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Practical Mac

Friday, March 28

iPad Office not the only local hit at Macworld | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Microsoft, with its new Office suite for the iPad, wasn’t the only Seattle-area company with a new product getting attention at this week’s Macworld/iWorld conference.

Friday, January 31

Mac is still with us, even thriving 30 years later | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

It’s amazing how much the original Mac still affects what we do today, writes Jeff Carlson. With January’s anniversary, lots of longtime users have enjoyed remembering the models they’ve owned over the years.

Sunday, January 5

FruitJuice app keeps MacBook batteries in shape | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

FruitJuice app also tracks battery history, so you can view a chart of how much time you spent fully charged, charging and on battery going back a full year.

Friday, December 6

Beyond data backup, maybe a backup machine? | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Computing catastrophes happen, and besides backing up your data, Jeff Carlson has found that it pays to also have a backup computer available just in case.

Friday, November 15

Celebrated Apple design far beyond ‘shelf appeal’ | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Apple is focused more on physical feel and user interaction with its new Retina iPad mini and the thinner, lighter iPad Air. The latter seems to Jeff Carlson to have achieved all that the company must have envisioned with its original iPad.

Friday, October 11

Nature plus technology can focus on improving our lives | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

The iPhone is now the camera of choice for impromptu moments and shots we want to share quickly on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Friday, September 13

iPhone debuts with focus on what’s inside | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Dramatically innovations in the inner workings of Apple’s new iPhone 5s flagship model are a sign this phone is one you’ll actually be able to use for the duration of your two-year contract.

Friday, July 19

Adobe Photoshop cloud subscription a step up | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Under its relatively new subscription model, Adobe puts Photoshop, the widely used tool for working with photos and images, into the focus of serious professionals — and hobbyists as well.

Friday, May 24

Making the most of multiple screens | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

While we usually use the digital devices in our lives one at a time, AirPlay technology and certain apps are making it practical to work with more than one screen at once.

Friday, April 26

iPad cameras have improved but still trip my shudder | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

While iPad 2 cameras remain rudimentary, those on newer models, including the iPad Mini, are better, and apps provide more user control. But for me, there’s still something unsettling about seeing someone use a computer to shoot a photo.