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Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Reader Photos of the Year


Photographer: Paul Weeks, Seattle

Photo taken: Aug. 10, Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho

Photographer's description: This is a photo from my recent rafting trip down the Salmon River located inside the Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho. After the sun set, I had around an hour to capture the Milky Way before the moon rose over the horizon. This is a 30-second exposure taken at ISO 3200. The light inside my tent came from a small LED flashlight that I hung from the top. The title I chose for this photo is 'Telescope'."

Judge's comment: "This photo makes me want to be in the great outdoors without a large city for miles; it's a splendid shot. I love that the photographer was able to balance the light from the tent, which gives off a great pinkish glow onto the surrounding brush, with the star light. Being able to capture the Milky Way is always an amazing feat, one you don't get unless you travel away from all the city lights. Now off to plan my next camping trip ... "

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