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Sarah Stuteville

Sarah Stuteville

 Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper is part of the nonprofit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).
Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times
Thursday, April 10
Ex-Police Chief Norm Stamper takes global view on drug crisis | Sarah Stuteville

Calling the war on drugs a failure, former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper says law enforcement in the U.S. could take a few lessons from other countries.

Thursday, April 3

LGBT issues should be key part of global-health conversation | Sarah Stuteville

Global-health initiatives and LGBT rights don’t often intersect, but local activists would like to change that.

Friday, March 28

An eye-opening trip reveals depth in the Deep South | Sarah Stuteville

A visit to the Deep South finds that new immigration issues have revived old concerns about civil rights.

Thursday, March 6

Lawyer's Arab-American roots to play a role in campaign | Sarah Stuteville

Seattle lawyer Damon Shadid plans to run for Seattle Municipal Court judge and tap into his Arab-American heritage. “For a long time, the Arab-American community has flown under the radar,” he says.

Thursday, February 13

V-Day: One Billion Rising to stop domestic violence | Sarah Stuteville

Valentine’s Day is also V-Day, started in 1998 with the mission to end violence against girls and women.

Friday, February 7

All alone in America, detained immigrants find support here | Sarah Stuteville

The Northwest Detention Center Roundtable makes its mission to assist and comfort immigrants and asylum seekers, those in federal custody and those who must stay in the area while their cases are pending.

Thursday, January 23

Pop-up restaurant brings community together | Sarah Stuteville

About once a month, Aurelio Pino serves up authentic Chilean food to friends, and friends of friends.

Thursday, January 16

Foster a refugee child and do a world of good | Sarah Stuteville

There is a big demand for foster parents of refugee children in the Seattle area and one such parent says the role is rewarding, challenging and an honor. Plus, you don’t have to be “spectacular parents,” she says.

Thursday, January 9

Nordic Lights Film Festival feels right at home in Seattle | Sarah Stuteville

Films from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland in the “Nordic Lights Film Festival” feature a strong connection to life and culture in Seattle.

Thursday, December 12

Young comics from immigrant families serve up worldly humor | Sarah Stuteville

A growing number of Seattle’s young comics come from immigrant families and push the boundaries of our famous political correctness.

Thursday, December 5

Artist gives a chilling audio tour of our past at old INS Building | Sarah Stuteville

Seattle artist Morgan Dusatko’s “left:behind” is an interpretive tour of the former INS building near the Chinatown International District, offers visitors an emotional, often dark look at the history of a facility where thousands of immigrants were once detained.