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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Reader's Lens, 2014

Photographer: Allyn Hughes, Gig Harbor

Photo taken: June 6, outside the mouth of Gig Harbor, at sunrise

Photographer's description: "Shot with Canon 5D Mark 3 and Zeiss 21mm lens. F22 and a 15 second exposure using a Lee filter. Net shed pier covered with bivalves at low tide.”

Expert says: "I love the subtlety of Mount Rainier framed between the pier as well as the softness of the colors and the water, which are caused by the filter and long shutter respectively. The texture of the shells at the bottom of the image, cutting the frame in half, contrasts nicely with that softness of the upper part of the frame. The lens used is perfect for landscapes such as this, so as to provide a wide angle with a minimal amount of distortion."

-- Katie G. Cotterill, Seattle Times photo staff

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