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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Reader's Lens | Northwest photos, 2011

Photographer: Wayne Buck, Seattle
Photo taken: Dec. 30, Paradise Valley Road, Mount Rainier National Park
Photographer's description: "My wife and daughter lead the way back to Paradise after a day of cross-country skiing. The Mountain played hide-and-seek throughout the day, providing only glimpses of her grandeur. Taken with a Nikon D90."
Expert says: "Beautiful landscape photo of a winter wonderland in our own backyard. The clouds offer a break from direct, harsh sunlight and its reflection off the snow. A denser cloud also casts a nice shadow on the mountainside to create layers. The third bottom section of snow and the top third area of sky and clouds seems excessive. I wonder how the scene would look if shot horizontally. I want to see the scenery your family enjoyed."
— Kevin Fujii, Seattle Times picture editor

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