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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reader Photos of the Year

Grand Prize
Photographer: Ryan Hyde, Seattle
Photo taken: Feb. 21, Golden Gardens Park, Seattle
Photographer's description: "It was an unseasonably warm and sunny February afternoon. A group of beachgoers had secured a nylon strap between two volleyball poles and they were attempting to walk from one end to the other. The photo was taken with a Canon 50D."
Comment by Kevin Fujii, Seattle Times picture editor:
Our Reader Photo of the Year underscores the basics of photography, with perfect execution. First, the composition fits the "Rule of Thirds," in which you divide a scene by thirds horizontally and vertically to determine where the eye will be drawn. Second, exposure is spot on. Third, this is a fun image, with a good "Wow!" factor.
Other pluses:
• Cropping. With the anchor points of the slackline hidden, the subject appears to hover in the clear, blue sky.
• Lighting. The sun is on the subject's face.
• Capturing movement. The slackline walker's body language gives the still image a feeling of action.
• Composition. The two dominant sailboats heading in the opposite direction juxtapose the subject.
astly, the layers of sea, mountains and sky intersecting the dominant human figure elevate this image to the best of 2010.

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