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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pix From My Weekend

Photographer: Alan Estep, Shoreline
Photo taken: Nov. 26, backyard in Shoreline
Photographer's description: "Our backyard pyracantha bush took on a flock of marauding robins, who ate all the berries. I took many shots of them as they swarmed the pyracantha. This one showed best the determination and maneuvering necessary to get every last berry. Cedar fence background. Shot with a Canon 50D with 300 mm lens."
Expert says: "This stop-action photograph captures a moment we would never see otherwise. The fast shutter speed freezes the wings at full extension. The shallow depth of field nicely cleans up the background. The sharp focus on the bird's eye connects the viewer with the subject. I also like the tight crop that rids the scene of extraneous distractions."
— Kevin Fujii, Seattle Times picture editor

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