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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Reader's Lens, 2013

Photographer: Robin Houck, Bainbridge Island

Photo taken: Oct. 12, Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island

Photographer's description: "Seattle as seen from under the hull of the off-duty state ferry Wenatchee. Taken with a Nikon D300e, 28-300 mm, from a friend’s skiff."

Expert says: "This black and white photo is very elegant. I love the contrast from pure black in the lower left corner to the grays and whites of the skyline and water. By having this photo in black and white, it creates a feeling of seclusion and calmness. It also reminds me of classy architectural photography. We don’t always get to see ferries from this angle, so I appreciate that as well."

— Katie Greene, Seattle Times photo staff

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