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‘INDIGO’ Pear Drop’ tomatoes
COURTESY OF ROBIN Bachtler Cushman
Friday, April 18
New edibles: colorful, nutritious and delicious | The Natural Gardener

The best new edibles are good-looking enough to hold their own with ornamentals.

Friday, April 11

New shrubs offer bright colors and seductive shapes | The Natural Gardener

Out of the dozens and dozens of shrubs debuting this spring, here are a few tempting enough to trial in your own garden. One is a new hydrangea.

Friday, April 4

Trees worth hunting down for your garden | The Natural Gardener

What really matters is how the tree performs, what it adds to your garden. What shape does the tree take over time, are the flowers fragrant, do the leaves color up in autumn?

Friday, March 28

Beloved Heronswood is being restored | The Natural Gardener

Work continues, thanks to the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe and volunteers. Also, the Kingston nursery and plantsman Dan Hinkley have been reunited. Hinckley is its part-time director.

Friday, March 21

Hardy alternatives to flowering cherries? Dogs and crabs | Northwest Living

Flowering cherry trees struggle in our climate. They suffer from brown rot and cherry bark tortrix.

Friday, March 14

Oldies but goodies: Common plants are here to serve | The Natural Gardener

Don’t apologize for growing forsythia, lilac, mop-head hydrangeas or mock orange, says Natural Gardener columnist Valerie Easton. What looks better blazing chrome yellow against stormy February skies than forsythia?

Friday, March 7

Seattle’s arborist wants more trees and better care for them | The Natural Gardener

By the way, Nolan Rundquist is emphatic that we call the slice of lawn/dirt between sidewalk and street a planting strip, not a parking strip. “I don’t want people to park on them, I want people to plant out there,” he says.

Friday, February 28

Fresh ideas, new roses and lovely lettuces coming your way | The Natural Gardener

Natural Gardener columnist Valerie Easton tells us what’s on the horizon as gardening season ramps up.

Friday, February 21

It’s atmosphere that makes a garden great | The Natural Gardener

Marinating in an environment goes far beyond the visual. It includes, but isn’t limited to, how the place smells, how warm, chill, stale, fresh, breezy, light or dark it is.

Friday, February 14

The plants that began a lifelong love of gardening | The Natural Gardener

Local experts offer up those that sparked their devotion. Plants as time travel, as fondest memories, as lifelong passion and pastime.

Friday, February 7

It’s evergreen ferns to the rescue for winter gardens | The Natural Gardener

Fern expert Richie Steffen, of the Elisabeth C. Miller Garden, offers up some favorites that he wouldn’t garden without.