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Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Friday, September 26
Don’t rely on life-span claims for data burned on disks | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Dyes can deteriorate relatively quickly on CDs and DVDs widely used for recording data, warns Patrick Marshall, but it’s hard to know exactly how many years they’re going to last.

Friday, September 19

Beware clicking ‘unsubscribe’ with unwanted email | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall helps readers with their personal-technology questions.

Friday, September 12

Turning off the SkyDrive; saving data from old floppy disks | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Columnist answers questions dealing with SkyDrive and Windows 8.1, and saving data from a 30-year-old computer.

Friday, August 29

Navigating the tricky world of network connectivity issues | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Troubleshooting performance problems on networks is difficult because networks tend to involve many different pieces of equipment. Cable modems, routers, client Wi-Fi adapters, client Ethernet adapters. Any one of these can be a bottleneck.

Friday, August 22

Small business feels vulnerable to cyberattacks from ex-worker | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Technology columnist Patrick Marshall recommends hiring consultant to monitor your network security.

Friday, August 15

Conflicting IP addressesmay require a simple reboot | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Don’t worry about an error message describing an IP address conflict. If you can access the Internet, you’re OK. If you can’t, reboot the computer and the router will assign the device a new dynamic IP address.

Friday, August 8

It pays to shop around for a third-party docking station | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Is there a better option than Microsoft’s docking station for Surface Pro 3? Patrick Marshall suggests an alternative choice with more features and a lower price.

Friday, July 25

When backup hard drive needs a housecleaning | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

First check on what kind of backups — full or incremental — are being made and whether images of the entire hard drive are being saved, writes Patrick Marshall. He also advises a user struggling with display problems on a new high-def laptop.

Saturday, July 19

Message says there’s no space to create disk image | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Creating disk image; animalware hangup; always installing.

Friday, July 11

Not just any default email will do on Internet Explorer | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall addresses a few choice annoyances: prompts to change email services, suspicions that registering with is generating unwanted calls, and a hassle in getting CDs to play on Windows Media Player.