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Sarah Stuteville

Sarah Stuteville

Thursday, January 22
Volatile area makes recruiting volunteers difficult | Sarah Stuteville

Ekene “Kennie” Amaefule, founder of Caring Hearts International, an Auburn-based nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing American health-care workers to remote parts of Nigeria, says news reports about Boko Haram and Ebola are making it difficult to find volunteers lately.

Thursday, January 15

A tasty tale of growth and food in Seattle’s Jewish community | Sarah Stuteville

Seattle’s Jewish population is growing with transplants coming to work at local high-tech companies, and many of the newcomers are looking for community. Food will inevitably play a big part in that community building.

Thursday, January 8

Judge’s departure means court proceedings in Spanish will end | Sarah Stuteville

Her English-Spanish language courtroom in Des Moines’ Municipal Court is about to shut down, but Judge Veronica Alicea Galván, who has been appointed to the King County Superior Court bench, foresees a day when bilingual courts are not unusual.

Thursday, December 11

Upaya invests in helping India’s poorest of the poor get jobs | Sarah Stuteville

A Seattle nonprofit helps India’s ultrapoor by funding Indian entrepreneurs who provide them with jobs.

Thursday, December 4

Ferguson protesters tap into tension on Capitol Hill | Sarah Stuteville

What do businesses on Seattle’s Capitol Hill have to do with a police shooting a couple thousand miles away?

Thursday, November 27

Something is being lost in Seattle’s yoga craze | Sarah Stuteville

Sweta Saraogi, a local yoga teacher who grew up in Mumbai, struggles with how exercise-oriented yoga in America has taken on a “hard-core fitness” attitude that she says commercializes an inherently spiritual practice.

Thursday, November 20

Year Up program opens up a new world in tech for students | Sarah Stuteville

The Year Up program aims to help fill tech jobs through an intensive yearlong program of job training, mentoring and internships for young adults from underserved backgrounds. Here is the story of one of their students.

Thursday, October 30

Islander communities left out of food-assistance loop | Sarah Stuteville

Marshall Islanders are able to travel, live, work and attend school in the United Sates indefinitely and without visas. But if they need food help, their status suddenly becomes second-class.

Thursday, October 16

Ebola crisis hits close to home for Liberian Americans | Sarah Stuteville

In the face of the Ebola epidemic, Seattle-area Liberian Americans are doing all they can to help family and friends back home, from raising money to sending ambulances.

Thursday, October 2

On a mission to save the Cofán of Ecuador | Sarah Stuteville

A local documentary, “Oil & Water,” tells the story of an Ecuadorean tribe endangered by global warming and oil extraction, an ambassador from that tribe in Seattle and his friendship with a man who helps certify oil companies as environmentally friendly.

Thursday, September 18

From donors to research, state has key role in Ebola fight | Sarah Stuteville

From nonprofit organizations mobilizing health workers and prevention campaigns to hospitals sending supplies, foundations securing grants for drug development and individual nurses volunteering on the ground, the Pacific Northwest is stepping up in the fight against Ebola.