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Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Saturday, July 19
Message says there’s no space to create disk image | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Creating disk image; animalware hangup; always installing.

Friday, July 11

Not just any default email will do on Internet Explorer | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall addresses a few choice annoyances: prompts to change email services, suspicions that registering with is generating unwanted calls, and a hassle in getting CDs to play on Windows Media Player.

Friday, July 4

OneDrive user wants separate password for privacy | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall provides advice on how to prevent other people who are using your PC from getting access to certain apps. He also provides tips on dealing with support-staff scammers and problems with a computer not going to sleep properly

Friday, June 27

Email invitations to friends dismay LinkedIn newcomer | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

The business-oriented social-networking service is safe, and while it can seem a little deceptive, it shouldn’t be difficult to cancel membership, Patrick Marshall writes. He advises another user on a wireless printer problem.

Friday, June 20

Passwords on thumb drives; unraveling a code mystery | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Passwords stored on a secure thumb drive sounds good, but thumb drives can be lost, writes Patrick Marshall. He also has advice on dealing with coding issues with WordPress and browsers.

Friday, June 13

Unsubscribe links raise suspicion in wanting user’s email address | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

A simple solution is to block emails from the source, writes Patrick Marshall. He also has advice on seeking an updated printer driver to use with a new operating system, and on getting rid of an unwanted plugin.

Friday, June 6

Doubts about sender, address? Don’t open email’s attachment | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall offers advice on email attachment risks, driver issues and processor speed in an equipment upgrade, and an iTunes problem in Windows 7.

Friday, May 30

A little password care boosts hack-resistance | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall offers some advice on digital security and password management, also touching on drive encryption, “kill switches” and biometrics. He also answers a reader’s question about multiple Wi-Fi connections shown on Windows 7.

Friday, May 23

Safe ways to wipe your disk; dealing with a printer problem | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Readers get answers to their questions about a variety of issues with personal technology, including the disposing of a hard drive, printer problems and trouble with a tablet.

Friday, May 16

‘Backup’ plan for laptop isn’t working | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall answers personal-technology questions.

Friday, May 9

Applications also need to be part of ‘clean’ OS installation | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Performing a “clean” installation means wiping out everything — including malware and viruses — then installing Windows from scratch. And, yes, that type of installation means you’ll have to reinstall applications and data.