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Yellowood Farm in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood was the proud winner of the Frugal Urban Farmer award at Seattle Tilth’s Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour this past July.
Friday, November 21
Seattle Tilth reaches out with partnerships and more | The Natural Gardener

It has grown during Director Andrea Dwyer’s tenure. The budget surged to $2.4 million last year. Tilth now has a staff of 50 educators, including experts in water conservation, soil building and food production from backyard-level to farm-scale.

Friday, November 14

Hardy, colorful shrubs will brighten any drab day | The Natural Gardener

We can still enjoy the pleasures of the garden in our dark days if we’ve planted a few evergreens to soften and enliven the view out the windows.

Friday, November 7

As autumn leaves fall, here’s your checklist | The Natural Gardener

The average first frost date in the Seattle area is Nov. 11, depending on the elevation where you live and how close you are to moderating bodies of water like Lake Washington or Puget Sound.

Friday, October 31

Want to help birds? Keep the cat indoors | The Natural Gardener

According to a 2013 estimate by “Science News,” house cats and feral cats kill between 1.3 and 4 billion birds a year.

Friday, October 24

A guide to the 60 best Northwest gardens | The Natural Gardener

You’ll find not only a fine, concise introductory essay on the history of gardens in our region, but also photos, descriptions and details sure to lure you out to visit gardens new and familiar.

Friday, October 17

Books for gardeners inspire in the quiet season | The Natural Gardener

These four new books are certain to inspire, entertain, instruct and just plain get you through the winter until it’s time to go back outside and dig in the dirt again.

Friday, October 10

Plant lilies in November for summer garden lovin’ | The Natural Gardener

Because they are tall and slender, you can pretty much find room for a stand of lilies in even the smallest garden. Or plant them in big containers, where they’ll bloom happily for years.

Friday, October 3

New tabletop grapes and other gardening news | The Natural Gardener

From dramatic designs to ‘Pixie’ grapes, plant appreciation grows.

Friday, September 26

Plant these for a breath of fresh fall air | The Natural Gardener

Because autumn scents are subtle, layering fragrance from trees to perennials is most effective.

Friday, September 19

Colin McCrate takes farming to the streets — and rooftops | The Natural Gardener

“When I walk out the back door, I want to see food,” says the co-founder of Seattle Urban Farm Company.

Friday, September 12

Modern gardening is about sensibilities | The Natural Gardener

Being respectful of Earth’s resources and your own time and energies is modern. Gardens are becoming more utilitarian as people grow their own food, create spaces for sanctuary and healing, and perhaps downsize their gardening ambitions along with their homes.