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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Reader's Lens, 2013

Photographer: Peter Jarvis, Sammamish

Photo taken: Oct. 28, Laughing Meadows Farm, Sammamish

Photographer's description: "Heading out to ride in the early morning. Shot with a Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100M2."

Expert says: "Great job in seeing the light and how it filtered through the fog. I love the shadow cast from the horse and soon-to-be rider. This photo makes me feel like I’m there on that crisp morning (although that might be because it’s hard to shake the freezing temperatures lately). Suggestion: I might consider cropping from the top to about the top of the trees, with a little breathing room; from the right to about halfway to the first fence post; from the bottom to the bottom of that first fence post; and from the left just slightly. It will emphasize everything important in that frame a bit more — the horse and rider, the fog, the light and the lines of the fence. This is a very tranquil shot."

-- Katie Greene, Seattle Times photo staff

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