay Morning show as a guest analyst and had a couple of interesting quotes the NFL Network passed along:

  • “You have to put him in there…If you’re basing that judgment off of winning, how he plays in big games and clutch moments and coming through, I think you have put him in that discussion.” – Sherman on if Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson should be in the ‘best quarterback in the league’ conversation 

  • “I hope we see them again. I wouldn’t mind that. I don’t know about ‘closing gaps’ and all that. They played a good ballgame – we should have been able to pull away. We should have been able to make the plays to put the game away. It shouldn’t have been that close.” – Sherman on if the Denver Broncos closed the gap with the Seattle Seahawks after a 26-20 overtime victory

  •  “We do things differently. We have a close-knit group. In the NFL, it’s such a business they say you can’t have a family-like atmosphere in the locker room – we try to have that. We really care about our teammates.” – Sherman on the Seattle Seahawks

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