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Jim Bates

"It was a sunny spring day, and I was assigned to make a weather 'lines-only' picture, meaning there would be a caption but no story. I headed for Gas Works Park and had made a couple photos of kite flyers on Kite Hill -- not bad photos, but not exactly original. Then I noticed Galen Kintner speeding down the walk in his pedal car with his grandfather, John Kropf, chasing behind on his electric scooter. I thought to myself, 'I have to get this,' so I headed over a little hill and across the parking lot to cut them off before they got on the Burke Gilman Trail. I found out that the pedal car was Galen's 5th-birthday gift from Grandpa. The picture we used in the paper was made as they started up again. That was the only way I could get both of them in the same frame; otherwise Galen would have been yards out in front."