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Sarah Stuteville

Sarah Stuteville

Working on the mosaic at Courtland Place are from left, Inez Lucas, Liti Anglo and Flordeliza Querijero. Standing behind them is Alyza DelPan-Monley, who runs the class.
Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times
Thursday, July 17
Mosaic brings together a tapestry of women, one shiny bit at a time | Sarah Stuteville

Women from many different cultures in Rainier Valley bond over a project through the Arts Expression Workshop.

Thursday, July 10

Filmmaker saw girl as ‘someone who could change the world’ | Sarah Stuteville

Amy Benson, traveling to Nepal, was excited to show the world the power of educating girls. She found a promising girl to focus on — and heartbreak that led to the documentary “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.”

Thursday, July 3

Eritrean immigrants share memories through their paintings | Sarah Stuteville

A pair of young artists who are immigrants from Eritrea are staging a show, “Memories from Back Home” at the Metrocenter YMCA starting July 10.

Friday, June 27

Visiting students taken aback by easy access to guns in U.S. | Sarah Stuteville

Foreign students have grown up watching American school shootings on TV. There’s confusion about why guns are so easy to access here.

Thursday, June 19

Kids fleeing Central America and landing here need our help | Sarah Stuteville

There’s been a wave of unaccompanied children from Central America slipping across the U.S.-Mexico border. You may have seen photos of those youngsters crammed into cells. Seattle is one of the cities where such children are placed while their cases are under consideration.

Thursday, June 5

Film explores relationship of Africans, African Americans | Sarah Stuteville

“Bound: Africans versus African Americans,” a movie premiering at the Seattle International Film Festival this weekend aims to explore the intertwining — but distinctly different — histories of the two groups in the film.

Thursday, May 29

Immigrants often the target of scammers | Sarah Stuteville

People in the Seattle area’s international community are frequently the targets of crime — everything from break-ins to fraud to human trafficking.

Thursday, May 22

Tacoma center helps seafarers from distant lands feel at home | Sarah Stuteville

Hundreds of international seafarers pass through our ports every month. Cooks and mechanics, engineers and officers — together they become a quiet population of temporary travelers often looking for a little comfort and fun.

Thursday, May 15

Summer camps grow up, give kids a world view | Sarah Stuteville

From language camps to ethnic-cooking camps, there are internationally themed summer programs for kids.

Thursday, May 8

Simple feminine-hygiene kits empower girls | Sarah Stuteville

Days for Girls International provides feminine-hygiene kits for girls in parts of the world without access to commercial products.

Thursday, April 10

Ex-Police Chief Norm Stamper takes global view on drug crisis | Sarah Stuteville

Calling the war on drugs a failure, former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper says law enforcement in the U.S. could take a few lessons from other countries.