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Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Q & A with Patrick Marshall

Friday, April 11
Anti-virus software a poor Windows XP safety net | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

The end of Microsoft support for Windows XP means a lack of ongoing security updates, writes Patrick Marshall. Computers still using the operating system are vulnerable in ways anti-virus and anti-malware programs don’t guard against.

Friday, April 4

Risk from Java? Browsers have different takes | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Java’s history of vulnerabilities could explain different takes on vigilance from Chrome and Internet Explorer, writes Patrick Marshall. He also responds to questions about a “High Disk Usage” notice and annoying pop-up malware.

Friday, March 28

The pros, cons and cost of new SSD products | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

SSDs are relatively new and they haven’t been in widespread use, so I haven’t been able to find reliable data on failure rates.

Friday, March 21

Your burnable CDs, DVDs might last just 4 or 5 years | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Commercial discs and archival CDs and DVDs are made to last, and favorable storage conditions could extend the shorter life spans of those you burn yourself, writes Patrick Marshall. He also helps a reader looking to buy a new computer.

Friday, March 14

Radiation risk? More uncertainty about cellphones than Wi-Fi | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Radio frequency exposure from Wi-Fi networks seems to be safe, writes Patrick Marshall, but he personally takes steps to reduce any possible effects from cellphone emissions. Other topics: replacing an outdated desktop computer, and use of Windows Media Player to play DVDs.

Friday, March 7

Second-chance platform iffy for old Windows XP machines | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

A community project called Android-x86 seeks to extend the useful lives of Windows XP computers, but the particulars remain unclear, writes Patrick Marshall. Other topics: getting Media Player on Windows 8.1 to play commercial DVDs, and security-certificate pop-up warnings.

Friday, February 28

New computer’s idiosyncrasy may be wireless-interface issue | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Each night a computer seems to lose its ability to go online without restarting, and another reader needs a way to export old Outlook Express emails to a new Windows 7 computer. Patrick Marshall offers advice.

Friday, February 21

Yes, Windows XP about to lose Microsoft support | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

A user fears what will happen in April when Microsoft shuts down support for Windows XP.

Friday, February 14

CryptoLocker is one piece of Internet trouble to avoid | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Technology columnist Patrick Marshall offers tips for avoiding an encounter with the nasty malware.

Friday, February 7

Among new job’s challenges: computer’s default controls | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

A worker desperate for a full-screen view and a larger font size gets help from Patrick Marshall, who also writes about what may be an iTunes-related problem and a glitz in using HDMI ports to link two computers.

Friday, January 31

Virtual RAM still doable — if you don’t mind waiting | Q&A with Patrick Marshall

Use an extra hard drive as a substitute for additional RAM? It’s possible but could be inconveniently slow, Patrick Marshall advises a reader. Unless the drive would only infrequently come into play, better just to add RAM.