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Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Friday, December 12
Did missing poem go down with daughter’s laptop? | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Opening a file sent from the failing laptop may be as simple as loading the right software, writes Patrick Marshall. He also offers advice on a pop-up problem that followed a scan for malware, and what could be failure of an external hard drive.

Friday, November 21

Even though you can’t see it, system administrator still there | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall answers readers’ questions on personal technology.

Friday, November 7

Emailing attachments, links? Let recipients know it’s you | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall answers a question about reducing the risk of opening attachments and following links, along with other reader inquiries about websites that fail to display, default email and how to find past columns on a certain topic.

Friday, October 31

Stubborn Life360 app is making his own life frustrating | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Tech columnist Patrick Marshall gives tips on how to rid phone of an unwanted application.

Friday, October 24

Consider better ways to back up your files | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall offers advice on backup services and the pros and cons that come with them, and also answers a question about what may be a “trivial” issue or a malware problem.

Friday, October 17

For stronger router signal, 2 won’t be better than 1 | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall offers further advice on Wi-Fi routers — upgrading to better antennas and a newer standard, and solving a frustrating problem with settings — and answers a question about Linux OS virus protection.

Friday, October 10

Fixing Wi-Fi problems, router issues and reinstalling Explorer | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

A recent column about Wi-Fi and routers prompts more questions about dealing with them. Plus an easy step-by-step process to safely reinstall Internet Explorer.

Friday, October 3

Forgotten login password? A look at recovery options | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Solutions vary depending on the situation, writes Patrick Marshall, who offers how-to guidance and an approach for avoiding this frustrating predicament in the future.

Friday, September 26

Don’t rely on life-span claims for data burned on disks | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Dyes can deteriorate relatively quickly on CDs and DVDs widely used for recording data, warns Patrick Marshall, but it’s hard to know exactly how many years they’re going to last.

Friday, September 19

Beware clicking ‘unsubscribe’ with unwanted email | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Patrick Marshall helps readers with their personal-technology questions.

Friday, September 12

Turning off the SkyDrive; saving data from old floppy disks | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Columnist answers questions dealing with SkyDrive and Windows 8.1, and saving data from a 30-year-old computer.