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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Missing children finally found

In this Tuesday, April 20, 2004 photo of Sabine Dardenne looks across the room as she waits for proceedings to begin at the Palace of Justice in Arlon, Belgium. The testimony of victim Laetitia Delhez on Tuesday comes a day after that of Dardenne, who was also abducted and repeatedly abused by Belgium pedophile Marc Dutroux. Aged between 8 and 19 when snatched between mid-1995 and August 1996, the six victims were abducted, tortured and abused by Marc Dutroux. Only Dardenne, 12, and Delhez, 14, escaped alive after being found near the southern Belgian town of Charleroi a few days after Dutroux's arrest in August 1996. He is serving a life sentence. His wife, Michelle Martin, is now in a convent after serving 16 years of a 30-year prison term.