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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Reader's Lens, 2012

Photographer: Dane' Martel
Photo taken: Dec. 3, Tabletop Mountain, Mount Baker area
Photographer's description: "I snowshoe and hike with a bunch of different Meetup groups in the area. I've made great friends and been to many beautiful places around the Northwest. I'm an artist at heart and love taking pictures of memories created in the Northwest. Camera: Canon S95."
Expert says: "This photo transports viewers to the cold landscape of the North Cascades. The clouds hovering atop the ridge add a dramatic flair to the beautiful scenery. Cropping the bottom out helps bring the ridgeline to the lower third instead of dividing the image almost in half at the midline. This cleans up the foreground so it's less distracting." — Kevin Fujii, Seattle Times picture editor

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