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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Reader's Lens, 2013

Photographer: Bruce Bray, Enumclaw

Photo taken: Feb 23, Sund Rock Conservation Area marine reserve, Hood Canal

Photographer's description: "A Saturday at Sund Rock with my wife, Ramona Bray. This picture was shot through an opening of a small shipwreck. Used a Canon G12 with Ikelite Housing and two Fantasea Nano strobes."

Expert says: "Underwater photos can be really cool because we don’t see that environment every day. The framing of the scuba diver through the shipwreck is great, and I like the fish swimming by. It could be nice to see a little more of the shipwreck. Great job executing this photo with all the elements that come with it."

-- Katie Greene, Seattle Times photo staff

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