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Elaine Briant breaks down while listening to her son Ethan, 12, read a Harry Potter book to her daughter MacKensie, 8, in the yard of their Snoqualmie home. Elaine was listening and looking at MacKensie and a few tears fell. Ethan ran over to comfort his mom when he saw how sad she was. Elaine tries to be very strong but sometimes it's very hard. She said that when she took MacKensie to first grade orientation, she realized her daughter would probably never even be able to write her own name. MacKensie was brain damaged from a screw up in communication between doctors at Seattle Children's. The doctors miscommunicated and mom gave little MacKensie, then 4, a drug that caused her to suffer brain damage. Born with a heart defect, she had had a transplant, and everything was good until she caught a cold. Mom, super careful, called Children's. Cardiologist asked transplant doc, transplant doc offered a bunch of options ' said do not give her Afrin (nose spray) because it could raise her blood pressure dangerously. Cardiologist mistakenly told mom to give her Afrin, MacKensie coded and had brain damage. A bench verdict for $15 million came that Friday.