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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Reader's Lens | Northwest photos, 2011

Photographer: Brian Stanley, Bellevue
Photo taken: Nov. 19, near Kendall Peak Lakes, north of Snoqualmie Pass
Photographer's description:
"Our group's cross-country ski season opener located off Interstate 90's Exit 54 at Gold Creek Sno-Park. As we enjoyed four to five feet of powder, the sun began burning through the thick fog/cloud cover. Camera: Canon SX210IS point-and-shoot."
Expert says: "Elements add up to an ethereal dream. The skier gives viewers a point of entry and begins a visual triangle. The sight lines take your eyes to the sun, then across to the hill and trees on the left. The angle of the hill takes your eyes back to the skier. If I may suggest, cropping in from the right to get rid of the trees encroaching from the side of the frame would clean the image of distractions and place the skier in a rule-of-thirds composition."
— Kevin Fujii, Seattle Times picture editor

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