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Saturday, May 4, 2013

First public "Fremont Shotgun Wedding"

Gary Flanzer, left, and Eladio Flores of Seattle have their first kiss as a married couple in the first public "Fremont Shotgun Wedding" ceremony at Wine Tea Chocolate, a cafe in Fremont, Saturday May 4, 2013. Owner Christopher Gronbeck, left, officiated the ceremony, and put out the call to find couples who would be willing to participate in a public wedding. He got support from the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and other local businesses with donations of favors and gift cards, and hopes to make it an annual event, open to more couples. Gronbeck has lived in Fremont for 15 years and likes how the neighborhood embraces community events; he has even officiated a wedding at the Fremont Troll. Wine Tea Chocolate opened last fall across from the infamous rocket. Flanzer and Flores have been together for nine years, and live just across the bridge in North Queen Anne. Flanzer found out about the public wedding offer while on a walk, and decided to take Gronbeck up on his offer.