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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Reader's Lens, 2014

Photographer: Yoshiki Nakamura, Seattle

Photo taken: Oct. 19, 2014

Photographer's description: “I went to Seattle Japanese Garden to enjoy beautiful fall colors but the color was not in its peak ... I spent some time with one tree which holds beautiful leaves and branches. I waited until gentle morning sun started (lighting) the leaves from the sides. Fortunately the sky behind the leaves was very clear and blue and I enjoyed the magic of light. I set the ISO lower and aperture high so that I can have longer exposure time.”

Expert says: “This photo is stunning. The colors are wonderful. I love how the photographer got creative and zoomed while the shutter was open, creating a blur, some movement and extra texture. Great job getting just a little bit of blur so that we can still make out what is in the photo. The photographer was very thoughtful about the image, making sure to wait until light started peeking though, which created that fiery effect on the colored leaves. Great execution.”

-- Katie G. Cotterill, Seattle Times photo staff

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