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The Natural Gardener

Chris Jacobson designed this South African-inspired garden in Woodside, Calif., featured in the fall issue of the resurrected Garden Design magazine.
Friday, August 29
Garden Design magazine returns (in print) | The Natural Gardener

As their model, the new owners looked to Surfer’s Journal, which for 25 years has survived via the support of readers; no advertising. Subscribers pay more of the cost of the magazine, but because ads aren’t taking up space, there’s more room for content.

Friday, August 22

Save summer by preserving flowers | The Natural Gardener

A wintertime occupation has turned into an ongoing experiment in repurposing: “I like saving and keeping things; preserving them satisfies me,” says Elaine Michaelides of her passion for capturing the fleeting nature of flowers.

Friday, August 15

UW program seeks to grow better farmers and consumers | The Natural Gardener

The UW farm has two locations, where more than 60 graduate and undergraduate students, along with volunteers and interns, plant, tend and harvest fruit and vegetables.

Friday, August 8

How to drought-proof your garden | The Natural Gardener

While we may relish this short interlude of warm, dry weather, especially after the wettest spring on record, most plants do not. Don’t be tricked by mist, fog or the marine layer because gloom doesn’t do thirsty plants any good.

Friday, August 1

Sow seeds of success with help from the pros | The Natural Gardener

Gardening is often more luck, experimentation and disappointment than it is joyous pursuit. Which is why nurseries and marketers are selling ready-made seed mixes and “gardens in a box.”

Friday, July 25

Fresh, flavorful herbs put the delicious in dishes | The Natural Gardener

Here’s some advice about what to do with them from chef Vincent Nattress of Whidbey Island, who is known for his fresh, vegetable-and-herb-rich cooking.

Friday, July 18

Lessons from a winning show garden | The Natural Gardener

The big winner at this year’s Northwest Flower & Garden Show didn’t feel like a stage set. The garden masterfully drew you in because it was a story as much as plants and hardscape.

Friday, July 11

Woodinville garden tour full of beautiful ideas | The Natural Gardener

Want to learn about plants and gardens? Valerie Easton says there’s no better way to do that than by getting to see what other gardeners have done. This year’s Woodinville Tour of Gardens is July 19.

Friday, July 4

Flower power: Huge blooms will amaze and attract | The Natural Gardener

Flowers are the sexual organs of plants. Evolved to attract pollinators, they are equally effective at attracting us.

Friday, June 27

Add instant interest by going big, with leaves | The Natural Gardener

We forget that plants can be as bold and breathtaking in leaf as in flower. There’s no quicker way to update your garden than to add a few big-leaf plants.

Friday, June 20

Stately, stunning delphiniums offer brief, shining moments | The Natural Gardener

When you see English delphiniums, with supermodel-tall flower spikes in shades of deep Aegean-sea blue, you’ll fall in love.