July 26, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Daily Rant & Rave: Stealing from kittens? Shame on you

RAVE To the good citizens of Seattle and Metro’s efficient lost-and-found system for successfully reuniting my teenager with her borrowed ukulele, days after it was left on the bus but only minutes after we finally realized it was lost. You turned a potential disaster into a feel-good story. Well done!

RANT To the person(s) who stole two sandwich-board signs from the streets where they were advertising adoption events for our animal-rescue group. It takes a special kind of person to steal from volunteers trying to make a difference.

July 25, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Daily Rant & Rave: Fly like an eagle? Concert promoters are turkeys

RAVE To the man sitting in front of us at last weekend’s Richard Sherman Celebrity softball game at Safeco Field, who gave my niece a new Richard Sherman sweatshirt. What a pleasant surprise; he really made her day.

RANT To the organizers and promoters who oversold the July 19   Journey/Steve Miller concert at White River Amphitheatre, leading to hundreds of fans being turned away from the parking area after spending three-plus hours in traffic. The shuttle buses from the SuperMall missed hours of the show,  and we were refused a refund.

July 24, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Daily Rant & Rave: Wise up, parents

RAVE To the Fisher Scone ladies at the Bite of Seattle who gave me a free iced tea and extra scones when my special order took far longer than promised. They embody the best in customer service, and the scones were yummy!

RANT To the man riding a bike on a busy street with a small child hanging on his back with her arms around his neck and feet around his waist. They weren’t wearing helmets. What would have happened if she was startled by something? On the same day I saw a small child hanging out of the rear window of a car. Parents, please be more aware of your kids!

July 23, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Daily Rant & Rave: In a bad-news week, here's some good

RAVE To the two strangers who carried my Doberman puppy a mile back to my car after she injured her leg at Magnuson Park. She couldn’t walk and I couldn’t carry her; if not for the kindness of these two people, I’m not sure what I would have done. I wanted to give them something but they refused, saying they hoped someone would do the same for them if they needed help.

RANT To the loudmouthed drunk at the Mariners game who, with every pitch to a Mariner batter, shouted “EeeeeeeedGaaaaaar” at the top of his lungs. It was incredibly annoying (most everyone around him left their seats and sat elsewhere) and I think Edgar Martinez would agree that it was very disrespectful to our current players.

July 22, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Daily Rant & Rave: Apology not accepted for racist remark

RAVE To the 23 retirement home residents who picked up many bags of trash on a walk in their South Lake Union neighborhood that they’re now planning to make a monthly activity, and to the local restaurant that provided free lemonade for them on a hot afternoon.

RANT To the woman sitting next to me on the bus playing a World War II game with a young girl on her cellphone for saying a racist, derogatory term. I did not accept your apology. Also a rant to me for not reporting your abhorrent behavior to our bus driver.

July 21, 2014 at 6:09 AM

Daily Rant & Rave: Hey DIY’ers, knock it off with the power tools

RAVE To my honest friend who discovered after a recent trip to Costco that she hadn’t been charged for an item in the lower basket and contacted Costco to give them the $17.49 she should have paid. We should all be this honest.

RANT To my neighbors and neighborhood landlords with “homeowner projects” that remain in process for years: the unfinished paint job, the scaffolding on the “build it yourself” house that has never been completed, the screaming power tools that rage on into the peace of every sunny evening. Additional rant to the Seattle City Council for not passing an effective noise ordinance to cease all power-tool work after 5 p.m.

July 20, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Sunday Rant & Rave: Robinson Cano is a true all-star

Note to Rant&Rave fans: We want to know your rants (or raves -- c'mon, there might be something to rave about) related to the I-90 lane closures, which are in effect through July 25. Send yours to; put “I-90” in the subject line. We'll blog, and put in print, a selection of your responses.

RAVE To the wonderful security folks at Safeco Field who quickly reunited my 7-year-old grandson with his careless grandfather at last Sunday’s game. And a shout-out to our wonderful all-star Robinson Cano, who tossed him a ball and later gave him his signed jersey. That wasn’t related to our earlier problem but sure washed the bad memory away. What a classy player we have in Robinson Cano. Go Mariners!

RANT To the people I saw openly smoking pot and drinking alcohol on recent visits to Golden Gardens beach. Since when is it legal to have an open container of alcohol or smoke pot in public? Where’s the promised enforcement for the new marijuana law? Such a shame, since this park is frequented by people of all ages, including families with young children. Is the message we want to give them -- that you can get away with breaking the law? A few undercover patrols might clean this up before the park gets a bad reputation.

RAVE For all the elite runners who participated in the Run of the Mill 5K, giving their all in the race then taking up places on the sidelines to cheer on every last runner and walker toward the finish line. After running at a blistering pace and setting course records, they were an inspiration to those of us striving to become faster, and as they cheered, clapped and posed for photos with kids, they were an inspiration to everyone who would like to become a better human being.

RANT To the hospital that left me a $28 ticket when I was 20 minutes late after paying for six hours of parking. The surgery of a friend took longer than anyone expected and I certainly intended to pay for the extra time.

RAVE To SPU music students and EMP Museum for sponsoring a music therapy camp for special-needs kids. The SPU volunteers were amazing, kind and so generous with their time and talents. And a huge shoutout to EMP for providing space and a welcoming atmosphere during the busy tourist season. There are few opportunities like this for kids with autism, and everyone involved made the week so special. Thank you!

RANT To the two young men who took a beautiful blue starfish from the beach at a recent low tide at Carkeek Park.

RAVE To the man in line behind me at Bartells buying eight packages of his hard-to-find favorite cookies. Afterward, in the parking lot,  he handed me a package, so kind and unselfish of him, and he was right: DE-licious!

July 19, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Daily Rant & Rave: Save a forest, don't send me catalogs

RAVE To the woman who found my car keys in the restroom at Longmire at Mount Rainier and turned them in, and to the ranger who spotted my library card on the key chain, called the Eatonville branch and left me an email through the library that my keys had been found.

RANT To the furniture company that sent me a bundle of nine heavy catalogs, then claimed to be “more responsible stewards of the planet” because they sent them in one batch instead of nine separate mailings, because their paper is “forest certified,” and their shipping is “carbon neutral.” Whatever they call them, I don’t want or need these catalogs, I never shop at this store unless someone requests their merchandise as a gift, and I’m appalled at the waste of resources.

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