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Practical Mac

Friday, January 2

More device power and storage for 2015 | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

I was glad to not have to interrupt our time at the Magic Kingdom stuck to the power outlets inside the locker rental area.

Friday, December 5

Retina 5K display a gorgeous sight worth its price | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Have Apple’s computing devices reached a Retina display tipping point? This columnist thinks so.

Friday, November 7

Upgrades that bring the future into focus | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Here are some aspects of Yosemite and iOS 8 that pique the feeling of experiencing the future now — and even a few cases where the future needs to be held off.

Friday, October 10

Plus-size iPhone too much, but device synergy impresses | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson looks at new and upcoming product releases from Apple, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, what’s new with Touch ID, and how devices are communicating with each other in better ways.

Friday, September 12

Apple broadens its ecosystem with its watch, payment system | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

It’s not unusual for Apple devices to work together, but its latest products and announcements accentuate a change in Apple’s attitude: it’s time to really put the Apple ecosystem to work.

Friday, August 15

Tap into Apple’s future with Yosemite beta program | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

In a rare move, Apple is running a public beta program of OS X Yosemite, open to the first 1 million people to volunteer.

Friday, July 18

Apps offer useful complexity with simple interface | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

A to-do list and a podcast player. It’s harder than you think to make them work well. But these two apps offer a clean interface and belies the thought put into them.

Friday, June 20

Apple blurs line between Mac, iOS platforms and that’s OK | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

Apple is bringing the OS X and iOS platforms a bit closer to each other in their next iterations. Users can get a taste of what’s to come this fall when the software for each is released.

Friday, May 23

Search is over: Slingshot is the way to go for videoconferencing | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

After trying different options, a search for an effective videoconferencing system settles on Slingshot. Among other things, it allows users to share the screen of an iOS device with a group in a shared conference.

Friday, April 25

Heartbleed fallout: It’s time to change most passwords | Practical Mac | Jeff Carlson

The big question is which passwords to change. Mashable has put together of major services, like Facebook and Tumblr, noting whether they were affected and if a fix is in place.