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Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves' Europe

In Porto, on the banks of the Douro, traditional boats called rabelos await passengers.
Dominic Bonuccelli/Rick Steves’ Europe
Tuesday, November 18
Porto is Portugal’s place to sample port | Rick Steves' Europe

Gritty, hard-working city comes with a steady sea breeze and a seagull soundtrack.

Tuesday, November 11

Europe’s war museums emphasize ‘never again’ | Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves takes a look at four top European military museums — and how all honor, but never celebrate, war.

Tuesday, November 4

Hire a local guide to learn more — and have fun | Rick Steves' Europe

European travel specialist Rick Steves says it’s worth it to splurge on a private guide in European cities.

Tuesday, October 28

Dingle Peninsula is a rugged, salty bit of Irish green | Rick Steves' Europe

Rain-lashed land soaked in medieval history, with many a pub.

Tuesday, October 21

Europe's 10 worst tourist traps | Rick Steves' Europe

A travel writer’s duty isn’t just to recommend where to go — but where not to go.

Tuesday, October 14

Two-wheeling amid Amsterdam’s seamy side and classic museums | Rick Steves' Europe

European travel specialist Rick Steves takes a close look at Amsterdam’s edgy charm.

Tuesday, October 7

History comes alive in modern Athens | Rick Steves' Europe

Less polluted, more visitor-friendly, the ancient capital preserves its aura as cradle of Western civilization.

Tuesday, September 30

Padua, Italy, has St. Anthony’s tongue and college-town vibe | Rick Steves' Europe

Untouristy city of Galileo, Dante is just 30 minutes from Venice.

Tuesday, September 23

When to splurge on your vacation | Rick Steves' Europe

Frugal travel has its rewards, but there’s also a time to dine memorably, stay in a classic hotel, or hire a Venice gondolier.

Tuesday, September 16

Exploring Frankfurt, Germany’s bustling, no-nonsense city | Rick Steves' Europe

Take a look at Frankfurt, urges European travel specialist Rick Steves, the face of modern Germany.

Tuesday, September 9

Seeing Scotland’s strong culture — and independent streak | Rick Steves' Europe

Celebrating Scotland’s music, food and, of course, whisky. And awaiting the results of Sept. 18 vote on Scottish independence.